The university philosophy war levels: subliminal mind, Carl Jung collective unconsciousness, and the subconscious mind. There is no conscious mind capability in year 2012 that attempts to understand the Intellectual War. They pretend they do.
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The world existential philosophy war . . . . Soren Kierkegaard and the ANGST shooting battle casualties.

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Understanding Philosophy military expression formats and messages

Philosophy ERRORS result in philosophy war levels: subliminal mind, Carl Jung collective unconsciousness, and the subconscious mind. Does your conscious mind have military defense logic tools.

 Herb Zinser's  Socal Science War reports  - Philosophy



Søren Aabye Kierkegaard (5 May 1813 – 11 November 1855) was a Danish philosopher, theologian and religious author. He was a critic of idealist intellectuals and philosophers of his time, such as Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling and Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel. He was also critical of the state and practice of Christianity, primarily that of the Church of Denmark. He is widely considered to be the first existentialist philosopher.

Much of his philosophical work deals with the issues of how one lives as a "single individual", giving priority to concrete human reality over abstract thinking, and highlighting the importance of personal choice and commitment.


Angst - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Existentialist philosophers use the term "angst" with a different connotation. The use of the term was first attributed to Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard ...

The Concept of Anxiety - Wikipedia, the free
For Kierkegaard (writing as a pseudonymous author, Vigilius Haufniensis), anxiety/dread/angst is unfocused fear. Kierkegaard uses the example of a man ...

Søren Kierkegaard - Wikipedia, the free
Sketch of Søren Kierkegaard by Niels Christian Kierkegaard, c. ...... and theologians drew concepts from Kierkegaard, including the notions of angst, despair, ...


Thus we see .... LIGHT ..... implies the symbolic life of proper nouns/ verbs/adjectives /math equations, etc ....... that are written or printed pinted in black ink on cellulose paper. These symbols are input data to the eye/retina/iris and routed to the brain optical computer for processing, enhancement, and pondering.

Thus we look at ancient societies and Nature's various projects. One major project was to develop optical language and symbols ...for external communication AND internal communication in the eye/optical nerve and the Central Nervous System 370 optical bio-computer.



Liege shooting and grenade attack: previous European incidents in › News › World News › Europe › Belgium
Dec 13, 2011 – The shootings in the eastern Belgian city of Liege and Florence, Italy, on Tuesday have several precedents over the past 10 years in Europe.

Belgian attack: Gunman kills three, injures dozens in Belgian city ...Dec 13, 2011 – Deadly attack rocks central Liege in Belgium  BBC News  Two dead, 15 hurt in shooting attack in Belgian cityAFP  Belgium grenade attack: ...



OS --> Optical Spectrum --> OS = OSLO, Norway and Utoeya ANGST tragedy



UIO = Universe Input/Output area for
UIO = Utoeya Input/Output Computer Earth region
UIO = Unified (Theory of Everything) I/O
UIO = University i Oslo(w) --> slow response time to intellectual messages

Norway --> Nor + way -->
North Pole magnetic field + iron Hemoglobin +
Milky WAY astrophysics WAR ..EARTH LAB attention signal..

Norway police say 84 killed in Utoeya shooting |
Jul 23, 2011 – OSLO (Reuters) - Norwegian police said Saturday a gunman, believed to be a fundamentalist Christian, killed at least 84 people at a youth ...
Søren Kierkegaard literature, 1956-2006: a bibliography - Google Books
Aage Jørgensen - 2010 - Art - 651 pages
351-63; Thor Arvid Dyrerud, “'Nordic Angst'. Søren Kierkegaard and 'The Concept of Anxiety' in Norway,” pp. 364-77; Kinya Masugata, “The History of the ...

Norwegian PM: Utoeya shooting a "national disaster" › Home › WorldCached
Jul 23, 2011 – The death toll rose to 84 in the shooting spree Friday at a youth camp on the island of Utoeya, some 40 kilometers west of Oslo, police said on ...

Citizens and their universities in Europe will explain everything about their secret societies and language control systems.......that provide biased, incomplete new reports to lazy citizens ....that are to lazy study, do their intellectual hopmework, and thus think more accurately. Everyone was warned by the like: Brave New World, 1984, Future Shock, Lord of Flies, etc. (see the Cliff Notes or an equivalent publisher ...for a explanation of those books).

Also, Europe ought acknowledge the existence of the Margaret Mead nuclear families of the periodica tomic table amd their huaman expressions ...known as modertn atomic social anthropology.
The universities associated with the Niels Bohr Insdtitute and Cavendish Labs ought be closed, until those researach labs show respect for Nature and Nature's signals .... that have been ignored ..... hence, the atomic human leadership Hierarchy Problem is a component of the Hierachy Problem of physics.



The eye/optical nerve ...symbolic life WAR ZONE .....battle reports:

English - Virginia Tech shooting their BIG MOUTH off with
..........verbal explanations in ERROR of the "WORD of Honor"
..........thus the verbal CAUSE and shooting tragic EFFECT.
Library - Columbine High School library and color in textbooks...
..........violations of the eye/optical nerve ..laws of
.......... STATE of symbolic MIND: COLOR.ado
Read ...get an ink PEN from the Pentagon,get a book and go to
........TEXAS to Fort Hood symbolic military-->
........Soldier READ Center...with the Central Nervous System
........370 abstract brain symbolic computer.
.......The molecular cell biology CENTRAL COMMAND is with the
........optical nerve and the symbolic CITY of brain photon life
........of nouns, verbs, English language proper nouns
........and literature. These literary characters influence
........decisions about daily life and provide civilization with
........ social navigation and direction.

Do the words: English, Library, Read have any personal significance? Do you understand the SIGNAL of the above 3 tragic events?

Does it describe a process in your optical life....a weekly process that involves basic math and science books...that are needed to understand English literature in modern times...... Nature's evolution of the atomic humam brain. Nature sent a message.....the above tragedies involve the brain wars VS cellular phone BS and that part of television that is nonsense and tricks......all approved by those without Nature's authority.



Philosophy departments and Hollywood movies exist in the same STATE of MIND.
Perhaps, someday ...some individual professors may come to DOWN to EARTH and help understand and explain the SCIENCE WARS to their intellectuals communities ..... who are specialists in restaurant menus, DVD movies, creative writing class, etc. This is why U.S. Army soldiers fight so citizens can laugh and amuse themselves and talk silly nonsense ...... while important intellectual issues need clarification. Schools of journalism teach editors and reporters that incopmlete newspaper stories are adequate. That is true intially, when an event happens. And reporters do a good job in reporting the surface veneer of a tragic event (date, time,location, police data gathered,etc). But then the 2nd phase begins....that may take years ... to access the Margaret Mead atomic/astrophysics communication continuum that provides more complete VIEWS of atomic human brain behavior and the possible deeper signals about particle physics thoughts or Electromagnetic optical nerve thoughts.


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Herb Zinser's analysis of the Science Wars ...... reports needed to understand the new detailed VIEW of world events. Many others have predicted and discussed the Science Wars. Here are detailed Science War battles and philosophy shootings and casualties. Are you brave? Join the BRAVE NEW WORLD ..... of brave thinkers ..... and stop thinking Hollywood nonsense and cellular phone trivia. Mother Nature and the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer has fought and defeated major universities that use biased symbolic brain processors .... in violation of Central Nervous System 370 quality control standards. The standards moniter human atomic brain social philosophy concepts and their correlation to Nature's philosophy projects for human symbolic life.
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