The university philosophy war levels: subliminal mind, Carl Jung collective unconsciousness, and the subconscious mind. There is no conscious mind capability in year 2012 that attempts to understand the Intellectual War. They pretend they do.

The Karl Marx philosophy war - - > class warfare casualties in the classrooms of Virginia Tech, Cole Hall, Columbine High School, and grammar schools

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Herb Zinser's Science War reports - philosophy   



Karl Marx and the modern university philosophy battle.



Karl Heinrich Marx (5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883) was a German philosopher, economist, sociologist, historian, journalist, and revolutionary socialist. His ideas played a significant role in the development of social science and the socialist political movement. He published various books during his lifetime, with the most notable being The Communist Manifesto (1848) and Capital (1867–1894); some of his works were co-written with his friend, the fellow German revolutionary socialist Friedrich Engels.




University ERRORS astonish reseachers. Universities accept funds to manipulate and destroy the human Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer that uses the eye/optical nerve ....... that needs accurate input data and accurate input concepts.

The misuse of television and radio is approved by college educated administrators at the FCC = Federal Communications Commission.

The FCC with university biochemistry approval attacks Nature's DNA FCC.
Nature's FCC = Francis C. Crick and uses Nature's military electromagnetic spectrum VIA its DNA FCC agent: Crickett broadband wireless services. Hence, modern brain symbolic warfare using the INTERNET computer and its symbolic military powers ..... optical powers embedded in the deeper levels of messages. Ask Madison Avenue marketing, how their tricks work. Nature had adpated those illegal, unauthorized brain manipulation tricks ..... and as they say "What comes around, goes around".

Philosophy departments deny the existence of the INTELLECTUAL WARs.
Unresolved philosophy conflicts become transformed to physical conflict .......hence, school shootings.
It is important to study the philosophers of the past, their writings, and their influence upon societies ...such as Karl Marx and Communism and Socialism ..... and their version of class warfare in Europe and Asia in the last 100 years.

But, those past events are academic; although very good subjects to study.
However, the number one priority is the present and its events; and why are they ignored?
The United States has experienced classroom shootings .....that is a CLASS of students that is within a structure known as a building ..made of concrete, etc. These are REAL BUILDINGS with rooms called classrooms. Shootings taking place in such educational rooms ...
are CLASS warfare ...... regardless of that denial by newpspaer editors, philosophy departments,etc. The ivory towers ought come down-to-EARTH someday ..... and communicate with those humble few that see modern social signals.

What does it mean?
It means a lot of universities and others are to lazy or to arrogant to help clarify these social science signals ...expressions of the deeper social psychology systems .....such as the Carl Jung collective unconsciousness and ancient long-range neurotransmitter bio-communiction systems.












Virginia Tech massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in ...Seung-Hui Cho - Virginia Tech massacre timeline - Media coverage

The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. In two separate attacks, approximately two hours apart, the perpetrator, Seung-Hui Cho, killed 32 people and wounded 25 others before committing suicide.








The Northern Illinois University shooting was a school shooting that took place on February 14, 2008, during which Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, United States, killing five and injuring twenty-one, before committing suicide.

Below is a ocean science class ..... very useful for the United States Navy in understanding wave mechanics and the physics SCIENCE WAR casulaties ...such as the U.S.S. Cole incident of October 2000. Here, the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology SIGNAL was repeated at Cole Hall.
Perhaps, people ought take a math class in correlation analysis.....and then look at applications such as events.











The incident happened at the campus's Cole Hall at approximately 3:05 p.m. local time.[3] The school placed the campus on lockdown; students and teachers were advised to head to a secure location, take cover, and avoid the scene and all buildings in the vicinity of the area.[4] Six people died in the incident, including the perpetrator,




The Columbine High School massacre (often known simply as Columbine) occurred on Tuesday, April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School in Columbine, an unincorporated area of Jefferson County, Colorado, United States, near Denver and Littleton. Two senior students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, embarked on a massacre, killing 12 students and 1 teacher. They also injured 21 other students directly, and three people were injured while attempting to escape. The pair then committed suicide.


Time Line of Worldwide School Shootings — › ... › Crime & Law Enforcement › Crime DataCached - Similar
– The following table lists the worldwide school shootings from ...
Feb. 2, 1996. Moses Lake, Wash Two students and one teacher killed, one ...
March 13, 1996. Dunblane, Scotland 16 children and one teacher killed at ...

School shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
January 29, 1979 Grover Cleveland Elementary School Shootings, California, where a 16 yr old girl opened fire with the rifle, a gift from her father, killing 2 and ...

Shooting of Kayla Rolland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The shooting of Kayla Rolland occurred at Buell Elementary School in Mount Morris Township, Michigan, United States on February 29, 2000. Six-year-old ...

School Shootings
Oct 2, 2006 – School Shootings; School Violence. ... 24, 2006: Christopher Williams, 27, went to Essex Elementary School in Vermont and, when he could not ...

Ross Elementary School Shooting: Police Investigate How Houston
Apr 20, 2011 – HOUSTON — Police are trying to determine how a Houston kindergartener got a loaded gun that he brought to anelementary school, where ...

Above, what elementary school ...elementary signals require analysis?

16 --> Base 16 hexadecimal bio-computer war

Ross --> Electron Data Systems
BRAIN electron PLAN O --> Plano, Texas

16 --> O = Oxygen LUNG  atomic mass -->
O --> Oxford professors breath oxygen?

Physics <-- Supersymmtry messages --> Bio-physics
Moses --> ancient religious brain electron circuits ..
MOS --> Copper Metal Oxide Semi-conductors
MOS --> biology Metalbolism Oxygen Social-conductors



Serious researchers are welcome to help comprehend the modern world in year 2013.






CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


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Herb Zinser's analysis of the Science Wars ...... reports needed to understand the new detailed VIEW of world events. Many others have predicted and discussed the Science Wars. Here are detailed Science War battles and philosophy shootings and casualties. Are you brave? Join the BRAVE NEW WORLD ..... of brave thinkers ..... and stop thinking Hollywood nonsense and cellular phone trivia. Mother Nature and the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer has fought and defeated major universities that use biased symbolic brain processors .... in violation of Central Nervous System 370 quality control standards. The standards moniter human atomic brain social philosophy concepts and their correlation to Nature's philosophy projects for human symbolic life.
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