The modern Earth government uses Nature's military molecules to ATTACK human error sites
The Northern Illinois University valence-shell electron repulsion VSEPR battle results in 6 dead at Cole Hall - - --> the social chemistry valence war on the ST. Valence Day of February 14, 2008. The PCl trigonal bipyramidal shooting »

The Earth government and the SALT TREATY brain war casualties of the United States and other violating countries

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Modern existential  Military Command Structure

The Military Command Structure of Nature, Earth, molecules, and atoms



The periodic atomic table government has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic, bio-physics structures with symbolic brain and an EARTH LAB experimental specimen label: Humanoid.

Humans are extensions of the atomic table. The SALT Treaty/Summit Treaty signed by atomic human representatives was with the atomic table representaive ELEMENT: Salt (sodium chloride molecule) / with sodium atomic weight 23 and 11 protons with symbol Na --> Nation of atomic thoughts.





SALT is really sodium chloride with atomic symbol: NaCl; but we let Na atom represent the periodic atomic table goverment in atomic political science affairs with the human thought species.

Thus we have an important atomic treaty with humans:

-->.... 11 protons of sofium atom of  Salt/ with sodium atomic weight 23
--> SKU.11 thought agreements with 23 chromosomes

Thus we have the FermiLAB treaty...the Margaret Mead atomic brain ....nuclear anthropology treaty.
The Margaret Mead nuclear arms, elbows,mouth control SALT treaty is binding on family dinner tables with SALT and Pepper shakers in Batavia,Illi-nois(e) and Summit city treaty, Wisconsin and elsewhere. Violations of this treaty with the element SALT has caused many casualties. SALT has a great influence on human SKU.11 social decisions and human behavior....thus the atomic HUMAN brain can easily manipulate the brain to find atomic SALT TREATY warriors.

Thus we have a list of denial...of existence of SALT WATER, Oceans, and salt metabolism and thought in the human body. Thus the SALT War with wave mechanics physics.....modern EARTH LAB messsages to subset humans and their subset institutions.

--> Search Results USS Cole bombing - Wikipedia The USS Cole Bombing, or the USS Cole Incident, was a suicide attack against the United States Navy destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) on October 12, 2000 while it ...



USS_Cole_ ocean bombing 

USA Cole Hall shooting in OCEAN Class ..DeKalb, Illinois

The common factors of COLE tragedies: Cole, death, OCEAN
Perhaps, someday the Office of Naval Research may fund research into understanding EARTH LAB and Nature's modern SCIENCE WAR war strategy with the human attack upon EARTH facilities.
Understanding the BIG PICTURE is usually considered a prerequiste to military analysis; but Great Britain, Europe, and American universities are so intellectually inbred ...... that their minds are easily manipulated by television and Hollywood. Their hypnotized professors have been invited to join in new research projects; but, the TV Guide schedule is more important.
Try to understand the military math ... linear algebra broadcasts of TV. Thus modern warfare includes .....Linear algebra transformation T --> Vector space .......known as TV ....math television. Music agent Madonna binary announcements: MTV and Argentina .....and we all know that is a symbolic decoy code: MTV = MATH Vectors and Argentina = Argonne National Labs electromagnetic wave broadfcast parameters. So obvious, so simple, so secret. Thanks for the information puzzle. I enjoy mystery puzzles.
--> The astrophysics SALT BRIDGE of the Pacific Ocean and economics.


A chemistry book --> Social economic chemistry ....using the SALT BRIDGE chemistry lab model.
Feature of SALT Bridge:
1) oxidation of a half-cell
2) reduction of a half-cell
The Earth is a living cell.Parallel processing application..
- let North America geography be a half-cell
- Let Asia geography/people be a half cell
- economic REDUCTION of factories/jobs in North America half
- economic OXidation...Occidental/orient increase in factories at America expense

Why is this? Because business leaders have a SKU11 with 11 protons of SALT..that is sending a message to university professors and labor union workers.....none who care about how their SKU11 works and gets atomic brain ideas. Now pizza ideas and beer ideas are their concepts of understanding economic activity and how decisions are arrived at. Are there exceptions that attempt to understand the world of NATURE's intellect?

--> The atomic English language has serious problems with

caltech OR CALTECH in in the Pas = Past
calt a subset word of Salt.  graphic symbol S...small c on top an atomic element necessary for life
Computer Earth system 370 geography area
Base 16 VSAM data space...
has a CA = Control area = CA.LTECH intellectual prison.

This information is revealed in the
Professor Richard P. Feynman book:
Six Not So Easy Pieces.

The page 16 Base 16 hex/curse message about the MOB.
The MOB infiltration of the university system...
described by equation 1.13

ma = F --> expanded is ma = Fia --> maFia physics SCIENCE WAR code
Since the PENTAGON doesn't care about MOB control of universities
...brain war equation 1.13 SET-UP an tragic ATTENTION SIGNAL

ma = F OR rewritten as -->

F = Ma expanded by Texas bio-physics applications
Fort Major
Fort Hood Major Hasan with EVENT parameters
of equation 1.13
1 shooter and 13 dead at
the Fort Hood SOLDIER Read Center with physics books for soldiers ...symbolic food for thought.

And the university MOB gives the Pentagon a lot of biased information about the EARTH LAB Science War zone.
Newspapers ignore these factors in the CAUSE --> EFFECT equations of tragic EVENTS.

The Pentagon is aware of William Shakespeare's symbolic military decription of
world affairs. For 400 years it has been known that
"The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors"......

thus we have modern brain television with TEXAS cowboys and western style shoot-outs at FORT HOOD. Thus WEST POINT points their finger at the WESTERN style actor HASAN.
The situation of the SCIENCE WAR battle is a more complicated puzzle.

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