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Quantum Hall Effects demonstrated at the Cole Hall quantum shooting battle in DeKalb, Illi.nois(e)

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Books on quantum theory indirectly help explain the modern Margaret Mead nuclear family composed of atomic humanoids and their atomic brain thougths and expressions.

The book by Zyun F. Ezawa "Quantum HALL Effects...Field Theoretical Approach and related Topics" provides some clues to tragic nuclear anthropology EVENTS in our daily lives. Thus we review some of these CLUES of this EARTH LAB parallel processing EVENT ....a tragedy... that is a periodic atomic table government... atomic social engineering feedback signal.

The event involved the GRAND UNIFIED THEORY military forces of Nature....enforcing the SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature and its EARTH topic discussed by philosophers like John Locke, etc. The Earth government and Nature's intellect consider as algebraic subsets...the various human governments,corporations, and social institutions.

The Northern Illinois University WAVE mechanics physics battle took place on Febrarury 14, 2008 in the OCEAN.graphy class in COLE HALL.....the parallel to the U.S.Navy OCEAN WAVE...U.S.S Cole incident. The Office of Naval Research does NOT support research into the 2 COLE incidents ....they limit their omniscent understanding of all Sartre existential dimensions.




--> On 12 October 2000, the Cole (Navy) was the target of a suicide attack carried out by AL-Qaeda in the Yemeni port of Aden; seventeen sailors were killed and thirty-nine were injured, and the ship was damaged.




--> On 14 February 2008, the Cole (Hall) was a taget of a suicide attack carried out by AL ..... ALPHABETS and ALGEBRA via an atomic bio-physics human agent with a Cortex programmable brain computer...using television PROGRAMS and other mass media PROGRAMS to implant behavioral computer instructions into the human symbolic brain computer. Such methods are known...have been written about by several authors.....and the brain computer instructions are approved by the quality control monitering system of universities.





Since we are atomic humanoids with some quantum traits, lets look for some CLUES at the event using the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 parallel processing relationship to atomic number 1/137.

Thus we have Northern Illinois University with Cole Hall and the Chick Evans Field House on Lucinda Avenue......the view of the land/soil/surface geography area of an EARTH LAB
Landau geo-physics region...a region occupied by atomic STANDARD MODEL humans that STAND on 2-legs. Now this is the traditional view of the DeKalb, Illinois environment as reported by newpapers.

How would a serious, concerned researcher view the EVENT and its surrondings? Well, the first step is to have some knowledge....and self-taught knowledge is very possible today .....given the vast amount of knowledge available in college freshman science textbooks, math books, and research books with physics theory and data,etc. Thus every adult had the opportunity to understand some of the pieces of the Cole Hall puzzle.

What larger GESTALT view may exit and with its societal components.
The Second Edition of the book "Quantum Hall EFFECTS"
......suggests the classic relationship of

Theory --> Quantum HALL
Application --> Quantum Cole HALL
Page 20
--> Quantum FIELD Theory
Chick Evans FIELD (House) Theory...NIL university
......Evans...... and Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE
Dr.R. Evans 1955 book "The Atomic Nucleus"



Below, the FIELD theory test site --> field House --> named the Evans Field House

Page 20
--> One-Body Hamiltonian agent: Steven Kaznierczak
INTERNET Wikipedia about shooting
--> at approximately 3.05 CST = Central Standard Time (of Standard Model Physics)
.....Steven K. ..... the lecture HALL with approximately 120 students.

Key words: STANDARD, 120 Students

Key words to book--> Facts and Mysteries in Elemenatary Particle Physics by Martinus Veltman page 75..The Standard Model section 2.12 Electromagnetic, Weak, Strong, Higgs and Gravitational Interactions..... with sentence...

--> The relevant quantity that always occurs in describing electromagnetic processes is ....1/137.

--> Thus we have the bio-physics atomic anthropology WAR in Cole Hall with the EVENT adjectives of empirical data:

1) 120 students implies the electromagnetic process parallel

(60 cycles AC and 120 Volts Hertz)supersymmetry bio-physics
(60 heart pulses 120 Voltaire atomic blood pressure)




2) the body temperature of 1 student is 37 degrees C ....a LINK to atomic math life 1/137.
Thus Math LIFE expressed thru the HUMAN body temperature and its social activities.
THUS --> "Facts and Mysteries in Elemenatary Particle Physics" with a student demo for the advanced EARTH LAB experimental PHYSICS Department at Northern Illinois University.......
-->Electromagnetic, Weak, Strong, Higgs and (student GRAVE) GRAVitational Interactions.
In electron circuit theory and applications NOISE can be a problem. The human brain computer processor is equivalent in many ways to copper wire elctron devices; and unfortunately, the NOISE continues with EARTH LAB in the test region:
- STATE of Geography --> Illinois parallel
- STATE of MIND --> Ill/sick interface noise errors
- Quantum States of Mind have provided symbolic tools and concepts to analyze this atomic brain quality control problem suggested in the GEORGE ORWELL book 1984 Oceania propaganda and Big Brother......with the actualization of the OCEANIA message.....via the SCIENCE WAR battle in the OCEANIA classroom of Cole Hall.
Someday when financial resources permit....I'll continue with some more theory research...and continue to study Nature's puzzle about our atomic human lives and our atomic daily expressions.

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