Nature's atomic anthropology war with European human brain computer MODELS and the alien European electromagnetic human LIFE formats.

The periodic atomic table SCIENCE WAR casualty reports from Europe and elsewhere . The Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family - social anthropology battles in Utoeya and Liege. Citizens and reporters ignore tragic details of science experiments.

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RD-blog-622 by Herb Zinser

The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.


Therefore some political protests, crimes, shootings, wars, etc. by humans.....are really atomic protests of the Margaret Mead atomic families VIA the human vehicle/the human atomic feelings expressor/the human atomic messenger.



Atomic social anthropology families are listed in beginning college physics and college chemistry textbooks. The families comprise vertical columns in the periodic atomic table of life and thought. Thus we have the atomic family ... anthropology shootings at EARTH LAB geography sites. Let's look at the periodic atomic table of elements of life and thought ...... and let's identify some atomic elements and their messages to atomic humans at EARTH LAB geography locations.






The above elements describe a few of the atomic anthropology war events.
They will listed in no particular order.




==> The (Li, Be) atomic table shooting battle


was at Liege, Belgium, Europe.




The Lithium and Beryllium atoms are both atomic physical elements and symbolic elements ...with a symbolic life of nouns, adjectives, empirical data, math equations, etc .... that exists in the updated James Joyce DATA STREAM of consciousness and various levels of the EURO (the ancient long-range nEUROtransmiitter system).

The EURO and its secret societal manipulation languages are used by European citizens and their governments for purposes of lies, manipulation, and distortion of mass communications news ..... that is atomic mass communications using television, radio, and print. Thus we have violations of Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family social laws and Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer policies. Universities continue using the banned Carl Jung collective unconsciousness and its song-and-dances.


The (periodic atomic table)  Elements of Style - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cornell University English professor William Strunk, Jr., wrote  ...... (atomic English language ) ...  The Elements of Style in 1918, and privately published it in 1919, for in-house use at the university.



Death Toll Rises After Liège, Belgium - New York Times
Dec 14, 2011 – Francois Lenoir/Reuters. Women lit candles on Wednesday in memory of victims at the site of a gun and grenade attack in Liege, Belgium. ...



Beacuse Norway, Great Britian, and other countries have refused to help research the tragedy at UTOEYA, Oslo, Norway .
UTOEYA --> UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything.
Thus the Norway atomic social science war was extended with atomic human messenger for Nor --> Nordine Amrani.

Liege attacks: Belgian gunman Nordine Amrani had 'grudge against ...

Dec 14, 2011
Liege shooting and grenade attack: previous European incidents in last 10 years. 13 Dec 2011. Belgian ...



Thus we can use the rope of euROPE and the rope tricks or string theory see the
TRUE Nature of the NOR war . Universities deny these tragic events exist as Margaret Mead nuclear family war casualties.

Thus we see the
NOR signal .....

- Northern Ireland in 1980 thru 1995
- Norway tragedy at Utoeya
- Milwaukee policeman Norberg wounded
- Northern Illinois University Cole Hall dead

And thus we see the NOR signal and
the Europe...... igNORe ..... signal.
Thus the sad state of brain awareness in Europe.





The above represents the Fort H atomic battle with the univerities in Texas.
The Margaret Mead atomic anthropology battle at Fort Hood provided empirical data for the University of Texas in nearby Austin.

The university has ignored the Fort Hood shooting and the Janet Reno ....Renormalization physics equation DEATH BATTLE SIGNAL from Waco, Texas at Branch Davidian with David Koresh.

Atomic molecular code Waco symbolizes Wa + co ==> Water compound which contains the elements H = Hydrogen and O = Oxygen ...... which apparently does not exist as an intellectual concept in Texas.



We see a history of Nature's water moelcule messages to human brain cells ....that seem to lack awareness about water molecules unless its in beer, lemonade, soda, or ice cubes for alcoholic drinks. The recent atomic political science history of water -->

In atomic symbols ...we have Fort H = Hydrogen which is
a Major H (Hasan) element of molecular political science ...such as

- President Nixon and the water molecule issue or

- President Clinton and the water travel agency

- Hinckley & Schmitt Bottled Water message with the
shooting at President RON Reagan..... who was elected
as atomic brain electron President ......with Nature's theory of
electron political science
.....ron --> Ron Reagan from California and its universities ...who claim to study electrons and physics AND who invent Hollywood style stories of atomic political science REALITY.




Thus we look at Fort Hood, Texas and DARPA, the advanced projects agency for EARTH LAB milatary molecules ...... thus the chemistry LAB hood represented in
EARTH geography dimensions as Fort ( LAB ) Hood .... this in accordance with Einstein's theory of relative size and position.




Fort H = Hydrogen social science messages AND
Major H = Hydrogen biochemistry from Virginia TECH



Thus consider the atomic element equation:

Fort Ho + od .......ADD
Major H ............GIVING
Ho H + od --> or explained as -->
H o H = Water molecule od = overdos(e)

Thus we have the
H o H = water molecule signal.

Does water exist?

Social science departments at universities are still trying to figure that out.






Above we have symbols Na = Sodium atom AND K = Potassium.
Thus we have Na + K ==>
President North american Kennedy year 1963 assassination.

The atomic number 11 of Na gives the atomic military equation
11th month = N a = Novemeber assassination
..... thus we see the schedule of M-theory of Murder
....that is
atoM uranium 235 isotopes(t) gives stem word
...M ur ..... the atomic anthropology Murder system
...M ur ..... Murdoch publishing then prints the atomic messages ....that is atomic mass communications ( television, radio, or Murdoch publishing the news about atomic ordered deaths).



Thus we see part of the atomic/astrophysics communications continuum and its message processing system.



Theoretical physics can probably explain the system of LIFE or DEATH.

The N= Nitrogen and O= Oxygen atoms ordered the atomic anthropology attack in NO --> NOrway regions of UTOEYA ...a signal that they pay attention and communicate about the SCIENCE WARS and UTOE --> Unified Theory of Everything. The Norwegian government and newspapers deny the existence of Nature's vast project which includes Margaret Mead nuclear family social engineering projects with Nature's limits and controls and feedback systems.





The above elements involve atomic communication bridge problems in Minnesota.

In the EARTH LAB view of events .....
we have the atomic equation is

V + Cr + Mn + Fe + Co =

Minnesota (Quantum State with Minnapolis/St.Paul)
Ferrous oxide atomic bridge


The above transition elements in the table also involve the Northern Illinois University transition ERROR. The periodic atomic table battlefield near FermiLAB, Batavia, Illinois provided empirical data for Margaret Mead atomic anthropology experimental design.

The Northern Illinois University shooting was a school shooting that took place on February 14, 2008, during which Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, United States, killing five before committing suicide

The elements and their significance:

Mn = Man

Fe = Ferrous oxide atom/iron liFE ..... as used in student Hemoglobin proteins

Co = Cobalt and COLE HALL

Ni = Nickel implies NiU --> Northern Ill/sick (Illinoise) universe ...... from the view of Nature's periodic atomic table





The atomic human war equation

Ta + W + Re + Os + Ir gives

Osama bin Laden
......binary base 2 countries
Ir = Iraq and Iran

Thus we have a brief outline of the how the periodic atomic table expresses itself VIA atomic human agents. This is we known in government, university, and SCIENCE magazine cicles.

For example, what does the Islamic religion state about the origins of those people.
Islamic ....word subset letters
....amic --> expanded --> atomic policy expressed VIA human messengers of the Islamic group

What is a CHristian?
CH = Carbon and Hydrogen molecular strcutures chemistry ...and those organic molecules in humanoid format are called or labeled --> CH.ristians.

Thus we see Nature and Darwinian atomic evolution and the evolution of atomic symbolic names to help identify the various social engineering experiments and brain engineering experiments of Nature.






CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


The European electromagnetic angstrom wave WAR over television LIES creates angstrom ANGST.

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Angst - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The word angst was introduced into English from Danish angst via existentialist Søren Kierkegaard. It is used in English to describe ...

Rd-blog-623 by Herb Zinser

The electromagnetic wave  war  against the European  television, radio, and cellular  phone LIE and bias news explanations of REALITY. 
The angstrom  wavelength battle of   Anders Jonas Angstrom fought by  EM  agent Anders Breivik.   
The  OS = Optical Spectrum war region of  OS = OSLO, Norway.



The worldwide electromagnetic war is well known. Governments, corporations, and university academic departments in marketing, advertising, accounting, journalism, social sciences and law schools ...have abused the use and purpose of modern technology.

Now comes the consequence of INTELLECTUAL manipulation of the symbolic life of the atomic mass intellectual component. Atomic MASS expresses itself via humans in the MASS communications media: television, radio, print, graphic arts, etc. That is ....... atomic MASS communications via TV, radio, newspapers, etc. Most humans intercept the original atomic mass social messsage and proceed to joyfully distort the message. This is like a human sport ... a human amusement.
Thus we have atomic humans and ..

- proton atomic mass --> prose

- neutron atomic mass --> news

- DARPA electron shell messages --> bullet shells at Fort (LAB ) Hood ...empirical data for the University of Texas in autism in AUSTIN.
The brief history of mass communications battles around world since 1980.
The electromagnetic war advanced PHASE signal was with President Ronald Reagan.

==> The President's secret military announcement....
President Reagan ...the phonetic sound dialect ...
President Ray Gun ........

The Ray Guns of Buck Rogers
There were no ray guns before Buck Rogers. ... A radio adaptation was broadcast from 1932 to 1947, movies were made, and television versions appeared in ...



Thus we see the hidden structure of modern government in 1980.
Buck --> dollar ---> the subliminal mind mentality behind the Federal Reserve Bank monetary policy and the high interest rates of  the George Orwell  1984 message (year 1984)  and  the James Bond message with junk bonds, etc.
==> The Iraq/KuWait war near the United Arabic Emirates. The major REASON of the physics battle ......with EMirates --> EM + Mir --> ElectroMagnetic Mirror
==> Yugoslavia region and the HERTZ electromagnetic wars
The Bosnian War or the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina was an international armed conflict that took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina between April 1992 and ...
Foreign policy of the Bill Clinton administration - Wikipedia,
Much of the focus of Clinton's foreign policy during his first term was the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (often referred to simply as Bosnia), a nation in ...

Clinton's Debacle in Bosnia
Those individuals charged with war crimes will be excluded from political life. ... multi-ethnic government of the UN-member state of Bosnia-Herzegovina into ... .

UN-member state implies
Un = UN.conscious states of MIND with the
brain computer of
President CLI = Compare Logical Immediate BAL instruction

with member --> member of a Partitioned Data Set of Nature's brain analysis project.
Someday, some political science types with their Hollywood view of life may wish to try to do
some serious thinking.
==> The Cole Hall shooting in DeKalb, Illinois. The Oceanography class symbolized the electromagnetic wave war ........with the television ELECTON GUN and the bull-story dribble that the government FFC allows to be broadcast. The FCC refuses diplomatic recognition of the Maxwell, Hertz, Helmholtz, DeForrest physics/electronics/electromagnetic government of NATURE and its Darwinian selected human agent.

Thus the parallel to the ELECTRON GUN via supersymmetry physics is the agent Steven K. with a BULLET GUN. 
We see the supersymmetry physics military stragtegy ...... against the STATE oF MIND ..... the State of ILL/sick noise that exists in the geography region of Illinois  with  the university songs-and-dances.

==>Rd-blog-621 ... covered the Liege, Belgium electromagnetic war. The blog-title is:

The blog-title is:

The Europe electromagnetic battle of television waves / optical waves results in Belgian tragedy. Citizen communications system ERRORS creates the Liege EVENT ---> Signal processing ROC of DeBroglie wavelength.

Part of the blog is repeated. We outline the main concepts ...for you to ponder on.


The EVENT of December 2011 ...when Nordine Amrani shot at crowds
in the city. World  NEWS reports  --> Five dead in Liege attack,  including
"gun freak'.
 "gun freak' --> television electron gun and the broadcast freak  frequency / wavelength   ERRORS ..... approved by Europe and the American  FCC = Federal Communications Commission. 
Thus we have the electromagnetic WAR of LIE .... symbolized by LIEGE and

Louis de Broglie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
..... was a French physicist and a Nobel laureate in the year 1929. He was the sixteenth member elected to ...

Repeat his life profile description
--> He was the sixteenth member ....
--> Hexadecimal was the Base 16 living member of a human bio-computer PDS
(some existential PDS = Partitioned Data Set of Nature's various computer systems)
...thus Louis de Broglie
................code Broglie and hexadecimal electromagnetic waves, etc 




Thus Nature elected de Broglie to the Hex Base 16 dimension of existences .... known since Galileo year 16 16 --> Base 16 Hexadecimal space and time. Most educated people refuse to acknowledge the existence of base 16 hexadecimal math life and biological operational mode of the LU = Logical Unit = Lung.

Important theories of
base 16 code of
2.1 Matter and wave-particle duality
2.2 Non-nullity and variability of mass
2.3 Generalization of the principle of least action
2.4 Duality of the laws of nature
2.5 Neutrino theory of light
2.6 Hidden thermodynamics


We see the above list of concepts ..that appeared originally
in decimal dimensions (Base TEN format).
Now we have the same entities ..... and they have acquired an additional dimension ...base 16 HEX ...thus providing an entirely new VIEW of the world with Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory ...and its numerous applications in the SCIENCE WAR battle field.


In 1868, Ångström created a chart of the spectrum of solar radiation that expressed thewavelengths of electromagnetic radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum .  The unit was named after the Swedish physicist Anders Jonas Ångström ... of solar radiation that expressed the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation in the .......
The Ångström is often used in the natural sciences and technology to express the sizesof atoms, molecules, and microscopic biological structures, the lengths of ...


Becoming interested in terrestrial magnetism he made many observations of magnetic intensity and declination in various parts of Sweden, and was charged by the Stockholm Academy of Sciences with the task, not completed till shortly before his death, of working out the magnetic data obtained by the Swedish frigate "Eugénie" on her voyage round the world in 1851-1853.


In 1858 he succeeded Adolph Ferdinand Svanberg in the chair of physics at Uppsala. His most important work was concerned with the conduction of heat and with spectroscopy. In his optical researches, Optiska Undersökningar, presented to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1853, he not only pointed out that the electric spark yields two superposed spectra, one from the metal of the electrode and the other from the gas in which it passes, but deduced from Leonhard Euler's theory of resonance that an incandescent gas emits luminous rays of the same refrangibility as those it can absorb. This statement, as Sir Edward Sabine remarked when awarding him the Rumford medal of the Royal Society in 1872, contains a fundamental principle of spectrum analysis, and though overlooked for a number of years it entitles him to rank as one of the founders of spectroscopy.


From 1861 onwards he paid special attention to the solar spectrum. His combination of the spectroscope with photography for the study of the solar system resulted in proving that the sun's atmosphere contains hydrogen, among other elements (1862), and in 1868 he published his great map of the normal solar spectrum in Recherches sur le spectre solaire, including detailed measurements of more than 1000 spectral lines, which long remained authoritative in questions of wave-length, although his measurements were inexact by one part in 7000 or 8000, owing to the metre he used as a standard being slightly too short.


Anders Jonas Ångström was one of the pioneers in the field of spectroscopy, and is known also for studies of astrophysics, heat transfer, terrestrial magnetism, and the aurora borealis.

In 1868, Ångström created a chart of the spectrum of solar radiation that expressed the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum




Anders Jonas Ångström was one of the pioneers in the field of spectroscopy, and is known also for studies of astrophysics, heat transfer, terrestrial magnetism, and the aurora borealis.

In 1868, Ångström created a chart of the spectrum of solar radiation that expressed the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiationin the electromagnetic spectrum


Biophysics is an interdisciplinary science that uses the methods of physical science to study biological systems. Studies included under the branches of ...



In the eye ...shown above external image becomes upside down in the retina.
Empirical data suggests ...that many people ..... have a symbolic brain defect ..... hence their optical nerve can NOT re-adjust the retina image to its proper VIEW of the external object.
The symbolic map ..... deep inside the brain ought have a 1-to-1 mapping to the external world ..... after the retina processing.

Many people think upside down .... and will not take the intellect effort to study the abstract concepts that can help fix their problem.
Lewis Carroll around year 1865 ...accurately described the situation in one story .... about New Zealand and thinking backwards /up-side-down.

In year 2011, Australia recently demonstrated their optical brain defects with their proposed graphic arts advertising required on ciagarette packages. This ia a subtle attack on the optical data stream used by the eye/retina and the Central Nervous System 370 optical computer.

Thus part of the cause of the shooting in UTOEYA ..... is the Australian legisture EAR/MOUTH BS people giving orders about stuff they do not study ...because they are  intellectual snobs that do not have to think clearly.

Australia ought be proud of their stupid association with the murder subroutine used at the Virginia TECH English language shooting. What does Australia know about the LU =Logical Unit = LUNG?  What does Australia know about the murder of Police Captain LU =LUTZ. The military in Australia ought  investigate the nonsense government, silly citizens and their university arrogance song-and-dances.

Optical Spectrum Analysis -
understanding of optical spectrum analyzers, their technologies, specifications, and ...
diffraction-g rating-based optical spectrum analyzers and discusses the ..



Anders Jonas Ångström was one of the pioneers in the field.
Anders Jonas Ångström was one of the pioneers in the field.
Anders .................was one of the pioneers in the field.
Anders .................was one of the pioneers in the field.

Thus we see the OS = Optical Spectrum war zone in Europe with the major battle centered on OS representative city OS = OSLO, Norway. We have the OS/JCL optical computer system 370 war data from OSLO. This is a secret ..... per orders of the Norwegian secret science societies and their citizen policy of intellectual cover-ups, bias, distortion of facts,etc.

The data from OSLO --> Optical Spectrum war zone.
On 22 July 2011, Breivik bombed the government buildings in Oslo, which resulted in eight deaths. He then carried out a mass shooting at a camp of the Workers' Youth League (AUF) of the Labour Party on the island of Utøya where he killed 69 people, mostly teenagers.

--> Above translated ....

buildings --> symbolic buildings
in OS10 --> input OS/JCL
OS10 ==> OS + 10 --> Optical Spectrum binary 10 = Base 2
eight deaths --> 8 data bits = 1 byte ...death photon/ EM commands

The death parallel to OSLO =
the OC bombimg = OptiC war = Oklahoma CITY
with 160 + 8 dead ...implies
Base 16 and 8 data bits signal from COMPUTER EARTH system 370 to

the BAL region of Baltimore (Basic Assemblur Language)
and then go to John Hopkins University and
hop around with intellectual songs-and-dances
and then go to BAL program location
Washington, DC = Define Constant.
Television_in_Norway Cached - Similar
There are today 24 local television channels in the country,
all terrestrially ... community channel which broadcasts from Oslo on the national DTT-network ...


all terrestrially 
all terrestrially 
all terror    
all terr....trial
all terror.... trial .....  television schemes /lies 

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation - Wikipedia,
the 3 Notable television programmes; 4 Channels ... to the BBC, and located in Oslo, it was a replacement for privately operated radio stations in the larger cities.

ABOVE we see the sentence words ...... terrestrial distribution .....CONSEQUENCE
..dig.....terr..trial ................

- dig graves for 69 Utoeya children + the 8 dead in OSLO
- terr = terror trial of Anders ...Angstrom philosophy of agency
BLAME everything on  Anders Behring Breivik ..who was set-up by European socities and their  nonsense social talk,  their dribble policy,  and   incomplete explanations written  in newspapers.
The European LIE about
Nor --> Norway and attempted murder of policeman
Nor --> Norberg and the Europe LIE about the
Nor --> Northern Illinois Unievrsity deaths....created the next
Nor --> Nordine Armani and the LIE of LIEGE, Belgium and the incomplete Margaret Mead atomic anthropology reports. Nice try by the European universities to violate the HONOR CODE and INTEGRITY code of Nature's quality control projects for the Central Nervous Ssystem 370 atomic based bio-physics symbolic processor.
Since European universities don't understand simple concepts ...they  ought close ... until they grow up and have serious mature thoughts ...  instead of their Hollywood state of mind ......... of pretending they know EVERTHING about the TOE project --> Theory of Everything.
Europe is late and will have to pay the financial and real estate penalties
for social engineering project mismanagement,etc.

Digital Radio StationsNRK 5.1
NRK Alltid Nyheter - 24/7 news
NRK Båtvær - 24/7 weather forecast on DAB only
NRK Folkemusikk - Traditional Norwegian folk music

[edit] Regional radio stations
These stations are available in several larger Norwegian cities

Radio 1
Radio Metro

Steven Allen already brought up the subject of electromagnetic war.Parents Television Council - Wikipedia,
Steve Allen, former host of The Tonight Show, was PTC's Honorary Chairman ... and activist against gangsta rap music; Allen is now given the title of National ...

By 1998, with an estimated membership of 120,000,[7] comedian and former Tonight Show host Steve Allen joined PTC as its Honorary Chairman, and PTC released a report questioning the accuracy of the TV Parental Guidelines ratings system[8] and campaigning for advertisers to stop sponsoring programs that the PTC claimed were offensive.[9] Allen launched a newspaper advertisement campaign promoting the PTC, which was published in many outlets including The New York Times.



Now, we see how Nature has taken over the situation. Nature's vast intellect allows it to select ...thru Darwinian optical nerve selection of humans ........  selected programmable  humanoids that  carry out messages.
Thus we see the nerve/ daring/ boldness of the optical nerve VIA agent Anders ...for the Angstrom war.
In this case, the war involves the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer and its military defense system that protects the symbolic life of the optical nerve/brain.




The television, movies, and graphic arts/print enjoy their attack upon the EYE people who respect optical knowledge. The EYE people became a major existential force in the last 500 years ...after Nature started the project GUT ( Grand Unified Theory physics project) in year 1453 with the GUT agent = Gutenburg.

Most citizens, companies, and governments are run by EAR/Mouth people ...who have been around for thousands of years ...... and they speciality is bragging, talking dribble, threats, nonsense, etc. Such is the case in Australia with the government , military , and university and their intellectual comedy SMOKE SCREEN ..... the brain idiot song-and-dance of the neurotransmitter sub-species PEOPLE. Nicotine is used to test and trap neurotransmitters that bragg to much about their simple knowledge of the LU = Logical Unit known as the LU = Lung.

They ought read Henry Miller and the the physics book on brain electron thougth circuits with impedance "TROPIC Of Cancer".   Then Australian experts in everthing can learn about LUNG CANCER and its relationship to intellectual snobs that banned the book when it came out. Australia has its share of intellectual snobbery ...who fail to do their homework. The bedroom intellectual head of development is not considered a serious thinker who probes complex social processes.


Australia ought hire some intellectual think tanks that have awareness.
Australia an island described in the book
..." The LORD of FLIES" which really was about
..."The LORD of Lies". One would think ...the military would see thru the university song-and-dance explanation of world events.


Thus the true Nature of the Tower of BABLE continues around the world ...with citizen approval. Nature's undercover agent in geography state Illinois ......represented the STATE of MIND....of Ill/sick noise ......hence agent Governor BLA ....helped expose the big mouth people of Illinois political science.

Since universities social science departments remainded quiet ...... they are considered EAR/MOUTH people ...who have to explain what's happening. They have very poor communications at universities ..... since they have their in-bred intellectual cult circles ..... they tell bull-stories to each other ...... avoiding SIGNALS from basic reality. This is seen with the University of Oslo, Cambridge University, Oxford, and other European universtities who have failed simple tests.


The eye/optical nerve is not interested in watching some garbage broadcast by some Hollywood idiot who has FCC approval. The FCC does not represent Nature nor the eye nor the optical nerve and the brains desire for quality symbolic input data.

Symbolic life is comprised of nouns, verbs, math equations, chemistry formulas, literature characters like Sherlock Holmes ...who is alive and well inside my symbolic brain ..... and the Sherlock Holmes methods and logic,etc .... have helped me in yaer 2012. Of couse, alive and well in my brain .... are dozens of other detectives, authors, characters ..... all they all help my conscious mind ... in my attempt to understand all of the schemes and nonsense that many other citizens seem to like. But, what do they care!

What are some symbolic warriors that exist in the modern James Joyce optical data stream of consciousness? Can your brain symbolic computer's bull-stories defend itself?


Thus we have the symbolic WAR ...... while governments and the media are proud of their brain computer cannibal subroutines that eat human brain memory. Thus Norway and other European countries out be careful.




Norway's Dementia Plan |
Alzheimer's Disease International /plans/norway[About ADI] [List of Alzheimer associations]. Norway's Dementia Plan. This is the national plan of Norway. Dementia Plan 2015. Summary of policy elements ...

Som what is the Norway project plan?
At the human conscious level it appears Norway is trying to cure the AL = ALPHABET problem known as AL = ALzheimer's. What is really happening?

At the Carl Jung collective unconsciousness level their PROJECT PLAN is to create the problem using television. This is known in thre United States ...were the Public Broadcasting Station promotions of the brain symbolic command: CREATE = Cr + Eate --> Cranium Eaters.


Thus in the process .... the FCC brain DNA manipulation racket and the PBS scheme ......via Margaret Mead atomic HEAD HUNTER anthropology technology ...using mass communications media
(that is really atomic mass communications) can harvest brain ideas and math equations .....such as they did with the Brookhaven atomic HEAD HUNTER project with test specimen Raymond, Davis JR.

This HARVESTORS and GATHERS knowledge project received approval at all levels....from citizens, universities, professors, government agencies .... part of modern social philosophy war ....using the subliminal mind, collective unconsciousness, sub-conscious mind,etc.

Nathaniel Hawthorne , Lewis Carroll, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and others explained the situation ... starting over 150 years ago. So, what else is new?





Thus we have a puzzle that ought be unerstood by society .... starting with each and every adult individual ..that been around ...say over 40 years of age ..... ought have some interest in world processes. Perhaps someday the KING of Norway will get some REAL HONEST answers from the people that pretend they have a VIKING heritage.
Why is the modern NORSE MAN is to lazy to navigate thru  the intellectual errors and the intellectual maize that exists today.

And the British scholars are proud of insulting Russell and Whitehead ...who would like to have seen their problem worked on. The British will NOT communicate ..... they are so high on the evolutionary scale ..... it is not necessary for them to consider the Russell/Whitehead issue and the data that may help explain the LOGIC error.


Principia Mathematica to *56 - Google Books...
Alfred North Whitehead, Bertrand Russell - 1997 - Mathematics - 410 pages
... and modern, had allowed some error to creep into his premisses; but apart from the contradictions, it would have been almost impossible to detect this error. ...

Thus it's real creepy ..... an math horror story ......that the shooting occured in Utoeya and Liege.
Bertrand Russell - 2009 - Literary Collections - 749 pages
... in common with all other logicians ancient and modern, had allowed some error to creep into his premisses; but apart from the ... (Principia Mathematica, Vol . I, in collaboration with Alfred North Whitehead, Cambridge University Press, 1910.) ...

The Alan Turing math at the University of Manchester and DAMTP at Cambridge University are examples of LIE algbera. The false, bias, distorted logic of the European citizens ..... created the setting for LIEGE, Belgium.

Take Utoya, NO + Liege, BEL ...... add the country codes together
and we have a new version of the NO + BEL --> The NOBEL prize on how to create crime, terror, nasty events and BLAME the shooter ..... as totally responsible for the event.

William Shakespeare in year 1600 already explained
"The WORLD is a stage and we  are the actors"


European citizens and universities, for amusement, set-up people like Anders Breivik and Nordine Aemini. The set-up involves subliminal mind commands broadcast or published the general public. If ..say 10 or 20  million people watch a show with the secret hidden commands ..... then probably 1 or 2 people will get sucked into the brain trick.

Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, and others outlined this hidden process. That is why professors and others will not help understand the SOCIAL SCIENCE WARS. Professors have been hypnotized and are totally helpless ..... their spouse or girlfriend or friends control their thoughts and mind set. BRAVE NEW WORLD covered that social psychology manipulation process ..... an intellectual warning that has been ignored ..... by those that ought be smart enough ... to known that sometimes things are not what they seem to be. Pay attention please.


George Orwell and his IBM computer manual titled:
1984 + base 16 hexadecimal oxygen atomic processor = year 2000 brain computer requirements of Nature with the STANDARD MODEL Y2K ....... Y-algebra chromosomes with the 2K data stream of consciousness. This year 2012..... and you are 12 years out-of-date. You failed to take individual effort to upgrade you brain symbolic computer. Thus Darwin evolution has passed you by ..... and Nature plans to phase out those brain cells that don't try to think seriously.
Nature's plans are available in CLUE format .... a puzzle ..... and those that take high school level math and science seriously can solve the puzzle. But, it takes a few years ..... like hobby .... part-time in the evenings .... as a substitute for TV sports.
Good Luck.



CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA