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Astrophysics (EARTH LAB) DNA Time Flies --> The TIME insects WAR --> Clues to the TIME insects structure and operations

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The   astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab)  is an interesting planet. There are so many mysteries.
That is why books with titles: The Invisible MAN, The TIME Machine, etc.....are trying to say.....some indirect,hidden process exists.....that can become visibile with a lot of thought and research. Physics labs successfully use this process to study atoms and their attributes.





Lets look at something that affects our LIFE SPAN...our biological clock.
The English language has a phrase....familiar to many.....and its common usage is described as:

--> Phrase time flies (when you're having fun)
Fig. time passes very quickly. (From the Latin tempus fugit.) I didn't really think it was so late when the party ended. Doesn't time fly? Time simply flew while the old friends exchanged news.
See also: flies, time
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

--> Time flies. also How time flies!
something that you say which means that time passes very quickly, often so quickly that you are surprised I can't believe your son is at university already. How time flies! I never seem to manage to finish my work. The time just flies.
Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, 2nd ed. Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2006. Reproduced with permission.


DR.WHO  and the time flies message.

The  TARDIS  used for the time flies experiment.

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord—a time travelling, humanoid alien known as the Doctor. 



Okay, we understand the above....and how the words are used in daily activites.
The question we have..... since we live in a multi-faceted dimensional EARTH LAB...   are there additional understandings of the words: Time Flies

The Spanish artist Salvador Dali has the 1931 painting titled: The Persistence of Memory.
In the painting he has a watch...with (ants/fruit flies/insects considered conceptually equivalent in symbolic communications world) crawling on the surface of the watch.
The Salvador Dali ant insect --> modern social anthropology HUMAN intellectual insect mentality.


Below.  we see the astrophysics Earth Lab  
TIME INSECTS that eat our life-time  .. causing old  age and  DEATH.














Thus we ponder. WHAT IF? What if this has to be researched....what if his subliminal mind had some CLUE/ a hunch about the existence of TIME INSECTS...that would eat/damage the fabric of space/time on Earth. I believe he did...and some of the other BLOGS discuss other aspects of TIME, our biological clock, H.G.Wells , book 1984, etc.


The TIME COMPUTER book by George Orwell:
1984 + Base 16 hexadecimal computer years = Year 2OOO.

Thus we see how 16 HEX/curse years FLY by....and then the curse of VIRGINIA TECH time technology battle of April 16,2007 with the Mr. CHO time equation --> C + Ho = Clock Hour.

Thus George Orwell really wrote a TIME computer manual.....about Y2K biological clock brain computer isssues......a message ignored by the Pentagon and their computer scientists.






Thus we have the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer...with many cortex computer programs inside your skull.

Thus we have clues:

Time Flies --> Time insects
Time Flies --> Time computer program bugs

The book: Lord of Flies and an island (a university campus is like an island...thus possible symbolic warning of the book)

Lord of the Flies
The original UK Lord of the Flies book cover
Author(s) William Golding
Cover artist Anthony Gross[1]
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre(s) Allegorical novel
Publisher Faber and Faber
Publication date 17 September 1954
Media type Print (paperback & hardback)



Thus welcome to the TIME WAR....and DR.WHO and the TIME LORDS Hawking and Thorne.

As Dr.WHO travels thru TIME in the symbolic world of ideas/knowledge ...and travels thru the Carl Jung collective unconsciousness levels.....or the Jame Joyce streams of consciousness....that are part of our minds...we can outline what is happening.

DR.WHO television/paperback books are a multi-faceted TIME message.

How did TIME insects affect Virginia TECH in the
EASTERN TIME ZONE? The algebra subset war command:
EAST....TIME ZONE --> another subset command
EA.T....TIME ZONE --> activate EAT command
...............................EAT command
expand with D.H.Law.rence ....D...H
Lady Chatroom Lover
thus we see S.I.Hayakawa book " Language in Thought and Action" with symbolic action in the English department for cellular phone violations --> Brain cell action with
D.H.Lawrence-->D ??? H --> D + EAT + H = DEATH Sentence

Advanced English class 101 experiments in awareness






Thus we look at the Earth Lab SCIENCE WARS...regarding space and time life.

--> Virginia TECH English department teaches:

....Twenty - Four hours = 24 hour day OR in math words

... Twenty minus four = 24 hour day (a math contradiction)

....Twenty minus four = 16 hour day ( the April 16 math battle)


Why the contradiction? And why does Virginia TECH refuse to discuss this issue..regarding the shooting



Thus we look at the astrophysics DNA time equations....

--> Twenty - four hours = 24 hours
............... 4 DNA nucleotides and the biological clock

There are four nucleotides that make up DNA:
A = Adenine
T = Thymine
G = Guanine
C = Cytosine




Thus the English language phrase taught in colleges
--> Twenty-four hours is a biochemistry clock equation with
molecular cell biology and its cellular ENGLISH social language.
Thus college English teachers....comprised of molecules ...
are really talking molecules.
Thus we have social chemistry English language messages.
What do Virginia TECH molecules say about shooting their MOUTH off ...with incomplete explanations of a SCIENCE WAR event of Base 16 April 16 HEX.
Twenty-four hours has 2 numeric components.
Twenty and four....
as in Fourier functions used in brain design engineering.

--> Twenty --> the TWENTY standard amino acids
......Amino acids - The 20 standard amino acids.
......Amino acids - The 20 standard amino acids. ...
......Amino acids - The 20 standard amino acids.
...... > Home > Amino acids. non-polar, aliphatic residues ...

--> four --> the 4 DNA time nucleotides





--> Twenty-four hour TIME/LIFE magazine equation =

--> Twenty STANDARD model atomic amino acids
SUBTRACT Four nucleo.TIDES from U.S.Navy theory of TIDES/Oceans/wave mechanics
giving Base 16 hexadecimal amino acid symbolic processors.

Take Base 16 hexadecimal and subtract 4 DNA nucleotides .....
gives 12 as in OCTOBER 12,2000 Naval research theory
of atomic table messenger ship...with

U.S.S.C = Carbon 12 social chemistry mess/messsage
of OC --> OCT 12 --> OC = Organic Chemistry society WAR events of the American Chemistry Society SCIENCE WARS. It is important for those society members to have some humble self-awareness.... and to diplomatically acknowledge the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family. Denial of Nature's existence gives the atomic table HIERARCHY PROBLEM expression of war....via the Cole incident and other social chemistry tragedies.

To bad the Office of Naval research is so myopic the GRAND View of world events using GRAND UNIFIED THEORY of physics of life. Organic chemistry humanoid life formats in Washington,D C and in university chemistry departments need a basic course is self-awareness. The mouth organ talking incomplete explanations ..... does not qualify as organic social chemistry language in the year 2011 STANDARDS of knowledge.

PLAY GAMES with Nature and we have the SCIENCE WAR errors of self-hypnotized DARPA and
their arrogant intellectual friends in Washington political science and we see the silence about the CAUSE --> EFFECT:

October 12 U.S.S COLE and the
....the COLE HALL'shooting ..HALLS of Montezuma's Marines song and Montezuma's revenge in DeKALB Illnois(e).....NAVY classroom on the laws of the OCEAN and the SALT water molecular SALT TREATY with the United States and other humanoid groups that use atomic SALT on their dinner table.
Aldous HUxley wrote BRAVE NEW WORLD...George Orwell wrote a NAVY training manual on Oceania
that all sailors in the world ought understand.....but even ENGLISH departments could care less about the English language WORD of HONOR. English departments believe language is to be abused, manipulated, and disrespected. With citizen government approval.... universities and corporations use advertising and marketing .....atomic mass English languages to give incorrect WORD ORDERS to millions of television viwers. TV programs sre used to program human brain computer. Thus the backwards mentality of TV <----> VT = Virginia TECH and EAST coast universities and the STUPID, obvious cover-up by newspaper publication of incomplete SCIENCE WAR student casualty reports.

As the guardians of language ...SMUG professors sit idle..ignoring the practical side of language. Is anyone awake? Welcome to the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.....brain cell warning messages that have been ignored by sleepy social science professors.
George Orwell warned about the social propaganda nonsense...and Cole Hall, Virginia TECH, Columbine High School are the consequences of arrogant education ERRORs.



How does astrophysics DNA involve the Pen.TAG.on?

The 4 DNA nucleotides form sequences consisting of 3 elements named a codon.

There are 64 of these codon combinations.

The DNA military group..TAG... is 1 of 64 combinations.

The DNA military is the pen.TAG.on with the TAG codon.
pen.TAG.on is the sequence: Thymine, Adenine, Guanine

Secretary of Defense for EARTH DNA military management projects is agent GAT (Gates)
Secret of DNA agent GAT: Guanine, Adenine, Thymine

--> Note that the DNA is composed of atoms
Therefore atomic DNA supersymmetry property of bio-physics with
penT A Gon <--- ----> logic GATES
....  G....... mirror   ........T


Thus we begin to see the Nature of these
TIME insects ..TIME flies that scientists study ..under the name:
Drosophilia melanogaster (me + lan + anog + aster) which is ... = astronomy error = astrophysics error
......EARTH LAB .......dis.aster component of astrophysics error

These TIME flies SIGNALS are:
1931 INSECT SIGNAL --> Salavdor Dali painting Persistence of Memory with ants/flies/insects..considered one equivalence group.
Insects crawling over the watch suggest death and decay, the never ending cycle with life. ... Salvador Dali: Persistance of Memory Persistence of Memory ...
1943 Drosphilia egg SIGNAL for humans --> Salvador Dali
Salvador, seriously - Impressions Aug 13, 2008 ... Geopolitical Child Watching the Birth of the New Man (1943). Salvador Dali's eccentricities cast a shadow over his genius as an artist in ... by Dali in which a fully grown naked man is struggling to break out of an egg



thus we have the SIGNAL about the real estate BEDROOM housing industry ...the egg...
the egghead intellectual....
and social genetics: Home --> Homeotic Mutants



Additional signals from NATURE:

The Metamorphosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe Metamorphosis (German: Die Verwandlung) is a novella by Franz Kafka, ... Gregor Samsa wakes up to find that he has been transformed into a giant insect. ...
The Metamorphosis (German: Die Verwandlung) is a novella by Franz Kafka, first published in 1915. It is often cited as one of the seminal works of short fiction of the 20th century and is widely studied in colleges and universities across the western world. The story begins with a traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa, waking to find himself transformed into a monstrous insect. Elias Canetti described it as 'One of the few great and perfect works of poetic imagination written during this century'.

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka ... His family, however, cannot believe that the (computer) bug is  Gregor (General registers) and shoves him back ...


Now, in year 2011 we understand the message in the context of the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer ...and the brain COBOL bio-computer langauge programming BUG.....a symbolic brain problem for billions of humans.






Thus we see the Nature's message about the ERRORS in the evolution of brain nonsense languages..and the social engineering MUTATION problems created.

We see Nature's audit trail of these intellectual errors...some of the signals:
- Ebenezer Scrooge ...human bug --> HUM HUM HUM talk nonsense BUG
- Today......the cellular telephone HUM HUM talk nonsense




More Mother Nature SIGNALS

--> year 1915 Franz Kafka the Metamorphosis
Scholarly articles for drosophila metamorphosis ecdysone signaling
- cascade and regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis - Baehrecke
- Flies on steroids--Drosophila metamorphosis and the - Thummel
- roles for ecdysone signaling during Drosophila mid- ? - Kozlova
- signaling cascade and regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis (Kafka)
- year 1931 Salvador Dali Time insects

--> year 1943 Salvador Dali --> Drosphhilia human EGG
--> year 1963 Kennedy/OSwald --> Dr.OS/JCL brain computer science agent OSWALD





--> year 1995 Base 16 HEX/curse of Hex'Fe' = 254 Federal Building ... brain computer science manipulation errors in CAD = human CAD.avers

Developmental Biology Online:
Fertilization of Drosophila can only
occur in the region of the oocyte that
will become the anterior of the embryo. Moreover

....Fertilization parallel --> implies Fertilizer bombs
....Parallel processing SIGNAL from Nature...SCIENCE WAR
-->Fertilization of Drosophila occur in region of oocyte
-->Fertilzer........TIME Flies....Earth region of ooc

OOC is Oklahoma, Oklahoma City ..oocyte HUMAN war zone

The living EARTH cell ... super-symmetry geo-physics  geography  parallel


OOC   is    Oklahoma, Oklahoma City .......oocyte HUMAN war zone

Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City, OK




Universities ought pay more attention to tragic EVENTS;
instead of pizza, beer, and their creative writing classes with Hollywood style explanations for REALITY.



CITIZENS ought pay attention to the constitution and the process of responsible thought.
The explanations for many tragic events are unacceptable STANDARD given the level of available knowledge in year 2011 college math and science textbooks...and the SCIENCE WAR zone thru-out the world.



As William Shakespear stated in around year 1600
" The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors".

Thus we have the NATIONAL THEATER performance....

the execution of actor Timothy McVeigh on June 11,2001 resulted
in the execution of WORLD TRADE CENTER Sept 11,2001.

Thus the number 11 = eleven --> 2 parallel lines of the symbolic number
Thus the June 11 --> Sept 11 parallel processing WAR and the incomplete
explanations about the Manhattan physics secret S-1 project from 1943 to 2001.

Thus the modern Manhattan project ...
version 2 .. project S-1 --> Sept 2001.
Columbia University plays DUMB. They refuse to help clarify the situation.
New York University math agent Alan Sokal ought continue his studies in the SCIENCE WARS with Duke University. Their are both reminded that Nature's architercture of space/time EARTH LAB is superior to their subset institutions. The year 1914 WAR with the ARCH-DUKE of Europe ...the rope of string theory physics ......continues with new symbolic brain .... military tools ...VIRGIN technology as symbolized by Virginia TECH battle with the Department of EN .....
Department of En(ergy) VS Department of En(glish).

Rememeber that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue had a precursor .....
.......... year 1600..Pen of William Shakespeare ...and the announcement:

"The WORLD is a Stage and we are the players (Mr.CHO and the students)'.

Virginia TECH and their university friends ought apologize to the WORLD for not even trying to help analyze the tragic event. How can all those universities and their college graduates be so intellectually lazy in year 2011? Bad news for citizens and their intellectual treason.......that the living Constitution of the United States of North America is paying close attention to WHO really cares and does explain events in accurate depth.




The WORLD is a stage....simple CAUSE and EFFECT ..and the role of the violations of the NATIONAL THEATER rules of NATURE's agrrement with subset institutions in Washington,DC.

Home Page of the National Theater in Washington DC

The National Theatre of Washington DC, Presenting Broadway shows, musicals, top- notch professional touring attractions and free community outreach ...
Saturday Morning (Mourning sound) at the National Contact info
Monday Night at the National
Summer Cinema

Intellectuals that exist attention have been hypnotized into inaction.
Thus the have the symbolic life of the eye/optical nerve/ and Nature's intellect and the EARTH government taking over society for CITIZEN community violations of the SOCIAL CONTACT with Nature as outlined long ago by John Locke, David Hume, Thoreau and many others.

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