Nature's atomic and astronomy messages waiting for acknowledgement.
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The SCIENCE WARS --> atomic neutrons and their Brain Radio neurotransmitters transmission of language and symbol War Commands

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William Shakespeare around year 1600 wrote:
.....................The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors"
Today we have the " The WORLD is a Science WAR stage and humans act as shooting actors"

Thus if humans are actors....programmable bio-computers....then who/what process is programming the

Humans are composed of atoms and math equations and atomic English languages.
Humans have social, political, and theological thoughts.
Therefore, atoms,math and symbol life are the origins of thought...with the human being just a substrate/a vehicle/ a structure used to express Nature's intellect VIA atomic thoughts.

Thus we have the Hierarchy Problem of bio-physics and the STANDARD MODEL of an atomic human standing on 2-legs with a mouth ..with Margaret Mead atomic anthropology undercover agent Governor BLA for FermiLAB in the the STATE of MIND --> State of Ill/sick noise....which is a parallel to the Earth LAB geography STATE of Illinois.

The periodic atomic table government has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT is a 4-legged Schrodinger physics cat. Another FORMAT are 2-legged atomic HUMANS with a symbolic brain computer.

Looking at these humanoid structures...they are just messengers/agents for the periodic atomic table government and its intellectual life forms...known as symbolic life --> subjects--> like genetics, biochemistry, linear algebra math, astronomy, etc.

These symbol life forms  (nouns, concepts, math equations)  exist in an optical CITY in the optical nerve/symbolic brain computer .....and are independent from the brain portion used for daily routine affairs (eating and social talk).



In the past, the phrase ..the QUEEN and her subjects ( 2-legged men and women).
Today..the phrase..the QUEEEN and her subjects (Serious textbooks of atomic thought expressions: biochemistry, physics, organic chemistry, calculus, engineering,etc).

Lets look at the modern atomic QUEEN --> QUE + EN -->
atomic anthropology information QUEUE with Energy levels ...simliar to the physics models of the BOHR atom. .

Thus we see the Hierarchy Structure of the atomic table and its usage of humanoid expressions.



Lets look at an outline of some levels ....

-Primary source --> orginal atomic thought ..routed to

-Intermediate level -> biochemistry /genetics/ brain electron lab RD

- human output level --> messages at lunch between university classes.

Thus we have various intermediate levels ...from the atomic thought.
In a sense we have an atomic decison tree --> route to an intermediate --> Human thoughts

Nature can..if necessary use a lot of influence...when it wants to send a
social engineering feedback SIGNAL. The only SIGNAL that humans the tragic SIGNAL...since other Margaret Mead atomic bio-physics nuclear arms, elbows, mouth SALT TREATY signals are ignored.   

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