EARTH LAB parallel processing region - SCIENCE WARS

The Virginia TECH physics supersymmetric WAR casualties of April 16 --> Gauge Couplings with the atomic English Lan.Guage permutation

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Information WAR site maps for access to several hundred  POSTS that help explain the Unified Theory of Everything (UTOE) .... which includes you, your friends, the region that you live within,  etc.   The Grand Unified Theory (GUT)  500 year project of Nature's systems from year 1453 / year 1500 makes this possible.




The book Supersymmetry: Theory, Experiment, and Cosmology by Pierre Binetruy has as Appendix E: Renormalization group equations....concepts familiar to the East Coast universities, many corporations, and Washintgton,D.C. decision makers.

These theories and their data are available in many books and research papers. They are a milestone in understanding the structure of existence; but Nature continues to advance ....and its intellectual messages continue to provide us with clues ..clues needed to understand the atomic/astrophysics continuum and its evolution.

The Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family......atomic social antropology conflict .... is best explained by example.

Using the parallel processing we can view the Virginia Tech tragic event as their violations of the atomic SOCIAL CONTRACT....of the periodic atomic table government and its various expressions ..... and Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE (nouns, verbs, math equations, flowcharts, etc)   and  its  relationship to the creation of physical signaling  events .....TRAGIC signals..



Virginia Tech atomic mass  massacre

The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. Seung-Hui Cho, a senior at Virginia Tech, shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others in two separate attacks, approximately two hours apart


The parallel processing/ super-symmetric EVENT is outlined -->

--> Page 485 Appendix E (atomic E = English)
We see here a set of renormalization group equations which are scattered in the book. The notations..... In the case of Yukawa couplings, soft scalar masses, and A-terms, we give the third family couplings. To obtain the corresponding formulas for the other two families,one ...

Thus we see that from NATURE's point of view...the Virginia Tech student body represented a family...of some atomic a Margaret Mead atomic nuclear FAMILY ...atomic political science messenger (in human format).

--> Page 485
E.1 Gauge couplings (various lan.guage/lan.gauge LINKS..couplings)
In the supersymmetric case
..... 16 ...equation --> April 16 atomic social messages



Janet Reno,  Renormalization  social laws and justice ERRORS




-->Page 485
E.2 u parameter (applied physics --> the university parameter)
We note that the u parameter does not appear in the EVOLUTION EQUATIONS of the other......




-->Page 486
E.3 Anomalous dimensions
As on loop, we have the following anomalous dimensions......

various equations with 16 .....thus a suggested link to April 16 shooting


This also suggests that 2 different versions of orbital physics exists:
....the electron....Or--> Orbital version atomic variation--> Oriental version

This may also suggest that the electron have 2 lives...2 identities...
........... the data processing BIT version for calculation
........... the Orientation...angle/vector/direction ..Oriental

Thus the University of Chicago with the Oriental Institute must have a secret atomic HUMAN language that they are mis-representing. But they ain't talking.





-->Page 486
E.4 Yukawa couplings
For the third generation, we have, in the case of R-parity conservation...


.....16 ...used in equations

Thus suggesting Base 16 hexadecimal atomic data processor ...for Nature.




This probably would be modeled after Computer Earth system 370 main frame....with clues about the physics coupling number 1/137 and then the California license plate (3)70 MeV of some car that used to hang around the Lawrence Livermore Labs parking-lot.....the automobile is SWIFT and TRAVELS....hence, known in the atomic bio-physics world as the modern day: Jonathan Swift and Gull.Liver's Travels.


Thus the physics of supersymmetry...involving the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family...modern atomic anthropology with the atomic species named: 2-legged humans with an atomic English language....

Thus we have physics version of "The Tale of 2 Cities" with....or an atomic double-helix nature....or a binary nature(2 sides )

1) electron orbital
2) atomic or...tal --> orientation

1) Gauge couplings + Lan (Landau physics explanations)
2) Guage in word: Lan.guage

or restated
1) Landau + Gauge couplings --> Lan.gauge
...Lan.da.u --> Local area network data universe
2) Lan + gauge permuation = Lan.guage





Page 488
E.8 Dimensional reduction ....(of the number of atomic humans at Virginia TECH   via  bullet shell degrees)
...the number of on-shell degrees of freedom of a gauge field (D-2) does not match the one of a gaugino Majora field.


Thus we have Virginia TECH atomic English langauge ...physics experiment with MR.Cho as a atomic anthropology WAR messenger -->
(bullet) shell-degrees of freedom of a gauge/ guage field (English   langauge   language      field)....

Thus we have few clues to the Virginia Tech shooting........that the university, newspapers, and government official have neglected to mention...... because they consider individuals in math/physics as incapable of undertanding social engineering RACKETS that back-fire into tragedies. Thus ....

page 488
In the MS scheme (schemes --> social rackets/economic plots and other nonsense).

British Astronomy and the cannibal galaxy attack on PRIME MINISTER Margaret Thatcher - the Astronomy War on Battlefield EARTH

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Great Britian is the SOLAR SYSTEM government....Local Region(Planet Earth) agent.

Thus British science, math, astronomy, and astrophysics are to properly and fairly represent SOLAR SYSTEM government policy on EARTH LAB. However, the British have adapted an arrogant, elite attitude and so do not communicate properly to others that are aware of the structure of Sartre existential dimensions. George Orwell warned the British about their biased propaganda news reports; that are incomplete explanations of REAL situations.

Some of these dimensions were outlined around year 1950 by the French philosopher...who wrote indirect language style....about
Base 16 Hex'F' =15 data re =record....known as
the Computer Earth base 16 HEX'F' --> French
-->  F + re + nc + h = 15  (data)  record  numerical control hex .

Thus we have the Base 16 Hexadecimal picture of Europe CODE:



--> The Schrodinger physics CAT has 9 lives (with base 10 = Ten= Tensor space/time life).

--> base 16 countries are:

HEX'A' = 10 = Austria
Hex'A' = 10 = Anglo-Saxon country Great Britian

HEX'B' = 11 = Britsh ISLANDS eu.ROPE string theory
HEX'B' = 11 = Belgium of main eu.ROPE string theory

Hex'C' = 12 = Czechoslovikia
Hex'C' = 12 = Copenhagen Niels Bohr Institute
Hex'C' = 12 = Cope..atomic brain COMA

HEX'D' = 13 = Denmark

Hex'E' = 14 = England

Hex'F' = 15 = France

HEX'G' = Base 16 --> G = Universal gravitational constant HOST processor for subset comatose humans that walk on the surface of EARTH LAB.

Thus G = Gravity is one of many component expressions of GOD   ...and
physics books like 'The GOD Particle', 'Facts and Mysteries of Elementary Particle Physics', and other books
explain that the       GOD North  America     equation is:

G + O + D NA ==> (base 16 =) G + Oxygen atomic computer + DNA --> Design Destiny Decision socvial experiments in North America ....thus position 3 of the Word GOD and his physical and symbolic expressions ...all denied by OX=Oxygen breathing entites that study at Ox = Oxygen LUNG university --> Oxford, England with bio-computer LU = Logical Unit --> LUNG.

Europe has already lost the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 SCIENCE WARS..they have denied the existence of substantial area of the REALITY of EARTH LAB. British have failed to communicate violation of the Galileo Base 16 military treaties of year 1616 ...and binding upon all intellectuals. The 400 year astronomy war started around year 1610...and in year 1616 ...was titled: Galileo the DEFENDER (of EARTH from the attacks).

Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1979 thru 1990.

In 1982 the Base 16 HEX'FA" = 250 Islands Computer Earth WAR

In 1985 Davis H.Clark wrote the book " The Quest for SS433". On page 194 and 195 he mentions his concern about the astronomy WAR for control of EARTH.....
as the object known as the cannibal galaxy was recognized ( eat brain memeory to cause Alzheimer's )




Warning Sentence to British citizens in the Base 16 WAR ZONE (see Galileo the DEFENDER of Earth) is on page 194 below Figure 9.6.

--> "Galactic cannibalism is the favored origin of the material consumed by the central powerhouse of the active galaxies....."

Thus as the cannibal galaxy from 1985 permeates the SOLAR SYSTEM and its planets....
eventually it reached and enveloped PLANET EARTH.....
we see the increase in Alzheimer's and other disease like...breast the force fields/nasty attributes/catastrophe characteristics attack people

...people that need a symbol defense... in their central nervous system 370 abstract brain symbolic computer.

The Royal Astronomical Society and their university friends will not discuss the project:

Galileo the DEFENDER (of Earth) from the cannibal galaxy attack.

--> "Galactic cannibalism is the favored origin of the material consumed by the central powerhouse of the active galaxies....."

Thus we see the WORD COMMANDS in action..using the algebra subset math/English symbols attack on a PRIME example of the war...Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. WHO is next? Your mother...your grandmother? British citizens don't care abvout such trival matters of daily life and problems.

Thus we partition the sentence for analysis:
-->--> "Galactic cannibalism is the favored origin
SUBSET: Gal (female) eating brain menory is the favored

--> of the material consumed by the CENTRAL
SUBSET......mate (parallel) consume CENTRAL Nervous system memory

--> powerhouse of the active galaxies....."
SUBSET: Powerhouse gal = active Prime Minister
...Power House = Political power..the Congress/House/Parliament

Thus the CANNIBAL galaxy also affect North America English language brain symbolic computers;
hence, the increase in the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology (atomic brain)
HEAD HUNTERS...brain computer subroutines that eat memory.

Brookhaven Labs is a pioneer in Alzheimer's atomic brain secrets with the experimental human sacrifice of Raymond Davis, JR the NObel prize winner. Lewis Carroll in year 1865..wrote about the human guinea-pigs....and consquently...generations later we have the Raymond Davis, JR test data ..supporting the EARTH LAB theories of social science experiments described in: Thru the Looking Glass and Alice in Wonderland.
If Brookhaven or other scientists communicated curosity about this problem , then I would give them a more positive score about their concern ...of the Margaret Mead atomic brain messages .... ...and the SCIENCE WARS. I suspect they have been (like myself for many years) hypnotized by the television/newspaper incomplete explanations of world events...a situation mentioned by many authors: George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Rudolf Carnap, etc.

Thus the Royal Astronomical Society may someday wish to "HELP" with understanding the details of the cannibal galaxy affects upon EARTH life and the cannibal galaxy effects on the Margaret Thatcher human brain computer. It is a complex situation......I have presented a simple outline of the problem.

Perhaps I don't understand the STANDARD MODEL bio-physics Hierarchy Problem of snobs. Are the royal brain cells of ROYAL Astronomers so elite...that they can't be bothered with the Prime Ministers brain cell war. British Astronomy in year 2011 has the same elitist attitude that the Church had towards Galileo in yaer 1632.

The Beattles music group sent a SIGNAL called "HELP" from the Liverpool....representing the Carl Jung collective unconsciouness of scientists at the University of Liverpool. The world has ignored that subtle signal...consequently we have ....since 1990 ... the SCIENCE WARS and casualties.

The Computer Earth system 370 war at Fort Hood, Texas --> Data Processing ERRORS kill 13 soldiers

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The data procesing war SIGNAL:

The Fort Hood shooting was a mass shooting that took place on November 5, 2009, at Fort Hood, the most populous U.S. military installation in the world, located just outside Killeen, Texas. In the course of the shooting, a single gunman killed 13 people and wounded 29 others.





--> Search Results The United States Army
13th Sustainment Command Expeditionary 13th ESC CG hosts back to basics forum with unit leaders ... AUSTIN, Texas –The 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) hosted more than 80 Army logistics ...

--> 13th ESC Takes Charge - Army Aug 11, 2009 ... JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq - The 13th Sustainment Command ...

--> full story - The United States Army | 13th ESC
LSOC-West is coordinated by 13th ESC at Fort Hood, Texas, and LSOC-East is ... “ What I'm hoping that LSOC will become in terms of a power of one is that the ...




Keyword concepts of the SIGNALS:
13th ESC




Translation of Computer Earth WAR signals:

--> 13th ESC
Esc key - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A computer keyboard. The Esc key is in the top-left corner. On computer keyboards, the Esc key is a key labeled Esc or Escape that is used to generate the ...

System  data-entry keyboard
The data-entry keyboard functions in either numeric shift (upper) or alphabetic shift (lower).


Data Processing Services in Fort Hood TX -  COMPUTER EARTH   Superpages WAR 

 single gunman killed 13 people and wounded 29 others.

 single gunman killed 13 people and wound 29 others and earth COPPER atom system message.

#29 - Copper - Cu - the School City of Hobart!

Name, Copper. Symbol, Cu. Atomic Number, 29. Atomic Mass, 63.546 atomic mass units. Number of Protons, 29. Number of Neutrons, 35. Number of Electrons ...


EARTH and the Telsa alternating current  AC system.



Nikola Tesla - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nikola Tesla's AC dynamo-electric machine (Electric generator) used to generate AC which is used to transport electricity across great distances. It is contained ...

Mother Earth News
Features and articles covering  NATURE"s intellect system ....  sustainable, self-reliant living

What is the copper wire wound thing on a motherboard anyways ... › ... › Hardware and TechnologyMotherboards

and wound 29 

and wound 29  ...
the FORT HOOD and DARPA  electricity CITY WARS 




Other BLOGS have explained the TOE = physics Theory Of Everything...
TOES = Time Order Entry System...using parallel processing example...the COMPUTER EARTH geography land/soil is like a computer keyboard....and your legs/toes apply pressure to the surface of the EARTH (similiar to fingers on a copper wire keyboard). Thus the Pentagon soldiers ...experimental parameters of the 13th ESC ....and 13 DEAD Soldiers..who could not Escape in time from the advanced language class Fort Hood Soldier READ Center.


--> Joint Base BALAD with Base 16 hexadecimal
....Joint Base BAL --> Base Registers BAL = Basick Assemblur Language




--> LSOC-West (human brain bio-computer version)

What is SoC? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer ...This page describes the term SoC and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information.

Short for system-on-chip, a chip that holds all of the necessary hardware and electronic circuitry for a complete system. SoC includes on-chip memory (RAM and ROM), the microprocessor, peripheral interfaces, I/O logic control, data converters, and other components that comprise a complete computer system. Applications include digital cameras, cellular phones, set-top boxes, PDAs, and uses in nanotechnology and medical technology.

Do you have chip on your shoulder?

Are you a chip off the old block?
--> LSOC-West (COMPUTER EARTH ..Pentagon ABEND codes)
LSOC --> Language system OC abend codes ...Soldier READ Center

IBM/370 Mainframe Compatibility
Before submitting your IBM/370 COBOL programs to this COBOL system, ... operations on nonnumeric data, it causes a program check (data exception or 0C7) . ...



Nature's Military ABEND CODES
Data exception, is caused when a computational-3 field has an invalid digit (not 0-9) ... CEE3207S
The system detected a data exception (System Completion Code= 0C7). ....
This is an LE370 COBOL abend. The true abend is hidden unless the

Thus the examples of Darwinian selection of DATA EXCEPTIONS:


Fort Hood ABEND exception biochemsitry Major HASAN

Virginia TECH ABEND exception atomic ENGLISH Major CHO

Cole HALL exception for electron circuit poles..Steven K.




S001-4 Abend
Input file record length is not equal to the length stated in the DD or the FD.
Wrong length record.
IO error, damaged tape, device malfunction.
With disk, reading a dataset that was allocated but never written to.
Writing to input file
Concatenation of files with different record lengths or record formats.

S001-5 Abend
Reading after the end of the file by non-COBOL program.
COBOL intercepts this and displays "QSAM error, status 92".
Out of space on output disk file.

Thus we have QSAM ==> Quiz for Uncle SAM

S002 Abend
With variable format files used for output.
The record is larger than the track size.
The record length is greater than allowed maximum 32,768.
The wrong record length is being used on output.
The 4-byte record length indicator is wrong.
Record greater than 32,768 bytes

S013-10 Abend
A dummy file with no blocksize.

S013-14 Abend
A library has run out of space in its directory.
You have to backup, delete, and restore the library with IEBCOPY.
A dataset is sequential, but the JCL indicates that it is a library/PDS.

Thus we have Columbine High School LIbrary

S013-18 Abend
A library member was specified in the JCL but was not found.

Fort HOOD Soldier READ Center....biochemistry TEXTBOOK not found

S013-20 Abend
The block size is not a multiple of record length.
Check record length in program, compare to actual record length of file

S013-34 Abend
The block size was found to be 0.
A new file is being created but block size was not in the JCL.

S013-40 Abend




and many more ABEND messages waiting for Washington,DC intellectuals

messages WAIT..Waiting and ignored since 1990
........KuWait/ IRAQ ..Computer Earth (sysmbolizes IRQ wait instruction)

The Baghdad, IRQ Computer Earth geography war region.....
messages to COMPUTER SCIENCE professionals are ignored


The IRAQ IRQ interrupt ......interrupt the American bedroom thinkers



.Interrupts (IRQs) - The PC Guide Interrupts (IRQs).
Interrupts are in some ways the most "famous" system resources, since almost everyone who's used a computer has heard of them--even if ...



Cached - Similar  Generic
USB troubleshooting
Jump to USB controller IRQ conflict

: ... refer to your computer instructions or contact your ... device to make its IRQ available for the USB port), ...
support/usb_..troubleshooting.asp - Cached - Similar

..............trouble shooting
Pentagon goes trouble shooting in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.....part of COMPUTER EARTH.

How Citizen nonsense and falsehoods were used to SET-UP the Pentagon  Fort HOOD analysts   of  newspaper false hoods..

BIO-COMPUTER tasks for Fort Hood  and their  university  and RD think tanks   

M68HC12 Interrupt Reading Assignment Interrupts (IRQ ... - Tao Li

M68HC12 Interrupt  (Soldier Read Center)   Reading Assignment Interrupts (IRQ ... - Tao Li

this holds the address of ISR to be executed if that IRQ occurs. Interrupt 101 ... Pending: IRQ that is waiting to be serviced ...

Finish   executing    current    instruction.

Executing --> single gunman  bio-computer JOB TASK was execution 13 people and wounded 29 others.

Mother Earth News - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Introduction to Supersymmetry - Hitoshi Murayama
Introduction to Supersymmetry. 20th century physics has seen two major paradigm shifts in the way we understand Mother Nature. One is quantum mechanics, .

Copper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
6.1 Wire and cable; 6.2 Electronics and related devices; 6.3 Electric motors; 6.4 Architecture ... between the filled 3d and half-empty 4s atomic shells – the energy difference .... [29] According to the International Resource Panel's Metal Stocks in Society .... Ancient Egyptians (~2400 BC)
used copper for sterilizing wounds
and ...

atomic shells 
atomic shells 
atomic shells  of copper get transformed into messenger metal bullet shells............

used copper for sterilizing wounds

Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE  used copper 29  for the...... message ....  sterilizing  wounded  29   process     

M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In theoretical physics, M-theory is an extension of string theory in which 11 dimensions of spacetime are identified as 7 higher-dimensions + the 4 common ...

M-1-Basic laws of electricity.ppt
You will have a thorough understanding of basic electricity and be better prepared for solid state control training ... The copper atom has 29 electrons thus 29 protons in it's nucleus.

M-1-Basic laws of electricity
You will have a thorough understanding  of   basic(k)  electricity  and

be better prepared for solid state (TEXAS) control training

... The copper atom has 29 electrons thus 29 protons in it's nucleus. .... Wire Wound Resistors- used in high current applications.

.... Wire Wound  29  
wound   wounded 29 Resistors at EARTH LAB ....Soldier Read Center 
- used in high current applications.

The modern EARTH electron armature  army  and the  ......

  THEORY of Everything


Original text of illustration:

Figure 249: Modern form of the Gramme ring armature.

  • The core consists of a number of thin flat rings of well-annealed charcoal iron, the outer diameter of each ring or disc being 11.5 inches and its inner diameter 9.25 inches. Sheets of thin paper insulate each disc from its neighbors to prevent the flow of eddy currents.
  • The armature is mounted on a steel shaft to which is keyed a four-armed metal "spider", the extremes of whose arms fit into notches cut in the inner edges of the soft iron core rings, so that a good mechanical connection is obtained between the core and the shaft. The spider is made of a non-magnetic metal, to reduce the tendency to leakage of lines of force across the interior of the armature.
  • The armature inductors consist of cotton-covered copper wire of No. 9 standard wire gauge,

Earth Mlitary  Standards for Enlistment, Appointment, or armature Induction
The information in  NATIURE"S atomic electron Army Regulation 40-501, is derived directly from ... for  atomic physics ....Physical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, or Induction in the Armed Forces   and the
Armature social engineering adustment forces

Public Domain source (Richard Hawkins  ..... Omaha  .... West Road Mall shooting   guide):


  • Hawkins Electrical Guide, Volume 1
  • Chapter 17: The Armature, Page 224.


Westroads Mall shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nineteen-year-old Robert A. Hawkins  and his ARM  ....killed nine people (including himself) and ... Omaha Police arrived at Westroads Mall about six minutes after receiving the ...

(Richard) Hawkins  update.....  modern  Electrical Guide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Hawkins Electrical Guide was a technical engineering book written by Nehemiah Hawkins, first published in 1914, intended to explain the highly complex ...
Thus we see pieces to a puzzle  about FORT HOOD  and  Grand Unified Theory (GUT) of  geo-physics , bio-physics, physics  AND     the social sciences, eduction and society  .

The Astrophysics ( EARTH LAB) Space/ Time war --> Time flies --> the Time insects war inside the human brain and the EARTH time dimension

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The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) is an interesting planet. Secret languages and obvious mysteries ....a symbolic circus that descibes many events...has attracted my attention. Why the obvious omissions? Why the incomplete explanations on many situations?

That is why books with titles: The Invisible MAN, The TIME Machine, etc.....are trying to say.....some indirect,hidden process exists.....that can become visibile with a lot of thought and research. Physics labs successfully use this process to study atoms and their attributes.





Lets look at something that affects our LIFE SPAN...our biological clock.
The English language has a phrase....familiar to many.....and its common usage is described as:

-->Phrase time flies (when you're having fun)
Fig. time passes very quickly. (From the Latin tempus fugit.) I didn't really think it was so late when the party ended. Doesn't time fly? Time simply flew while the old friends exchanged news.
See also: flies, time
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.




--> Time flies. also How time flies!
something that you say which means that time passes very quickly, often so quickly that you are surprised I can't believe your son is at university already. How time flies! I never seem to manage to finish my work. The time just flies.
See also: flies, time
Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, 2nd ed. Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2006. Reproduced with permission.




--> time flies (spoken)
a certain period has passed surprisingly quickly I can't believe your daughter is old enough to be in college already! How time flies!
Etymology: based on the saying time flies when you are having fun
See also: flies, time
Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2006. Reproduced with permission.





Okay, we understand the above....and how the words are used in daily activites.
The question we have.....since we live in a multi-facted dimension ..on EARTH LAB...are their additional understandings of the words: Time Flies

The Spanish artist Salvador Dali has the 1931 painting titled: The Persistence of Memory.
In the painting he has a watch...with fruit flies/insects/ants (considered equivalent types of art messenger bugs) crawling on the surface of the watch.


Below  we see the EARTH geography space/time configuration regions of South Arica and Africa .....geo-time ....TIME CONTINENTS with time insects of the Southern Hemisphere.







Thus we ponder. WHAT IF?
What if this has to be researched....what if his subliminal mind had some CLUE/ a hunch about the existence of TIME INSECTS...that would eat/damage the fabric of space/time on Earth. I believe he did...and some of the other BLOGS discuss other aspects of TIME, our biological clock, H.G.Wells , book 1984, etc.

Since their seems to be a CODE of SILENCE about this no one wants to help clarify the issue...suggests their thougths have been eaten by TIME INSECTS.....inside their brain.

Take Cambridge University and other schools that have astrophysics specialists ......

a complete lack of concern about the potentially serious problem of TIME Flies.






The TIME book



1984 + Base 16 hexadecimal computer years = Year 2OOO.

Thus we see how 16 HEX/curse years FLY by....and then the curse of VIRGINIA TECH time technology battle of April 16,2007 with the Mr. CHO time equation --> C + Ho = Clock Hour.

Thus George Orwell really wrote a TIME computer manual.....about Y2K biological clock brain computer isssue......a message ignored by the Pentagon and their computer scientists.






Thus we have the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer...with many cortex computer programs inside your skull.

Thus we have clues:

Time Flies --> Time insects
Time Flies --> Time computer program bugs

The book: Lord of Flies and an island (a university campus is like an island...thus possible symbolic warning of the book)



--> Ebenezer Scrooge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ....At the beginning of the novel, Scrooge is a cold-hearted, tight-fisted and ... Scrooge's catchphrase, "Bah, humbug!" is often used to express disgust with ...

In modern terms of the HUMAN brain symbolic computer with programming a new understanding of Hum.Bug.
The original story was an attempt by Nature to explain a brain design problem ..and consequently crime and war. In year 2011 with the vast amount of knowledge available at a college library.. we could explain Nature's probable message. Thus we have view of the deeper meanings of FORT HOOD with the:

--> modern Ebenezer Scrooge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ....At the beginning of the novel ....the Novel = Nov + el = November elements ...the FORT HOOD shooting novel --> the novel = the biochemsitry textbook WAR with the Darwinian military selection of biochemistry MAJOR Hasan and the brain biochemistry battle of "Bah, humbug!" is often used to express disgust with ........with Fort Hood Soldier READ Center failure to carry college textbooks in math, genetics, biochemistry, physics.



Doctor Who

The adventures of a Time Lord—a time travelling, humanoid alien known as the Doctor


Thus welcome to the TIME WAR....and DR.WHO and the math  TIME LORDS   Hawking and Thorne.

As Dr.WHO travels thru TIME in the symbol world of  concepts/ equations/ flowcharts/  ideas/ knowledge .......  and travels thru the Carl Jung collective unconsciousness levels  .....  or the Jame Joyce  optical information data streams of consciousness  .... that are part of our minds ... we can outline what is happening.


Notable work(s) Doctor Who (1970–1974)


Jon Pertwee
Third Doctor.jpg
Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor
Born John Devon Roland Pertwee
7 July 1919
Chelsea, London, England

DR.WHO televison/paperback books is a multi-faceted message.

1st is the obvious fiction of PHYSICAL travel with his TARDIS telephone booth etc. That may or may not exist ...yet. In the science of hard physics....concepts take time to evolve rockets were written about years before their physical existence in 1930's...and thereafter. the symbolic world of thoughts in the the optical nerve/brain, subliminal mind messages, body languages, etc.....the proper noun DR.WHO is very active.

3rd..WHO = WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION ..thus on Computer Earth system 370 and the parallel processing possiblities ....our DR.WHO ..the TIME LORD involved in the WORLD space/time dimensions...with SPACE/TIME HEALTH problems of Earth Lab....that need to be understood better.



 The math  TIME LORDS and the  earthly TIME Flies (insects) problem. 

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