Atomic and molecular expressions become visible VIA external information display devices named - humanoids

The European atomic anthropology WAR

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Information WAR site maps for access to several hundred  POSTS that help explain the Unified Theory of Everything (UTOE) .... which includes you, your friends, the region that you live within,  etc.   The Grand Unified Theory (GUT)  500 year project of Nature's systems from year 1453 / year 1500 makes this possible.



Standard Model Physics-Intellectual War - Cause and effect

Elementary Particle Physics Battle report - EUROPE

Super-symmetry physics  /  parallel processing events in astrophysics galactic LOCAL test REGION: EARTH LAB with atomic brain expressions. Messages for the few that care to think and understand atomic parallel social science message FORMATS.




DESY - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Particle physics research to explore the fundamental characteristics of matter and ... It is closely involved in major international projects such as the European ...

The site is bounded by the ring of the PETRA particle accelerator and part of the ...

The PETRA III ring accelerator encompasses the DESY premises.


Facts and figures
  • Ring accelerator for electrons and positrons
  • Length: 2304 metres
  • Commissioning: 1978
  • 1978-1986: particle physics
  • 1987-2007: pre-accelerator for HERA and X-ray radiation source
  • Since 2009: most brilliant storage-ring-based X-ray source in the world
  • Start of user operation: 2009
  • 14 experimental stations with up to 30 instruments







CAUSE/Origin of Supposed Theoretical Error --> PETRA (Positron Electron Tandem Ring Accelerator) at DESY, Hamburg, Europe. At the EUROPEAN site --> electron-positron collisions in which hadrons emerge in the final state are an important class of reaction studied in the MARGARET MEAD nuclear family...atomic social anthropology class. The physics anthropology errors ( CAUSE ) --> EFFECT.

EFFECT(Einstein's theory of special relatives and special effects in the Theater of Intellectual WAR --> atomic human brain proton,neutron,electron social expressions).
The special effect of DESY PETRA -->DP = General D.PETRA (U.S.ARMY IRAQ)



Nature's  super-symmetry atomic bio-physics  PETRA particle 

Particle physics research to explore the fundamental characteristics of matter

Particle physics research to explore the fundamental characteristics of matter

Particle physics research to explore the fundamental   characteristics of matter 

David Petraeus
Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
David Howell Petraeus AO is a retired American military officer and public official.
He served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from September 6, 2011

Thus parallel General D. Petraeus of the Margaret Mead   atomic   nuclear  family  MILITARY    is fighting the modern atomic brain anthropology WAR in the geographic region of the ancient BABYLON civilization.


Babylon Gates super-symmetry   & Robert (Logic)    Gates
Robert Gates, official DoD photo portrait, 2006.jpg
22nd United States Secretary of Defense
In office
December 18, 2006 – July 1, 2011

The PLATO and TASSO detection of electron-positron annihilation events in Hamburg, Europe provide the empirical data foundation for analysis of the parallel MARGARET MEAD anthropology war of the particle physics nuclear family. This is observable with GENERAL PETRA representatives which are U.S.ARMY soldiers fighting the mathematical physics war --> the Baghdad, Iraq war colliders (electron-positron social force collisions).



The positron -annihilation event in physics maps to
the positron-annihilation event parallel in the
Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family conflict zone --> U.S.ARMY in IRAQ --> the CRADLE of CIVILIZATION and symbolic THOUGHT.



Is Supersymmetry Dead?: Scientific American

Apr 25, 2012 – The grand scheme, a stepping-stone to string theory, is still high on physicists' wish lists. But if no solid evidence surfaces soon, it could begin ...

Supersymmetry Dead?

  a stepping-stone  

- a stepping-stone

The Supersymmetry Dead

But if no solid evidence surfaces soon,

But if no solid evidence surfaces soon,

But if  no solid evidence surfaces soon  ....


Node (networking) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In data communication, a physical network node may either be a data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) such as a modem, hub, bridge or switch; or a data ...


secret   Scientific American  

The Supersymmetry Dead





Physicists Debate Future of Supersymmetry | Simons Foundation
Nov 20, 2012 – As the elegant theory of supersymmetry continues to fail experimental tests, ...
particles, some physicists are saying

the theory is dead

Where Supersymmetry Belongs: In a Coffin | RealClearScience
May 16, 2013 –

Where Supersymmetry Belongs:

In a Coffin.

Where are the intellectual warriors needed for the Alan Dokal / New York Times /  Duke University.... . SCIENCE WARS.

Science Wars: What Scientists Know and How They Know It

Revisiting the Science Wars | Psychology Today

Science Wars: Andrew Ross: 9780822318712:

On the Social Science Wars | Jennifer L. Hochschild

Thomas Kuhn and the Science Wars by Ziauddin Sardar - Reviews ...

Science Wars

US reports 3 killed soldiers in Iraq
Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:5AM


Three American soldiers have been killed in southern Iraq.


The US military says three American soldiers have been killed in southern Iraq as June marks the deadliest month in combat related fatalities for US forces in Iraq since 2009. 

The NORTH POLE Magnetic Data Field WAR

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The North Pole magnetic data field is most easily understood within the context of COMPUTER EARTH.

The COMPUTER EARTH government is known as Uncle SAM = Sequential Access Method that is used by the geology computer device UNIT = NORTH POLE Magnetic Tape (the NIXON tape computer science experiment). The magnetic field lines/ tape interact with the iron HEMOGLOBIN proteins in geology students and geology professors cortex computer. This provides COMPUTER EARTH data processing system with a hybrid cybernetic construct --> similar to Star Trek, Captain Picard and the BORG.



Theory and empirical data suggests that university students and professors are BORG like. The main components are:

1) Data processing device UNIT = TAPE of North Pole Magnetic field flow lines. This geological/physics structure of MOTHER NATURE needs a READ/ WRITE HEAD to perform I/O = Input/ Output of magnetic data fields. Thus




2) The interaction of the EARTH magnetic field with the ferrous oxide atoms of the brain/cortex HEME GROUP FE(II) ion would be the interaction mechanism. To optimize such interaction Charles Darwin natural selection would select geography/ geology/ physics PROFESSORS at the University of I/O Work Area ==> known to computer programmers as the University of Input/ Output Work Area = which is the biology brain experiment test = University of I O W A.





3) Thus the geography combination of the NORTH POLE magnetic Field and the willing experimental brain research subjects in IOWA leads to a complete picture. The device UNIT = NORTH POLE magnetic field lines (TAPE) uses the biological READ/ WRITE TAPE HEAD of an educated graduate student. These BRAVE student specimens complete the BRAVE NEW WORLD experiment.






Do you read a complex book at 2000 words per minute? This suggests that your magnetic field interaction is operating at the EARTH computer speed/format with data blocksize 2000 words per minute.
YOUR brain  bio-computer device details are secret.
Do you know how your bio-computer   data processing system works?




Do you use FORTRAN computer language for social engineering? Then you probably use NORTH POLE magnetic data field floating-point numbers (scientific notation).

Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic life formats such as Fe = Females atomic humanoid suspected of having manipulated the magnetic field of the EARTH government resulting in many ferrous oxide anthropology conflicts on EARTH LAB. The two atomic species of humans are the following:
-the left handed ferrous oxide atomic labeled specimens
....................................known as Fe = Fe + male = Female/women

-the right-sided ferrous oxide structure --> Mr. male + Fe

What kind of humanoid BORG have you become? Learn how to avoid the BORG feature from dominating your symbolic brain and your atomic social psychology thoughts.

The evolution of atoms into a humanoid structure: The ODD couple experiment

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The theory on the evolution of the periodic atomic table of elements now includes the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family.


Thus the social, political expressions of brain electron circuits, proton English prose, and neutron atomic radio transmissions via brain radio neurotransmitters.
Charles Darwin evolution of symbolic brain cells in the last 100 years; gives a variety of symbolic species of expression.The concept of physical evolution was appropriate in describing millions of years of physical changes; the last 100 years, the last 50 years is a new age of evolution --> different brain awareness species such as:

music species;
math/ physics species;
food/ cooking species;
dance species;
Z=impedance of brain electron circuit nonsense
automobile engineering species;
botany species;
advertising/marketing species

Now each species is a specialist; and probably very good at their area of knowledge, practice, etc. Each species asssumes that the other species covered all bases/ caught all the errors and prevented them. The problem occurs when several different species interact and create a new,hybrid subconscious species --> and no one pays attention to these symbolic mutations. They exist; but is takes many years to become aware of their existence and their social significance.

The latest is the evolution of parity violations in the Margaret Mead nuclear social anthropology area. The periodic atomic table has intellectual agents or biological structures acting as its representatives. The periodic atomic table government is separate from the government in Washington, D.C. --> although at a practical level they do interact/overlap. Dr. Robley D. Evans 1955 book " The ATOMIC NUCLEUS"; Leon Lederman's book "The God Particle", and other books give the clues to this atomic government and the atomic brain representatives.



For example, Dr. Evans book page 156 gives --> a single-particle MODEL for ODD-A nucleus.
Who could be such an atomic brain MODEL?
That would be an ODD idea.
Who could be ODD.A. --> the Margaret Mead ODD.mAn?
Does he STAND on 2-legs?
Does STAND.ARD MODEL physics have a biological format?
Does his central nervous system 370 use the TIME STANDARD MODEL --> CENTRAL STANDARD TIME zone?.

Page 158 Magnetic dipole (diplomatic) Moments (of thought) with Figure 4.3 and the odd-proton and the odd-neutron. Lets maximize the Fermi-Dirac probability of finding an intelligent brain with a SYMBOLIC LABEL of ODD-proton. Where could one go for Fermi-Dirac life formats? The 1960 television show "I've got a secret" suggests a message exists from atomic director(MOTHER NATURE) to FermiLAB director. And the television show "The ODD couple" provides clues to Batavia bio-physics experimental life.



The Odd Couple (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Odd Couple is a television situation comedy broadcast from September 24, 1970 to March 7, 1975 on ABC. It stars Tony Randall as Felix Unger and Jack ...




The Odd Couple (atomic orbital   series)






The Odd Coupling to bio-physics


the bio-physics electron configuration from PERU 

The Odd Couple (linear algebra transformation T --> Vector space series)

Pier Oddone to retire as Fermilab director | symmetry magazine

Felix and Oscar are two divorced men (double-helix concept signal).
Felix is neat and tidy while
Oscar is sloppy and casual. They share a Manhattan  PROJECT apartment, and their different lifestyles inevitably lead to conflicts and laughs. 

Felix --> Fe --> Ferrous oxide IRON atom at EARTH LAB site Fe = FermilAB





The spokesperson hierarchy of the periodic atomic table is incomplete. Pier Oddone and Leon Lederman ought consider if an individual exists that is involved with the MISSING-LINK ZINJAN skull project with ZINO particle physics.

Page 160 --> Base 16 O = oxygen atomic base 16 system 370 LUNG/Brain data processing laws needs its hexadecimal life form from Hexadecimal Highway 16 Wisconsin. Malcolm H. MacGregor writes about the physics mystery number 137. This is the one = 1 STANDARD MODEL atomic computer system 370 with master console interface brain agent ZIN O = oxygen breathing atomic base 16.

Summarizing the 1955 DR.EVANS curiosties of the universe puzzle:
odd-z,even-N ... even-z,odd-n .... one odd nucleon.
one odd --> gives ODDONE agent
nucleon --> gives Leon Lederman
The book "The God Particle" combined with Chicago North side Polish newspaers sold at the organic chemistry hydrocarbon electron SHELL social science message processing location by Milwaukee Avenue/ Belmont --> gives the Polish noun GODZIN and the Leon Lederman update " The GODZIN Particle". What does it all mean? Perhaps Leon Lederman's leadership will help us understand Margaret Mead atomic brain evolution and particle physics political science.

Thus we have the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family...atomic brain STANDARD MODEL Hierarchy problem of the periodic atomic table government ...whose existence is denied by most human scientists.
Atoms are the origin of thoughts: but the existence of atomic political science is denied by biased hypnotized intellectuals ....a problem predicted by Aldous Huxley,George Orwell, and others.

Zino Particle Physics continuum

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ZINO particle physics symbolizes the advanced end of the intellectual continuum. The ZINJAN archeology skull project represents the beginning. A Margaret Mead nuclear family applications string from string theory physics connects the 2 ends of the continuum; a million years of the anthropology nuclear family of proton,neutron, and electron evolution –> and their atomic expression via biological brain formats with the development of awareness, social awareness, and self-awareness.




ZINJAN – the Zinjanthropus Skull Project was started a million years ago and is an on-going brain/cortex awareness development project of MOTHER NATURE –> the Margaret Mead social anthropology NUCLEAR FAMILY intellectual component of the periodic atomic table.
The Manahttan project of 1943 had 2 sides to it:

1.The uranium 238 particle physics atomic research
2.The biological nuclear family side with advanced proton English prose and electron brain political science circuits


The failure to properly recognize the existence of the Margaret Mead nuclear project of MOTHER NATURE is a serious atomic diplomatic brain ERROR. This resulted in the MANHATTAN project BATTLE –> the event of SEPT 11,2001. The periodic atomic table via atomic brain programmed agents . . . sent the Manhattan Project ERROR signal to the world of science . . . .via overt, well broadcast television SIGNALS.

The Manhattan Project of 1943 had a secret predecessor project ..code named the S-1 project.
The INTERNET mentions the Margaret Mead nuclear anthroplogy meeting of the 23 atomic chromosomes (in humanoid format) on May 23 (chromosome day), 1942 ...the S-1 Executive Committee ...etc.

Thus some component of the 1942/ 1943 Manhattan Project(secret S-1 project) was not completed.......resulting in a Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology ERROR.

Thus the simple CAUSE and EFFECT relationship with the
the consequence signal. The 1942/1943 Manhattan S-1 project becomes
year 2001 project S-1 --> September 1 + TEN.sor space --> September 11 .....TEN.sore space/time problems on EARTH LAB with humanoid social engineering errors.


Let's review the database.

Manhattan Project Chronology | The Manhattan Project: Making the ...

The Manhattan Project: Making the Atomic Bomb. ...  
May  23,  1942:  The S-1 Executive Committee

recommends that the project move to the pilot plant stage and ...

Nature's  Executive Committee



Manhattan Project Chronology |
The Manhattan Project  ERROR:    Making  SEPT  11.2001   ...

The Manhattan Project: Making   Atomic BS = Bull-stories . ... May 23,2001:    The Nature's  Sept 11 Executive Committee
recommends that the project move to the

pilot  stage
and ...

The 9/11 Hijackers: Amateur Aviators Who Became Super-Pilots on ...
Jul 12, 2011 – Numerous experts commented that the hijackers who flew the aircraft in the 9/11 attacks must have been highly trained and skillful pilots.


Why do chromosomes come in homologous chromosome pairs › Wiki AnswersCategoriesScience
We have 23   chromosome pairs in total we get one chromosome from the mother (EARTH)  and one from the  father(Land).

 pairs  battle field  display




As William Shakespeare stated around year 1600...

..........................."The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".
In year 2001 we have :
"The WORLD TRADE Center ..... Center  stage .... pilot Stage....and we are the processing layers".




Thus the human actors of the modern play..TRAGEDY.....and newspapers and insurance investigators give us a surface veneer explanation of the event. Their surface facts are accurate;
but do not begin to explain the YEAR 1600 English language theater
and its modern TRADGEDY message to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and
the eye/optical nerve/brain symbolic city .....composed of nouns/verbs......and the
photon WHITE HOUSE --> the white electromagnetic spectrum used with black ink characters...the symbolic life of the modern brain information system.....that makes decisions about social engineering policy,family plannining, social economics, etc. Know thyself ....Maxwell equations and Hertzian waves of bio-physics EM=EMBASSY electromagnetic diplomatic humanoids.

Zino Particle Physics - DuBNA and DuPAGE county - Earth Land and Landau physics experiments

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ZINO - ZINO particle physics is the advanced end of the intellectual continuum.

The ZINJAN archelogogy skull project represents the beginning.



A Margaret MEAD applications string from string theory physics connects the 2 ends of the continuum; a million years of the anthropology nuclear family of proton, neutron, and electron evolution --> and their atomic expression via biological brain formats with the development of awareness, social awareness, and self-awareness. Thus

ZINJAN ---> string continuum; millions of years ---> ZINO

High Energy Physics when considering the Margaret Mead component becomes personally interesting to some individuals; since they have a specific atomic anthropology mission with outstanding, unanswered messages waiting.



The SUPER HIGH Z Boson project has 2 components:
- the uranium 238 solid state physics engineering category
- the 2-legged walking biological Margaret Mead atomic social engineering category with theology, philosophy,etc.



Thus we can read on the INTERNET computer such articles as the
"(SUPER) rare decays of an extra "Z" boson via Higgs boson emission (MISSION) Bogolyubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at DuBNA.



Dubna (Russian: Дубна́; IPA: [dʊbˈna]) is a town in Moscow Oblast, Russia. It has a status of naukograd (i.e. town of science), being home to the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, an international nuclear physics research center and one of the largest scientific foundations in the country. It is also home to MKB Raduga, a defense aerospace company specializing in design and production of missile systems. The modern town was developed in the middle of the 20th century and town status was granted to it in 1956

About Dubna - JINR
Director of JINR is the Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Russian ... Many first-class achievements belong to Dubna physicists.
Dubna (English)
Дубна (Russian)
-  Town[1]  - of scientiests.jpg
Headquarters of JINR in Dubna


Explanation needed for Project Plan Z WEB-SITE terminology DuDNA.
The Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family terminology can somtimes use the computer double word (double-helix equivalent) 64 = 32 + 32.
DuBNA symbolic evolution suggests DuBNA = Double Base DNA --> giving DuDNA.
Thus DuBNA has an alternate ego DuDNA.
The WEB-SITE used DuDNA to reflect this Margaret Mead nuclear family language evolution; like the "The TALE of TWO CITIES".




The "Tale of Two" physics areas.

DuDNA --> Du = Double DNA --> MOTHER NATURE experiments near Du = DuPAGE county--> Chicago mathematical physics region. Specifically, Du = Double = FermiLAB at Batavia Illinois and the universities in the Midwest region.




The DuPage County geography region near FermiLAB and Argonne.


DuPage County
US County in Illinois
DuPage County is a county located in the U.S. state of Illinois. Its county seat is the city of Wheaton. This county is part of the Chicago metropolitan area

Thus DuDNA suggests a parallel/ double helix DNA style of Margaret Mead nuclear brain cell social science expression. Thus the MISSING LINK of ZIN.JAN anthropology may involve the relationship of the JOINT INSTITUTE FOR NUCLEAR (family) Research at DuDNA with the DuPAGE intellectual symbolic relatives at FermiLAB and Argonne and the Chicago universities.




From the Galileo COMPUTER EARTH model; this is possible.
If the FermiLAB atomic computer system 370 perceives DuPAGE county as a COMPUTER EARTH computer PAGE (duPAGE = duplicate PAGE / backup PAGE) . . . we have empirical data to build the theoretical model of COMPUTER EARTH and its link to the biological cortex computer math/physics brains

(PC= biology Person Computer versus
  PC= copper Personnal Computer)


that do brain data calculations at the various computer address earth geography address locations. Thus physics theorists ought consider the new role of their brain proton,neutron, and electron awareness circuits in the BRAVE NEW WORLD with Aldous Huxley. The physics factor 137 is a reference to primary one = 1 = atomic computer system 370. Physics, math, and other professors ought upgrade their cortex computer and fix their Y2k biological clock error of omission --> to bring their brain atomic system 370 into alignment with the STANDARD MODEL central nervous system 370.


In addition, the atomic DNA algebra equation is an important message to physics researchers.
Equation ==> (DuDNA + DuPAGE) implies the DNA distributive law of algebraic life. This implies
DuDNA + DuPAGE ==> Du(DNA + PAGE) giving insight to DNA computer paging facilties. Thus we have 2 levels of empirical existence suggested:
1) The DNA paging
2) the COMPUTER EARTH paging in the FermiLAB geography region



In original terms, the equation ==>
(DuBNA + DuPAGE) implies the distributive law of atomic algebraic life. This implies
DuBNA + DuPAGE ==> Du(BNA + PAGE) giving insight to COMPUTER EARTH and atomic computer paging facilties. Thus we have 2 levels of empirical existence suggested:
1) The computer PAGE of the geography surface area of DuPAGE county near FermiLAB.
2) the COMPUTER EARTH paging in the FermiLAB geography region

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