Herb Zinser's English literature clues to the SYMBOL war for control of the human brain symbol bio-optical-computer with the optical nerve symbol life of proper nouns: authors, titles, and characters that are alive and well inside your skull.

Nathaniel Hawthorne and the astrophysics secret CELESTIAL RAILROAD

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Nathaniel Hawthorne
Nathaniel Hawthorne by Brady, 1860-65.jpg
Nathaniel Hawthorne in the 1860s
Born July 4, 1804
Salem, Massachusetts, United States
Died May 19, 1864 (aged 59)
Plymouth, New Hampshire, United States
Alma mater Bowdoin College (1825)


CALTECH and the University of Cambridge

Hawthorne ...... SYMBOL LIFE


Hawthorne ...... SYMBOL cell / proper noun


Hawthorne  ..... MITOSIS / cell division

Haw  +  thorne  .... evolution to

Hawking   + Thorne ... brain cell life forms







Hawthorne – The Celestial Railroad | Harper's Magazine


Sep 18, 2010 – –Nathaniel Hawthorne, “The Celestial Railroad” (1843) in the Complete Novels and Selected Tales of Nathaniel Hawthorne, pp. 1070-1082 ...

Not a great while ago, passing through the gate of dreams, I visited that REGION of the earth in which lies the famous City of Destruction. It interested me much to learn that by the public spirit of some of the inhabitants a railroad has recently been established between this populous and flourishing town and the Celestial City. Having a little time upon my hands, I resolved to gratify a liberal curiosity by making a trip thither. Accordingly, one fine morning after paying my bill at the hotel, and directing the porter to stow my luggage behind a coach, I took my seat in the vehicle and set out for the station-house. It was my good fortune to enjoy the company of a gentleman--one Mr. Smooth-it-away--who, though he had never actually visited the Celestial City, yet seemed as well acquainted with its laws, customs, policy, and statistics, as with those of the City of Destruction, of which he was a native townsman. Being, moreover, a director of the railroad corporation and one of its largest stockholders, he had it in his power to give me all desirable information respecting that praiseworthy enterprise.

Our coach rattled out of the city, and at a short distance from its outskirts passed over a BRIDGE of elegant construction, but somewhat too slight, as I imagined, to sustain any considerable weight. On both sides lay an extensive quagmire, which could not have been more disagreeable either to sight or smell, had all the kennels of the earth emptied their pollution there.

"This," remarked Mr. Smooth-it-away, "is the famous Slough of Despond--a disgrace to all the neighborhood; and the greater that it might so easily be converted into firm ground."

"I have understood," said I, "that efforts have been made for that purpose from time immemorial. Bunyan mentions that above
twenty thousand cartloads of wholesome
......INSTRUCTIONS had been thrown in here without effect."
==> Thus we have the evolution of Hawthorne into the modern day secret
astrophysics double-helix HAWTHORNE agents =
Haw + thorne --> Hawking + Thorne --> Stephen Hawking and Kip S. Thorne.
These gentlemen work and think within the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Computer Earth system 370).






Specifically, we have galactic undercover agent Hawking with the galactic computer communications BRIDGE (data processing REGION of Earth Computer Lab)
located at the CAD/CAM geography area labeled:

Universe of CAM-->bridge; in humanoid English language is:
University of Cambridge.

Stephen Hawking
Stephen William Hawking, CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA is an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the

Universe   of Cam +  bridge. Wikipedia

Max Born bio-physics : January 8, 1942 (equation 1942 = 1 solar system 9 project plan planets  (8 data bits + 1 pariry bit)  and Base 4 exponent  2),
  Oxygen geography location of  Oxford, United Kingdom

Hawkings 1992 paper on astrophysics Darwinian evolution of the Standard Model bio-physics HUMAN authorization Hierarchy Problem ....explains the identification
codes for message processing agent: HMZ ...who is known to David H. Clark as agent SS433.

The Hawking paper on Darwin "Selection Rules for Toplogy Change" ...was a message disregarded by FermiLAB atomic bio-physics researchers of the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family project.

The Hierarchy Problem | Of Particular Significance

Aug 14, 2011 – What is the Hierarchy Problem? An important feature of nature that puzzles scientists like myself is known as the hierarchy, meaning the vast ...

Atomic social anthropology violations by Batavia, Illinois and the Office of Science is a problem --> their failure to recognize the existence of atomic life. The orgin of thought is the atom within the brain.

Atomic SELF-awareness is a fact denied by the humanoid magnetic field structures in Batavia. However the periodic atomic table government is well aware of the tricks and schemes of mass communications (television and publishing)..because mass communications is REALLY atomic mass communication on atomic social science issues,etc.




==>The other component of the Hawthorne astrophysics project on EARTH LAB is SPACE/TIME agent PST send to investigate SPACE and TIME on Earth Lab.

Agent PST = Pacific Standard Time agent for the
...... PST.......... Standard model physics extension
.........................(Beyond the Standard Model).
KI.....PST.....horne ...in the atomic/astrophysics alphabet is:
KIP.... S... Thorne ...in English language proper noun identifier.


The agent PST book:
Black Holes and Time WARPS .. Time extrapolation ..reveals
............... Time WARPS(T)..and reformating his universal mind
LINK giving: Time WAR PST = Pacific Standard Time ...
..............thus the TIME WAR Pacific Standard Time.

Pacific Time Zone
  Pacific Time    Z     one
UTC offset
PST UTC−8:00
PDT UTC−7:00
Observance of DST
DST is observed throughout this time zone between the 2nd Sunday in March and the 1st Sunday in November.




The war zone on the west coast on the United States...space/time region.

Computer Earth system 370 VSAM data space CA = Control area
--> CA = California galactic control area (geography surface control area) ...
with CA = CALTECH --> Control area Language Tech.

The FACE of the PST ...... interFACE agent ... Thorne for the
haw.THORNE astrophysics Celestial Railroad.....
which ties into the Viking  God: Thor
...with his Norse version of the mystery Celestual RailRoad message.

The book " The Future of Theoretical Physics and Cosmology" on page 571 and 573 hints about the RR= celestial RR --> celestial    Rail Road relationship...in the article " De Sitter space in non-critical string theory".

Thus Hawthorne's Celestial RR becomes--> astrophysics RR fluxes and RR fields....and EARTH is a subset of astrophysics dimensions...therefore astrophysics theory finds application to EARTH human daily life. Ask your university science department professor for the secrets of galactic life on EARTH.




The city of dreams.....Pasadena California and Cambridge, England.
The town of more accurate reality...Watertown, Wisconsin and the down to EARTH ....WEST ROAD parallel to the WEST ROAD of University of Cambridge with Hawking
(and and galactic intellectual military agent G.I. Joe = GIBBONS Job order entry).

These are interesting astrophysics EARTH LAB military puzzles....simple puzzles with many pieces...that together form a picture of society on Earth. Each person is given different pieces to the puzzle by NATURE; and careful thougths and abstract studies over days, weeks, month, years will provide the additional clues needed to reach a symbolic critical mass ....for the picture to fall into place.
The Intellctual wars and Science wars are inter-related. Most Citizens have already LOST the intellectual war for failing to TRY to understand their INSTRUCTIONS.

George Orwell 1984 and the wave mechanics physics propaganda war: Oceania - the Cole Hall shooting

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George Orwell --> Nineteen Eighty-Four occurs in Oceania, one of three intercontinental ...... " Orwell's 1984: the future is here: George Orwell believed the stark ...

George Orwell --> Among the seminal texts of the 20th century, Nineteen Eighty-Four is a rare work that grows more haunting as its futuristic purgatory becomes more real

George Orwell --> 1984 George Orwell's 1949 novel decries a totalitarian government bent on total manipulation.

George Orwell --> Propaganda in 1984 .... examples of propaganda in 1984, besides the 3 obvious ones (War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, etc. ...




Nineteen Eighty-Four is a rare work ....in math terms 

Nineteen (80 - 4 DNA nucleotides of TIME).......

1976 ..... the 200 year project started in year 1776......  is a rare work of the living English language and the  1776 Constitution  


The English language WAR ZONES over Book 1984 and Oceania.

==> 1984 + base 16 hexadecimal (HEX of April 16,2007) = Year 2000 mess/message for Virginia TECH university...regarding the Y2K biological clock ....symbolic brain computer failure in students.



==> Oceania battle over atomic brain...atomic mass communications ERRORS.

The battle report comes from Cole Hall .... oceanography class .....at Northern Illinois University with the DR. Robley D. EVANS physics textbook "The Atomic Nucleus".

The Margaret Mead nuclear family...atomic social anthropology battle was near EVANS Field House
in DeKalb... Illi.noise(e)......with Enrico Fermi and his successor FermiLAB.
Thus the Earth geo-physics LAND..Landau atomic soil battle parameters:
EVANS (DR.Robely D. Evans) Field House (Einstein's Field Theory)




...VA interaction bio-physics experimental ERROR on the
ST.Valentine's Day atomic mass massacre ....a bio-physics message with components of


Fe = Ferrous oxide atoms in the iron Hemoglobin protein month /day
Fe = February 14 in the geography region of Northern Illinois area
Fe = FermiLAB atomic social engineering policy errors of the OFFICE of SCIENCE ...which includes atomic social sciences and atomic poltical sciences....based on the THEORY that the human brain might be composed of atoms that think and have SELF-awareness........







as opposed to

the EM = Electro-magnetic life formats of EM = Employees with bio-brain television and bio-brain radio skulls. The music group..RADIO HEAD and others correctly suggest that many humanoids are in this EM species people group.

Brain electron circuits (radio HEAD structures) have apparently evolved with brain neurotransmitters bio-physics transmissions (along with the North Pole magnetic field flow lines) that PARALLEL copper wire devices. Thus the explanation given about the COLE HALL shooting is very incomplete....and the students and graduates of NIL are involved in a nasty Carl Jung collective
unconsciousness ..cover-up. They like to play dumb in serious matters that require serious thought. The entire social engineering system of manipulation...some okay and some of it needs adjustment.

But no one cares....no one is helping me work on this. Students, professors and officials are concerned about their next dinner party and what line of BS their Carl Jung collective subliminal mind can verbalize. Who are the exceptions...that can think beyond BRAVE NEW WORLD?

Nature's intellect has other ideas and I am pleased to help Nature accurately explain its social engineering systems and the system FEEDBACK SIGNALS...the tragic signals and their probable meaning ...that suggest adjustments to the social engineering vectors used for family and societal navigation into the future.....Nature's future project plan for civilization and the TREE of Knowledge.


Nature needs more intellectual warriors....Bertrand Russell, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and others paved the way.

The Lord of Flies......atomic language SCIENCE WAR in Drosophila region of OOCYTE --> OOC --> Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

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Lord of the Flies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lord of the Flies is a novel by Nobel Prize-winning author William Golding about a group of British schoolboys stuck on a deserted island who try to govern ...



The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) is an interesting planet. There are many mysteries. That is why books with titles: The Invisible MAN, The TIME Machine, etc.....are trying to say.....some indirect,hidden process exists.....that can become visible with a lot of thought and research. Physics labs successfully use this process to study atoms and their attributes.


Lets look at something that affects our LIFE SPAN...our biological clock.
The English language has a phrase....familiar to many.....and its common usage is described as:

-->Phrase time flies (when you're having fun)
Fig. time passes very quickly. (From the Latin tempus fugit.) I didn't really think it was so late when the party ended. Doesn't time fly? Time simply flew while the old friends exchanged news.
See also: flies, time
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc



These TIME FLIES signals are:

1931 INSECT SIGNAL --> Salavdor Dali painting Persistence of Memory with ants/flies/insects..considered one equivalence group.
Insects crawling over the watch suggest death and decay, the never ending cycle with life. Salvador Dali: Persistance of Memory Persistence of Memory ...


Below  we see the EARTH geography space/time configuration regions of South Arica and Africa .....geo-time ....TIME CONTINENTS with time insects of the Southern Hemisphere.








1943 Drosphilia egg SIGNAL for humans --> Salvador Dali
Salvador, seriously - Impressions Aug 13, 2008 ... Geopolitical Child Watching the Birth of the New Man (1943). Salvador Dali's eccentricities cast a shadow over his genius as an artist in ... by Dali in which a fully grown naked man is struggling to break out of an egg







Additional SIGNALS from NATURE:

The Metamorphosis - Wikipedia, The Metamorphosis (German: Die Verwandlung) is a novella by Franz Kafka, ... Gregor Samsa wakes up to find that he has been transformed into a giant insect. ...




Human Metabolism, Energy, Nutrients | Learn Science at Scitable

by AT Da Poian - 2010 - Cited by 1 - Related articles
Living organisms require a constant flux of  (SYMBOL/ math and science INTELECTUAL  energy)    energy to maintain order in a universe that tends toward maximum disorder. Humans extract this energy from three ...




The Metamorphosis (German: Die Verwandlung) is a novella by Franz Kafka, first published in 1915. It is often cited as one of the seminal works of short fiction of the 20th century and is widely studied in colleges and universities across the western world. The story begins with a traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa, waking to find himself transformed into a monstrous insect. Elias Canetti described it as 'One of the few great and perfect works of poetic imagination written during this century'.

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka ... His family, however, cannot believe that the bug is Gregor and shoves him back ...



Now, in year 2011 we understand the message in the context of the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer ...and the brain COBOL computer language programming BUG.....a symbolic brain problem for billions of humans. Specifically, every human computer programmer knows
the brain bio-computer CODE: the BUG is Gregor --> Gregor = General registers O orders.

Corporations and universities refuse to FIX this Base 16 HEX BUG...hence, the Virginia TECH April 16 cortex computer ....COBOL ENGLISH computer language shooting.


IBM -  brain bio-computer COBOL Quality Check Tool ( COBQC )

May 15, 2012 – The tool works for COBOL Application Programs just like JEM works for JCL. ... Like JEM utility saves lot of time for programmers working on JCLs ...
The batch version of tool identifies and list all typical bugs of  brain COBOL ... ___>

Character Analysis of Gregor in “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka

Dec 7, 2011 – In Franz Kafka's “The Metamorphosis”, the  data processing  transformation of the character Gregor


Registers - IBM

The expressions used to specify registers must have absolute values; in general, registers 0 through 15 can be specified for machine instructions. However, the ...




Thus we see Nature's message about the ERRORS in the evolution of brain nonsense languages..and the social engineering MUTATION problems created.

We see Nature's audit trail of these intellctual errors...
some of the signals are from year 1843 with Charles Dickens:
- Ebenezer Scrooge ...human bug --> HUM HUM HUM talk nonsense BUG
- Today......the cellular telephone HUM HUM ....HUM.an talk nonsense
Thus Mother Nature's SIGNALS:

--> year 1843 CD = Charles Dickens code Human BUG(Hum.BUG)
and year 1843 CD = Charles Darwin parallel evolution research
--> year 1915 Franz Kafka the Metamorposis and the parallel
--> year 1931 Salvador Dali Time insects

--> year 1943 Salvador Dali --> Drosphhilia human EGG

-Scholarly articles for drosophila metamorphosis ecdysone signaling
-cascade and regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis - Baehrecke Flies on steroids-
-roles for ecdysone signaling during Drosophila mid- … - Kozlova Search Results Ecdysone signaling cascade and regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis.by EH Baehrecke - 1996
- Ecdysone signaling cascade and regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis. Baehrecke EH. Center for Agricultural Biotechnology, University of Maryland ..

--> year 1963 Kennedy/OSwald --> Dr.OS/JCL brain computer science agent OSWALD

--> year 1995 Base 16 HEX/curse of Hex'Fe' = 254 Federal Building ... brain computer science manipulation errors in CAD = human CAD.avers.
The Base 16 (8 data bits = 1 byte) -->
gives Oklahoma 16 8 dead at the computer brain WAR.

Base 16 8 data bit CAD.aver location of FEDERAL cortex computer ...intellectual
HEX/curse errors of data processing arrogance...and the approval of
their CITIZEN attack upon COMPUTER EARTH system 370.





Parallel processing SIGNAL from Nature ......the SCIENCE WAR

--> year 1943 Salvador Dali --> Drosphhilia human EGG
--> year 1995 Oklahoma City tragedy SIGNAL to biology

Developmental Biology Online:
Fertilization in Drosophila can only occur in the region of the oocyte that will become the anterior of the embryo.
-->Fertilization of Drosophila occur in region of oocyte
-->Fertilzer........TIME Flies....Earth region of ooc

OOC is Oklahoma, Oklahoma City ..oocyte HUMAN war zone


The living EARTH cell ... super-symmetry geo-physics  geography  parallel


OOC   is    Oklahoma, Oklahoma City .......oocyte HUMAN war zone

Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City, OK







Universities ought pay more attention to tragic EVENTS that their CARL JUNG collective unconsciouness can help avoid. Instead they think of pizza, beer, and their creative writing classes with Hollywood style explanations of REALITY.


CITIZENS ought pay attention to the living constitution, the living WORD (symbol  life) and the process of responsible thought. The explanations for many tragic events are incomplete.....an unacceptable STANDARD given the level of available knowledge in year 2011 college math and science textbooks...and the SCIENCE WAR zone thru-out the world.







As William Shakespear stated in around year 1600
" The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors".

Thus we have evolution from the COMPUTER EARTH.....
TIME Machine (a Base 16 symbolic machine started in Year 16 00) in England.

Thus we have the COMPUTER EARTH ..
computer address of the TIME dimension (Base 16 Time) and later the
definition of the computer address of SPACE ....
starting with the address space of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in North America.

Of course, universities deny these existences ...in their ELITE...superior...State of MIND ..as they try to fool Nature's intellect. Thus the denial of the base 16 SCIENCE WAR casualties of April 16 at the Virginia TECH language battle.....with the official incomplete reports of the tragedy.

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