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Click on the title .. Recent posts TOE theory explains the Boyle's Law of Pressure DEMO on Boylston StreetFrom HerbZinser Proin Batman and the Batcave (18 minutes old) RD-blog-number-5171 by Herb Zinser reviews the TOE theory bombing at the B… more »

Earth mathematical-geography WAR and ACCIDENT reports --> Computer Earth system 370 Base 16 hexadecimal signals ---> Africa ONE, Africa ONE to BALAD ..over and out --> Please respond.

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Earth mathematical-geography WAR and ACCIDENT reports Human mathematical events on the geography surface of EARTH     Rd-blog-number-2320     2007 Africa One Antonov An-26 crash   2007 Balad aircraft crash   Background context with da… more »

GM WAR defeat of automotive city of Janesville, Wisconsin

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RD-blog-178 The gravitational constant G (gravity component of General Motors existence on EARTH) is a key quantity in Newton's law of universal gravitation.       The gravitational constant, denoted G (EARTH LAB and the GM automobile gravity ir… more »

FAA and Base 16 HEX aviation insurance

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