Symbols.... words and equation are life forms. What messages do they send?

University of Texas Clock Tower shooting , Fort Hood shooting and Cavendish Labs secret atomic DNA time WAR exposed by Agatha Christie book: The Clocks.

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Information WAR site maps for access to several hundred  POSTS that help explain the Unified Theory of Everything (UTOE) .... which includes you, your friends, the region that you live within,  etc.   The Grand Unified Theory (GUT)  500 year project of Nature's systems from year 1453 / year 1500 makes this possible.



Agatha Christie wrote book: The Clocks ...a Hercule Poirot Murder Mystery.....with clues to the Margaret Mead atomic anthroplogy murders in the TEXAS .....Science War Zone.






While the SCIENCE WARS acquired their official name around 1990......many murders and accidents before 1990 can be understood using modern SCIENCE WAR analysis techniques.....applicable to the modern atomic social anthroplogy war that affects our daily lives and our daily --> LIFE or DEATH.
Virginia TECH was a DEMO of the brain manipulation TECHNOLOGY WARS....a variant equivalent to the SCIENCE WARS.

The Agatha Christie paperback book I have was copyright in 1963, first printing 1965 by POCKET BOOKS, and my book copy says COVER ART copyright 1986.

--> The back of the purple cover states:
Why were four strange clocks set at 4:13 precicisely?




--> page 1
At the Cavendish (Secret) Secretarial and Typewriting Bureau .....

with the symbolic SIGNALS in books written by the -->
Symbol  Universe of nouns, equations, formula
ypewriting Bureau

science/math author agents of Nature's designed
central nervous system 370 abstract brain computer -->

The central address for Universe business is
the central address for University (data) bus (business):

University of Cam.BRIDGE (Communications bridge)
The Old Schools,
Trinity Lane,
Cambridge CB2 1TN

--> Cavendish and DAMTP Books like:

The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA (9780743216302): James D. Watson: Books.

A Brief History of Time - Stephen W. Hawking - Quotes. ... if one sets aside for a moment the rotation of the earth and its orbit round the sun



Thus we have the clues to astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) astrophysics DNA 4 nucleotides and space/ information on the structure of space/time of the living EARTH cell and its subset human structures. Humans have biological clocks..and the Y2K brain computer failure of YEAR a failure due to deliberate neglect of brain symbolic computer input data requirements and quality control standards.




Now we look at COMPUTER EARTH system 370 project the TIME MACHINE...whose project description was printed in year 1895 by H.G.Wells.

Then the Base 16 hexadecimal ..TIME COMPUTER repair manual was written by George Orwell with the equation:
1984 + base 16 hexadecimal = the Year 2000.....Y2k project of the brain bio-computer..... over 6 billion people deny its existence.



Given that background setting we have
the Agnatha Christie book "The CLOCKS" first printing 1965.

--> The back of the purple cover states:
Why were four strange clocks set at 4:13 precicisely?

This refers to the Cavendish Labs four DNA nucleotide clocks with Watson and Crick.





The 1965 book message was distributed thru-out the world by the publishing industry
....and we have the 1966 DNA repsonse using Charles Darwin selection of 2 elements:

1) a geography location on the surface of the living EARTH cell --> such as the Texas CLOCK surrounded by intellectuals ...who claim to be able to tell
TIME in gravity year 1966 with G = 6.6 x 10 exponent -11.



2) Charles Darwin selection of a obvious SIGNAL...Charles as in Charles Whitman.

Show more results from
University Of Texas Clock Tower Shooting 1st Campus Shooter, 1966 ...

Charles Whitman: The Texas Bell Tower Sniper — Lost Innocence ...

Ex-Marine Charles Joseph Whitman, a student at the University of Texas at Austin, went on a shooting spree that began around midnight on August 1, 1966, with ...

The Clocks (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Clocks is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie and first published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club on 7 November 1963 and in the US by Dodd, ...


University of Texas Shooting, 1966: Gunman Charles Whitman Kills 14, ...

How many protons neutrons and electrons does nitrogen 14 have ...







Since TEXAS Citizens have such difficulty with understanding simple concepts like MOTHER NATURE and Earth Lab space/time ...the message was repeated at Fort HOOD Texas in Novemebr 2009.

We have the TEXAS and Pentagon brain signals ....

Fort HO --> Hour
Soldier READ Center --> Read some pages in a biochemistry DNA Textbooks with Major Hasan some pages in the Agntha Christie Book " The Clocks"





--> The back of the purple cover states:


Why were four strange clocks set at 4:13 precicisely?

Thus DNA TIME military Fo.rt
--> Fo + Rt = Four (DNA) Route --> 13 dead precisely.

The month of NOVE (November) reminds one of the NOVEL -> The Clocks and other books ...

like genetics, molecular cell biology descriptions of the
existence of 4 DNA nucleotides.......
3 such nucleotides are T,A,G ........
such as in the DNA experimental group pen.TAG.on.

Washington,DC and universities ought recoginize that DNA social science signals exist. Those thinkers recognize restaurant MENU signals ......perhaps, they could try some other TRAIN of Thought ...about what's happening in world affairs.

Know THYself ...states THY LORD....the Thyroid Gland and its social science policies....that are mis-understood.

The secret mathematical-physics anthropology messages of Cavendish Labs and the University of Manchester via --> CAVEMAN comedy and the Boltzmann gas experiment

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Social scientists and political scientists have many secret manipulation languages. These language tricks are used by the Hollywood movie industry and Madison Avenue advertising/marketing industry to promote the consumption economic polices desired by CITIZENS. These tricks are broadcast via mass communication industry of televsion,radio , and publishing.
Universities, governments, and research labs approve of this expression of consumption disease....the consumer economy. They are so proud of their social policies ...they blantantly brag about their policies ....with CITIZEN audience complete approval.

Consequently, we have the Darwinian evolution of consumer economics--> advanvced consumpution ...with the consumption of human brain memory cells....Alzheimer's ...better known to scientists as modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthropology ...HEAD HUNTERS. The Brookhaven Labs HEAD HUNTER bio-physics experiments used the Nobel scientist test specimen, Raymond Davis, JR. His sacrifice provided some data on the symbolic BRAIN computer and the canni.BAL subroutine that EATS brain computer memory.

Lets look at the structure of the EARTH Lab social engineering experiment with subset humans and their educational institutions. In particular, lets look at the Carl Jung collective unconsciousness of 2 human groups. A university campus composed of a student body and its professors and administrative staff considered a group...a Carl Jung collective....and thus provides ample experimental opportunites for Mother Nature's probes in the
mathematical-physics atomic human brain and its modern Margaret Mead nuclear social anthropology expressions. Thus we the 2 goups of the Cave + Man --> Caveman intellectual comedy performance.

Cavendish Laboratory
The Cavendish Laboratory is the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge, and is part of the university's School of Physical Sciences. It was opened in 1874 as a teaching laboratory. Wikipedia
Address: Cavendish Laboratory, 19 JJ Thomson Ave, Cambridge CB3 0HE, United Kingdom

Computer EARTH  system 370 OS/JCL  
DISP = OLD, DSN = Cavendish.Labs.Data.Set.Name


As Shakespeare stated " The WORLD is a Stage and we are the actors"

Thus we have the collective unconsciousness MIND of the combined group composed of:

Cave --> University of Cambridge, Cavendish Labs and other departments
Man --> Mantissa logarithmic human math social life at the University of Manchester

Together these goups are the CAVEMAN projects around the world.....such as

Defending the university bio-computer TRAVELING subroutine  tour  .......  Caveman: Tour Dates with Rob Becker Along the way, Becker became a comedian, and his observations on male-female ...



Defending the Caveman: Reviews of Our Show (4 DNA nucleotides social engineering DEMO of Nature) The premise of "Caveman," after all, reckons we haven't evolved as far as we ...

Defending the Caveman
Defending the Caveman.jpg
Written by Rob Becker
Date premiered June 1991
Place premiered San Francisco, USA
Original language English
Genre Comedy



Defending the Caveman | Show Review. Caveman comedy. By Caroline Fontein. Understanding the opposite sex may never be easy, but Kevin Burke breaks it all down for you in "Defending ... › Shows

Defending the Caveman and other Las Vegas Shows at Search for show tickets to Defending the Caveman or find tickets to other Comedy Shows at Las Vegas.


University of Cambridge home to Sir Isaac Newton





Defending the Caveman .....
the SCIENCE WARS review report  .. year 2013 







--> The Las Ve.GAS gas shows are related to research into human kinetic energy ....with the

Ideal Gas Law... k = Boltzmann constant = 1.38066 x 10-23 J/K = 8.617385 x 10-5 eV/K ...
The ideal gas law can be viewed as arising from the kinetic pressure of gas ...

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
\qquad R = N_{\rm A} k_{\rm B}. where NA is the Avogadro constant. For example, the ideal gas law in terms of Boltzmann's constant is ...
Gas_constant -

Ideal gas - The probability distribution of particles by velocity or energy is given by ...

Ideal gas law is the equation of state of a hypothetical ideal gas. ...

Boltzmann gas - definition of Boltzmann gas by the Free Online ... Meaning of Boltzmann gas. Pronunciation of Boltzmann gas. Translations of Boltzmann gas. ... Boltzmann constant · Boltzmann distribution law. Boltzmann gas ..
-->Thus we have scientists involved in the EARTH LAB bio-physics Boltzmann gas laws and the distribution of the atomic English language of nouns/verbs via the Las Ve.GAS ..... GAS distribution models of the human mouth output gas. The human LUNG/nose/mouth contains gas molecules.




According to modern psychology of self-analysis...the self is the IDEAL GAS LAW spokesperson.
Many women and their male friends provide empirical data on the IDEAL GAS LAW.

Thus the human carrier and spokeperson for atomic English language nouns/verbs/and other atomic mass ...mass communications SIGNALS.



 math bio-physics  molar form equation images for molar teeth


Above words  ....... molar form....

Molar (tooth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Molars are the most posterior and most complicated kind of tooth in most mammals. In many mammals they grind food; hence the Latin name mola, "millstone".





The LUNG gas of nitrogen 14 --> 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet is a Buddhist GAS LAW spokeperson...whose staff does not recognize atomic bio-physics existences.

The LUNG gas of oxygen 16 has Oxford University ..which has yet to establish a diplomatic relationship with periodic atomic table governemnt representatives. The Oxford dictionary and its symbolic life has removed Oxford University from its leadership position...because of the university's failure to provide resources for the intellectual component of the SCIENCE WARS.

In effect, Oxford and English universities have lost intellectual creditabilty in the modern world of year 2011; and they certainly fail to understand the INTELLECTUAL WARS and the SCIENCE WARS.

British atomic nuclear physics secrets revealed by the Cavendish Labs undercover agent --> Agatha Christie and book: The CLOCKS

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Agatha Christie


Dame Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie.png
Born Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller
15 September 1890
Torquay, Devon, England
Died 12 January 1976 (aged 85)
Wallingford, Oxfordshire, England
Pen name Mary Westmacott
Occupation Novelist/Short story writer/Playwright/Poet
Genres Murder mystery, thriller, crime fiction, detective,

Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, DBE (born Miller; 15 September 1890 – 12 January 1976) was an English crime writer of novels, short stories, and plays.

She wrote under her own name, most of which revolve around the investigations of such characters as Hercule Poirot, Miss Jane Marple and Tommy and Tuppence




The Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ...atomic social anthropology expresses the thoughts of the elements of the periodic atomic table.

Advanced theoretical physics ...just a theory ....

- Humans are composed of atoms and math equations
- Humans have ideas, behavorial thoughts and feelings
- Therefore atoms and math are the origins of thoughts and feelings.

Therefore humans are just atomic bio-physics aggregates within a B.F. Skinner container ...thus humans are a package of atoms/ a vehicle/ a substrate/ a carrier ......and to understand social psychology, economics, political science, and theology ....we have to understand the periodic atomic table government,
its formats of expression.

its formats of expression.

its formats of expression.

Images for silver  atom (Ag)

Dame Agatha 

Dame Ag

Dam e Ag --> electrons  Ag of silver atom   


She wrote

She wrote

(electron) Shell wrote (via atomic literary expression agent Agatha)





Th atomic table has many misssion parameters the context of Grand Unified Theory ...which with the Theory of Everything ....... which includes Grand Avenue in Chicago ....
a concrete component of highway STRING Theory
.....with the example of a REAL partial STRING and its extrapolation to --> FermILAB.

The proposed empirical EARTH LAB geography string (a data ROAD Map for theorists) has a begining NODE and an end NODE --> simply..... most strings have 2 ends.

Thus we start with features of the beginning END:

Lake Michigan wave mechanics physics + interface to Navy Pier
--> start GRAND Avenue to Nature's GRAND PROJECT -->
Grand Unfied Theory route west...GO WEST young man ...go west on GRAND Avenue ...then ....approximate......extrapolate....modify route find the other end.

The other end .. ...Supersymmetry / parallel involves atomic element SALT (Sodium Chloride symbol NaCl). The atomic goverment representative symbol is Na ....with 11 protons of Na and atomic weight 23. The atomic government SALT TREATY
of 11 protons and atomic weight 23 needs symmetric AGENT
SKU.11 of an ODD integer name with 23 chromosome pairs.

Lets try to find the other end of the
Navy PIER STRING ....with atomic clues,etc.....end with
Na atom + PIER + STRING theorists waiting for Nature's empirical data examples. Then mathematics needs to try to find the ODD integer human math structure with
- awareness of number 11 in his SKU.11
- awareness of Lake Michigan wave theory
- awareness of atomic country Peru = Per + U --> Periodic atomic table Uranium and its Margaret Mead nuclear family life

Thus we see the PICTURE change we have the very visible,obvious
(to the human eye/brain) of CHICAGO, Lake Michigan and Navy Pier
........and as we travel the GRAND AVENUE of theory and abstract thought with Nature's intellectual guidance..... we need other equipment...symbolic brains...electron accelerators...and atomic microscope tools ..or atomic telescopes learn details of atomic life and its thoughts.....with the help of some atomic extensions labeled bio-physics humans.

Thus on the inside page of the Agatha Christie book "The Clocks" ..the comment by the ISAAC NEWTON gravity newspaper. ..the NEW(ton) YORK Times states --> Here is a GRAND-manner detective story in all its glory" ..obviously a very subtle reference to the Grand Unified Theory project.




The newspaper comment appears below some sentences from the book....such as..

"She had wavy grey hair pulled back from..." translated is
"........wavy gr........ "

which appears to be a secret SCIENCE WAR "wavy gravity " code of the newspaper gravity LIFE formats known as book reviewers. Thus we see the EARTH LAB appropriate choice of the experimental gravity city of NEW(ton) York...and its reporters .... to write the comment regarding the intertaction of gravity thought waves with brain atomic mass. Thus we see a EARTH LAB expression in 2 formats in Manhattan.

- physics equation Force = ma
- Manhattan social Force = ma + hattan --> hattan are attributes/adjectives of gravity field interaction with symbolic brain atomic mass....atomic thoughts
Think of Isaac Newton test cities --> New York city or New Haven gravity professors

The book page...Cast of Characters

Edna Brent - She realized --> Extended DNA

Miss Martindale - President of a secretarial school --> secret school

Shelia Webb - her routine life --> Her brain computer subroutine life

Mr.R.H Curry --> R H factors in blood ....biology secrets.

Miss Permasrch - A blind teacher --> a statistical double-blind experiment for the IRISH city of DuBLIN --> DU.BLIND --> project DUE Nature's Double Blind experiment agents are missing...or playing DUMB

Colin Lamb - He followed the wrong address --> Column Line ...matrix array /symbolic table address of the periodic atomic table

Dick Hardcastle -- A Dective Inspector

James Waterhouse

--> Watertown Wisconsin Octagon House





Page 1 Prologue...phrases/sentences


==> At the Cavedish Secretarial School and Typewriting Bureau

- This is the University of Cambridge, England with Cavendish Labs sending secret messages to their physics friends in the BAT CAVE doing research with Alfred (Alfred North Whitehead) ...with Chief O'Hare code --> Chi --> Chicago O'Hare Airport is near the BAT CAVE...known by other names .....that one can in.FER -->


==> Up till two thirty-five , September 9 might have been like any other day --> reference to
uranium 235 istopes and the 1943 Manhattan project detail:

The Manhattan Project ... This Manhattan Project predecessor, code named the S-1 project, ... work with graphite and uranium was transferred to a new secret project, ... During the remainder of 1943, work continued on the construction of the ...

Isotopes of uranium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaUranium (U) is a naturally occurring radioactive element that has no stable isotopes but two primordial isotopes (uranium-238 and uranium-235) that have ...

Uranium | Uranium for Nuclear Power Natural uranium as found in the Earth's crust is a mixture largely of two isotopes: uranium-238 (U-238), accounting for 99.3% and uranium-235 (U-235) about ...




Up till two thirty-five , September 9







2 ==> consulted the clock. Two-thirty-six. Exactly six minutes late. --> 236 refers to the heavy atomic weight elements.
Exactly C = Carbon 6 atom electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons ...
with C implying Chemistry department at Cambridge
The project assigned by Nature to the government of England is late!


==> His last typing bill already been sent in three times..
Fermat's Last Theorem of Fer= ferrous oxide atomic message system of hemoglobin iron proteins in a mathematical human named Fermat. Currently, we have Fermat math theory professors at Princeton University (EAST side of USA) and then we have the math muscial ...the WEST Side Story on the WEST side of USA......with a living FERMAT astrophysics humanoid structure with the FERMAT's evolution equation --> Feynman scholars --> Fe + yn + man --> Fe + Y exponent n + mantissa of logarithms from astrophysics address--> Earth Lab ...logarithms and Max Born physics LOGAN, Utah.

==>she was a woman of forty-odd -->
....he .....wo+man of forty-odd -->
....he .....two man of forty odd man -->

he ..Base 2 astrophysics man --
1940 Kip S. Thorne ....
1942 Stephen Hawking

1943 odd year man born
for element Z=43 (TC=43) AND Link to Pier
and this phase of the Hierarachy Problem.....DONE/ completed ..why the Standard Model delay in communication theory ...asks the periodic atomic table governemnt .... elements /precursor to human life.

==>The address is Nineteen Wibrahan Crescent...
.......address Highway 19 Wi = Wisconsin
..TIME Computer address years 1900 thru 1999
Page 3
==> Professor Purdy --> PPu --> Parallel Processing Unit

==> Professor Purdy at the Curlew Hotel
....Professor interaction..Curl --> the CURL electric field life of a professorial BRAIN

Electric field - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The vector B is the magnetic flux density and the vector A is the magnetic vector potential. Taking the curl of the electric field equation we obtain, ...

Definition - Uniform fields - Time-varying fields - Properties (in electrostatics)
Electric_field -

Curl (mathematics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Faraday's law states that the curl of an electric field is equal to the ...

Path Independence and the Curl of the Electric Field.
D. Sober – September 2001. 1. Path Independence of. We know that the electric field of a point charge ...

Why curl of electrical field is zero Electrostatics question: Why curl of electrical field is zero? Because Electric field can be expressed as the gradient of a scalar. Curl of a gradient is ...

Electricity and Magnetism › Electrostatics - Lecture Notes Chapter 38: Maxwell's Equations (integral form); Chapter 38: The Curl of the Electric Field; Chapter 38: Maxwell's Equations (differential form) ...

electrodynamics - The Curl of the Curl The second term on the left side is the curl of the curl of the electric field. Now, if E is a central isotropic field, it is of the form E = [xf(r), yf(r), ...




Page 11 end of chapter 1

==> No, I was an innocent passer-by. --> Northern Illinois




==> a girl came flying out of the house like a bat out of hell -->
house --> Chick Evans Field House, No I
bat out of hell --> batavia output shell


==> She said their was a dead man -->
electron Shell abbreviation is pronoun She -->
she = shell -->super.symmetry <--Cole Hall bullet.input shell ....DEAD manuscript 
Therefore the bullet shells at Cole Hall are electron shell SIGNALS for physics researchers in the Northern Illinois geography area


Page 13 2nd page of Chapter 2

==> Fourteen Palmerston road - Beyond the gas works --> kinetic energy physics history from
year 19 14 war gas DEMO thru Beyond the Standard Model physics
with retail store physics data chain:
Bed, Bath, and Beyond .....atomic everyday life
.....Bat hand Beyond the Standard Model...the role/the atomic design hand of Batavia and its Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology reseach in the human atomic brain ...and shopping behavior and thoughts.




==> The Cavendish Secretarial and Typewriting Bureau..that's its full name, isn't it? -->

Department of Physics: Cavendish Laboratory
The department of physics at Cambridge is known for the quality of its research and teaching. Details of both are given here. - Cached - Similar
Staff and Student Resources
Faculty Staff List
Research Admissions
Gene Contacts --> social genetics + Gene Hackman movies
History of the Cave
Job, Vacancies

More results from Cambodia conflict »

Cavendish Laboratory is the Department of Physics at bridge University, and is part of the university's School of Physical Sciences. ...

About the department - Nuclear physics - Biology - Groups
Cavendish_Laboratory -



Cavendish Labs has changed its name and has moved. You will be ...

The Cavendish Labs has changed its name and has moved.
You will be redirected to the new site in 5 seconds.

This name-change is a violation of the atomic mass communications publishing agreement with the Agatha Christie book --> this is university silly nonsense.
Readers of Agatha Christie must complain to the University of Cambridge......about their George Orwell university policy ...BIG Brother nonsense and intellectual propagnada.

Agatha Christie knows all about the social science schemes and intellectual rackets that prevail at Cambridge, Oxford, Liverpool and other schools ...and how they set-up crime and war to amuse themselves and the CITIZEN civilian audience.

Readers ought send a E-mail or a post-office letter to the University ego name-changers.
Lawyers can file a lawsuit on behalf of the atomic English language ......regarding British universities and the Virginia TECH shooting cover-up.

Lewis Carroll, Herbert Spencer, Bertrand Russell, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and others wrote about the secret societies and their language manipulation, tricks, etc ......
and the Name-Change of Cavendish Labs is just another trick to modify symbolic brain maps. The British Government ought close Cambridge university for that brain scam. ..




The David H.Clark astronomy book "Quest for SS433"
writes about the cannibal galaxay ..between the lines ..message
(human brain cannibal subroutines for Raymond Davis,Jr and others)
and British universities are PROUD of their latest EAT project:

Great     Britain
Great     Britain
Great     Br..ain

- Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of
Great Britain .....HEAD of State ...becomes subset of State of MIND ...hence, Thatcher's
dementia problem....HEAD of...ate

Thus we have CAUSE and Effect -->
Cause: Modify brain symbolic map NAMES
Effect: Margaret Thatchers and others with Alzheimer's brain computer memory map problems

And so far, British corporations and universities have refused to help solve
this brain computer memory ..symbolic language disease.

Fortunately British authors ...from William Shakepseare to Lewis Carroll and other..have provided a detailed AUDIT trail of un-necessary language manipulation nonsense and the consequence of such. Lawyers ought file law suit on behalf of Margaret Thatcher and other
people with the Alzheimer's computer brain .....symbolic created disease...created by the supposed guardians of the atomic English language of the 26 protons of ferrous oxide atom and their 26 atomic English letters ..that are used by the myoglobin iron proteins of professors that write with an ARM and HAND.....and distort the original atomic English language message.

Perhaps their are exceptions ....some thinkers that will help clarify these signals from Agatha Christie and other authors.





Her Majesty's Prison Service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia's_Prison_Service
Cleland House, the former head office of H.M. Prison Service. Her Majesty's Prison ... Insignia, UK-hmps-oa.jpg, UK-hmps-ob.jpg, UK-hmps-oc.jpg, These three ...

About Her Majesty's Prison Service - Ministry of Justice

Her Majesty's Prison Service serves the public by keeping in custody those committed by the courts. Our duty is to look after them with humanity and help them ...


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