The H.G.Wells modern "War of the Worlds" for control of cities. The status review of cities.

The city of Liverpool HELP signal ignored

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British government funds for science research have conveniently ignored a HELP message from NATURE via the molecular cell biology LIVER messengers from Liverpool: the Beattles music group.

Thus the NEXT chapter for the textbook:
Molecular and Cell Biology of the Liver edited by Albert V. LeBouton suggested in here.


Molecular & Cell Biology of the Liver: Albert V. LeBouton ...

Molecular & Cell Biology of the Liver [Albert V. LeBouton] on *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers. Molecular and Cell Biology of the ...



The LIVER routes its messages to the human arm/wrist/hand and writes English word books for the EYE/optical nerve (Gulliver's Travels book by Jonathan Swift year 1726)
the messages are for the mouth/vocal chords and EAR ...via Beattle songs from 1964 thru 1974.



Music  Transplantation Of The Liver   VIA  the Liverpool singing LIVER agents.



Thus the British have a serious problem with their symbolic brain computer design ....part of the human body data processing system.





Molecular & Cell Biology of the Liverpool,  gland  of   England  : Albert V. LeBouton ...

Molecular & Cell Biology of the Liverpool [Albert V. LeBouton] on *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers. Molecular and Cell Biology of the ...

INTERNAL Map of liver region ...... with the Rolling Stones music expressions of    their Liver Stones and  Liver Lobes . Their LIVER  music  is deLIVERED to the EAR LOBES of other humans  with listening , aware livers.

LIVER   MAP   in  EXTERNAL  display format.

City in England
Liverpool is a city and metropolitan borough of Merseyside, England, United Kingdom along the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary. It was founded as a borough in 1207 and was granted city status in 1880. 

The Beatles
The Beatles' second feature film, 1965's Help!, makes its worldwide Blu-ray and ... and classic Beatles songs "Help!," "You're Going To Lose That Girl," "You've Got ... bandmate and skilled photographer, Ringo portrays four  DNA nucleotide lads from Liverpool ...


Super-symmetry  bio-physics MIRROR with Landau geo-physics 

What company, what government will help understand the "HELP" the Liver song request ....of the city of LIVER data record symbolized by the physical geography city of LIVERPOOL, GLAND of   enGLAND with a LIVER population of about  435,000 walking and talking LIVER structures with Base 2 binary legs with the human TOE.

Thus TOE theory = Theory of Eveything physics includes the theory of British neglect and their communication problems. Of course, Lewis carroll, Herbert Spencer, Bertrand Russell, George Orwell, and Aldous Huxley were aware of British secret socities .....and published books about the situation. Perhaps the University of Liverpool and a few other British universities ought be closed until the audio "HELP" request is understood. Since they can't handle the problem; they ought assist those individuals that have a more serious approach about life and world affairs.





The 100 year old British symbolic brain ERROR.

CLUE from year 1910 ==>Principia Mathematica to *56
(*56 is the atomic weight of IRON (number   55.85 rounded to 56) ......hence important messages for the health of symbolic HEMOGLOBIN iron proteins of the IRON LADY's memory ..........but British citizens and universities have FORGOT their responsibility in understanding this symbolic biochemistry process)





Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell wrote:
--> it is largely because the contradictions showed that he, in common with all other logicians ancient and modern, had ALLOWED some ERROR to creep into his...

Why aren't universities working on this problem?
Perhaps,they could use another viewpoint?

Earth war for control of Cities - introduction

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Various books have covered this topic.
H.G. Wells wrote  the  "War of the Worlds" .
L. Ron  Hubbard  wrote "Battlefield Earth".




Thus the question is ...what is happening?  

The War of the Worlds - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The War of the Worlds (1898), a science fiction novel by H. G. Wells, is the first-person narrative of an unnamed protagonist's (and his brother's) adventures in ...


This year 1898  SYMBOL MACHINE  miltary manuscipt   laid the groundwork   for  World War 1 and World War 2.
Thus we see how SYMBOL MACHINE literary expresssions  may become  actualized VIA transformation to the REALITY  physical objects and human activities.

Actualize - Merriam-Webster Online

ac·tu·al·ize. verb \ˈak-ch(ə-w)ə-ˌlīz, -sh(ə-w)ə-ˌlīz\. ac·tu·al·izedac·tu·al·iz·ing. Definition of ACTUALIZE. transitive verb. : to make actual : realize. intransitive ...
More results for define actualization

actualised - definition of actualised by the Free Online Dictionary ...

ac·tu·al·ize ( k ch - -l z ). v. ac·tu·al·ized, ac·tu·al·iz·ing, ac·tu·al·iz·es. 1. To realize in action or make real



Battlefield Earth (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 is a 1982 science fiction novel written
by the Scientology founder

 eLectRON   Hubbard.




Thus we have  the Landau geo-physics .....EARTH  electron battlefield  of   AC  electrons in ACRES of   farm land/soil  ... such as the battle at Cole Hall, DeKalb, Illinois with
electron fields  as described by the  
(physical building)  EVANS FIELD HOUSE  in DeKalb       AND
 the    EVANS   symbol/ data FIELD/  information  HOUSE..







Herb Zinser's  Science War reports help explain the  concepts suggested by others.  This enables you, the reader to take notes, develop flowcharts, and contribute analysis further extend the war outline.  Some events or details of your personal life . . . may someday be needed to help  explain a piece of this complex puzzle of Battlefield Earth. 

What military secrets are contained in your subliminal mind? 
Why aren't you helping researchers in the SCIENCE WARS?

Welcome to Brave New World!  
You and your community have been captured in the social  psychology wars.
Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, and other authors have warned us.  I finally ... took their books seriously . . .  and managed to figure out their message.  Now, it's your turn to understand their social engineering concerns.

City of Janesville, Wisconsin losses GM factory in the symmetry physics SCIENCE WARS - economic casualty

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Also see blog-->General Motors = GM = Gravity/Magnetic with
keywords: GM assembly line computer earth
also listed under above toolbar subject: Astrophysics

The book Supersymmetry: Theory, Experiment, and Cosmology by Pierre Binetruy has as Appendix A:
A review of the Standard Model and of various notions of quantum field theory ..........has concepts that are familiar to the Wisconsin University system, many corporations, the United Auto Workers, scientists working for General Motors automotive,etc.


Janesville GM Assembly Plant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Janesville Assembly Plant is an automobile factory owned by General Motors located in Janesville, Wisconsin. Opened in 1919, it was the oldest operating GM ...
History - ‎2006 - ‎References - ‎External links



These economic physics theories and their data are intellectual achievements, available in many books and reasearch papers. They are a milestone in understanding the structure of existence; but Nature continues to advance ....and the its intellectual messages continue to provide us with clues ..clues needed to understand the atomic/astrophysics continuum information evolution.

Looking at Appendix A we see concepts:
A.1. Symmetries
A.2. Spontaneous breaking of symmetry
A.3. The Standard Model of electroweak interactions
A.4 Electroweak precision tests

On page 402 ...we see the sentence:
--> The case is somewhat different....The same argument as just given tells us....
....math sysmbols with..( G..M ) where dimensional analysis tell us that we are still missing a squared mass factor (m squared) which turns out to be the top mass-squared.


Using parallel processing analytical tools of EARTH LAB...
we look at the above KEY WORDS:

argument G M missing factor ...which becomes Janesville reality
argument G M missing factory ...thus physics symmetry VIA an economic display and a logic display -->

CAUSE: Janesville General Motors missing facts of life
EFFECT: missing automotive factory



On page 398...we see the math component of the geography state of Wisconsin..
thus Wisconsin = Wis + Con + sin math function.

Thus we see the page 398 sin functions (of wiscon.SIN) ...

then lead us to page 402 ..and the economic consequences to the Citizens of Janesville for their intellectual neglect ...a responsibility to try to understand the simple math concepts that are part of our daily lives.
Citizens of Wisconsin ought try to understand EARTH LAB and the context in which we live.





Maybe the universities..some day ....when not to busy with sports and DVD movies and pizza......may consider that their VIEW of the universe has some intellectual omissions of obvious,simple FACT.......  that are the CAUSE --> EFFECT -->the omitted GM FACT.ory.

Now not to many people are expected to understand the details of pages 398 thru 402; but every adult ought understand that WisconSIN a subset of the larger mathematical-physics fabric of existential dimensions on EARTH LAB with Nature's vast intellect.



WisconSIN sine wave economic structure




The city of Baltimore SOS signal ignored

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Cities and states ought recognize the proper existence of SPACE / TIME.
Many geographical areas have a list of empirical violations of MILKY WAY galaxy --> social gala laws. Examples of cities/states with TIME projects pending include:



Baltimore --> City of BalTimore TIME PROJECT



Bal -->Basic assembler languages TIME orders

The State of Maryland is in the Eastern TIME error zone.

IBM Basic assembly language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Basic Assembly Language (BAL) is a low-level language used on IBM mainframes from the earliest 360 series, through systems 370, 390, and System z, as well ...

The Baltimore Orioles BaseBall team is really a biological bio-computer system; social behavior data processing system.
BASE.BALL = BASE registers of BALL = Basic Assembler Land Language of COMPUTER EARTH.

SAMMY SOSA --> SAM = Sequential Access Method


SOSA = SOS America --> a TIME COMPUTER help signal.



This is part of the--> E PluriBUS unum (data BUS) of
Uncle SAM -->Sequential Access Method governmnent with
UNIT = TAPE NIXON computer system tape message of the
UNIT = UNIT(ed) States of North America COMPUTER EARTH--> part of the Galileo astronomy/astrophysics computer system 370 from
BASE year 16.16 --> Base 16 HEX SPACE plus Base 16 HEX TIME.



Thus we see the mystery of Computer EARTH  BASE registers and BASEBALL. 


Base registers for absolute addresses - IBM
Absolute addresses used in a source module must also be made addressable. Absolute addresses require a base register other than the base register assigned ...

Establishing a base register - IBM
Each program must establish a base register immediately after it saves the calling program's registers. When selecting a base register, keep in mind that:.

Stadium Information

Stadium Name: Camden Yards
Location: Baltimore, MD
Home Team: Basic assembler langauge bio-computer  Orioles
League: MLB (American League)
Year Opened: 1992
Capacity: 45,500
Data  Field Dimensions of String Theory (R/C/L): 318′/400′/333′

Summary: Computer Aided  Man  Yards has served as a model  for  COMPUTER WORLD Magazine  and  many of the new stadiums which have been constructed over the last 15 years.  The distinctive brick B&O warehouse sits behind right field and there are
markers for every home run
 (Homer, the Illiad and the un = unconscious mind) 

which has managed to hit the warehouse over the years.

Base register instructions - IBM
The USING and DROP assembler instructions enable you to use expressions representing implicit addresses as operands of machine instruction statements, ..

GIF – Adam Jones blows bubble, drops ball, 3 runs score
Apr 13, 2013 – The New York Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles 5-2 in New York last night, ... by a dropped ball in center field  (data field) by Adam Jones that let three runs score. ... It's not a good feeling, but the good thing about baseball you show up ...

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