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Project Plan Z news analysis phase - Tests are Translated

EM war news

Translations of newspaper codes

COMPUTER EARTH system 370 WAR news

Math war news analysis

The copper metal subset city expressions of electricity

The C.P.Snow social science WAR casualties

Nature's military methods and messages for human ERROR policies.

Earth systems and Earth languages

Atomic models using data signaling EVENTS

Physics & the Social Science WARS

Translations of Star Wars military language codes

Water molecule expressions

Brain war news

Nature's biochemistry expression and message systems

EARTH languages and Nature's modern SYMBOL MAP technology



Project Plan Z - news EVENT analysis

EARTH copper expression systems

Ferrous oxide IRON atom expression systems

Continuum message reports in the news

Nature's evolution of impedance signals that parallel electron circuit concepts

University spectrum content wars

The EARTH geography mathematical-physics surface and its expression CODE system

Analysis of social science SIGNALING events

Modern geography messages from Nature's systems

Computers, biocomputers, and math WAR analysis

Astronomy and Astrophysics theories of EARTH LAB

Neuroscience war reports

Earth systems and the atomic table EXPRESSION SYSTEM

The world wide electromagnetic EM field wars to control your brain stem

Organic chemistry expression sytems - social chemistry signaling EVENTS

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