The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) science war reports.

The Astrophysics (EARTH LAB) Salt Bridge of the Atlantic Ocean with Cambridge Universities

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RD-blog-234 by Herb Zinser

Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) provides opportunities to study the astrophysics chemistry structure known as a SALT BRIDGE. This is APRIL 29,2011...over the next few days I shall outline the empirical observations that support the astro-chemistry theory of intelligent, cybernetic life formats on EARTH...and their sophisticated experiments that involve various component entities such as: geography, institutions, etc.

Briefly, the traditional college beginning chemistry textbook and chemistry LAB course describe the SALT BRIDGE. According to Einstein's theory of relative sizes....a SALT BRIDGE of a different size may a parallel processing dimmension ..on EARTH. Thus we consider the larger SALT BRIDGE.

The SALT TREATY of the SALT BRIDGE has a communications BRIDGE problem with identified BRIDGE universities ...with proper noun identifier: CAM = Computer Aided MAN --> Cam.BRIDGE humans that are part of the Manhattan Project..physics projects.....Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology project in devloping a human atomic brain with atomic self-awareness.




Astronomy and astrophysics theories and data are useful for explaining objects in the universe that are millions of miles aways from EARTH. Thus we have the logic:

--> Axiom: Astrophyics describes the universe (along with astronomy)

--> Deduction: The EARTH is a subset of the universe ...verified by algebra set theory and
empirical observation

--> Next step: Therefore Earth existential structures can be described by astrophysics theory.

--> Next step: From the galactic point of view of a distant VIRTUAL researcher; EARTH is just another lab to be studied.

--> Next step: Therefore the astrophysics EVENT HORIZON can be used to explain EARTH events...along with other tools used at a typical large university.....research tools such as: Chemistry, English language and symbolism with symbolic representations, etc.

--> Next step:
Since the Earth is a subset of the astrophysics universe;
then earth LIFE is a subset of astrophyics universe LIFE.

--> Since a SUBSET of the astrophysics universe --> EARTH LAB
....Then a SUBSET of astrophysics universe LIFE --> EARTH LIFE

--> Given the previous statement about LIFE we seek EARTH LIFE approximations that may provide us with empirical data about our astrophysics origins. Since EARTH is a LAB (see Lewis Carroll from year 1865 comment on human guinea-pigs) then astrophysics universe LIFE that may exist on EARTH would be experimental specimens labeled: HUMAN

Subsets of astrophysics universe life on EARTH ...suggested LAB specimens ....
Gibbons, Hawking, and Thorne may be such aproximations .....which is good, because their writings help limited, finite structures like myself to understand Sartre existential philoposphy.

The subset theory is affirmed the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 Gravity HOST processor with IBM OS/JCL.
Let G = universal gravitational constant and the
earth HOST system 370 --> giving equation G + HOST = GHOST
--> the secret GHOST project of astrophysics and other scientists. The Carl JUNG astrophysics collective unconsciousness project is a deep secret that scientists ought be curious about.

Thus for those outside the inner circle ..... the galactic undercover project is revealed:

G + H + OS + T -->

Gibbons + the Hawk + IBM OS/JCl + Thorne





Secrets are not published in SCIENCE Magazines.
We continue we additional CLUES about Nature's  SALT BRIDGE project.....that have been censored in the SCIENCE WARS.


Images for atlantic ocean ... symbol map

Images for salt water bridge  = Atlantic ocean ... symbol map

Left  beaker  = North America continent

Right beaker  = Europe and England land mass






Source: Oxtoby, Freeman,  (Salt)  Block. Chemistry: Science of Change 3rd ...
Source: Oxtoby, Freeman, Block. Chemistry: Science of Change 3rd ed. Hydrogen is produced by the complete reaction of 6.24 g of sodium with excess of ...



Lets review the some of the textbook concepts of a SALT BRIDGE...(see Oxtoby, Freemann, Block)..
These  concepts will be used by super-symmetry geo-physics later.



some concepts and ideas --> see a book for details 





Images for atlantic ocean ... symbol map


A --> the separation of a redox reaction into 2 half-reactions

B --> this reaction can be carried out in a different way ..without ever putting the two reactants in direct physical constact

C --> 2 different solutions are prepared and placed in separate LAB Beakers

D --> 2 different metallic strips exist (elctrodes) and are placed in their proper solutions

E --> The two solutions in their separate containers are connected by a SALT BRIDGE, which is an inverted U-shaped tube containg a solution of SALT. The ends of the BRIDGE are stuffed with porous plugs that prevent the mixing of the two solutions but allow ions to pass between them.

F --> Finally the two metallic elctrodes are connected by wires to an anmeter to measure the direction and magnitude of the electric current generated





Chemistry book authors comments:
Also, see a chemistry textbook for SALT BRIDGE examples and flowcharts.

G --> What is different is that half-reactions occur at sites remote from each other.

H --> The separation of the reaction component into two compartments (two half-cells) prevents the direct transfer of electrons from copper atoms to silver nitrate.





Now we have a list of components....nouns, adjectives, relationships, and architecture that we can use to understand the astrophysics EARTH LAB construction of the astrophysics SALT BRIDGE.
Repeating the above LIST ....with the astrophysics EARTH LAB components ....
as in the TOE = Theory of Everything physics with GUT = Grand Unified Theory.



Images for atlantic ocean map

A --> the separation of the social reaction into 2 half-reactions ....would be accomplished by the geography surface land (Landau geo-physics) separation between European intellectuals and North America thinkers

B --> without putting the 2 reactants in direct physical contact.....this condition is met by the
2 separate geography locations/ university campus containers with astrophysics addresses on EARTH as:
Cambridge, England, Eu.ROPE with the ROPE of String theory
Cambridge, Massachusettes, USA --> Universe SA= Sample Space of the universe statistical dimension...with an additional secret about

Fermi-Dirac statistical bio-physics lab specimen: odd = One...a
Fermi-Direc(tor) in the Batman BAT Cave in Batavia, Illinois

But remember...this is TOP-SECRET so do not mention anything to Pier at FermiLAB.

C --> 2 different solutions/answers (abstract models..mathematical-physics explanations of society,etc)
are prepared and placed into their separate containers/ IVORY TOWERS /geography this case:

1st prepared solution was Cambridge, England with the University of Cambridge

2nd prepared solution is Cambridge, Mass, USA with 3 institutions:
Harvard university
Massachusettes Institute of Technology
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

D --> 2 different metabolism strips (like a standing human professor is symbolically equivalent to a metabolism strip)....thus the 2 different metabolism strips exist in 2 different social cultures and mental environments:
The British English Language usage , British culture and history, education styles

The North American English slang words, Hollywood influence on the brain, etc

E--> The 2 solutions (intellectual groups with the answer solution) in their separate containers ( England and the USA) are connected by a SALT BRIDGE (thus the Salt water of the ATLANTIC OCEAN).

Salt is sodium chloride, chemistry symbol NaCl. We use symbol Na = atomic political science element for the Na = Nation of SALT and Margaret Mead atomic anthropology treaties.
The Salt Bridge is an INVERTED U-shaped tube containing as solution to the Margaret Mead nuclear arms, elbows, mouth control SALT TREATY with the dinner table SALT Shaker and the 11 protons of the periodic atomic table governmental agent: Atomic representative which is element sodium/Salt/ symbol Na with 11 protons for the human SKU11 communication LINK....which apparently has serious problems with social science nonsense BS and biased thoughts.
Thus the biased thoughts may be explained by the SALT BRIDGE and its relationship to the symbolic brain ....
an INVERTED U-shaped....applied to student symbolic brain evolution..

an INVERTED U-shaped --> University shape...shaping the human symbolic brain...a subject of TV show: Deep Space Nine with the Shape Shifter (Odo).

F --> Finally the two metabolisn strips (Harvard humans with the sum.MIT treaty/SALT TREATY) are connected by wires (Telephone wires or modern electronic computer communications wires)



Thus we see Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE and its application of symbols/letters to the geography surface of EARTH.

NO  --> North America   and  North Europe

Na --> sodium odf sodium chloride  with the salt water  of the Atlantic Ocean




Thus the readser can complete the picture given with the outline clues.

Now the COMMENT ...
G --> What is different is that the half-reactions occur at sites remote from each other.

The half-reaction is best explained by the FermiLAB ...Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology ....atomic brain problem in Batavia, Illinois.
One of several missions of the FermiLAB physics research was to build a model of the human atomic brain; but because of limited research funds and the BRAVE NEW WORLD propaganda war in Washington,DC and elsewhere ...the atomic brain model was omitted. Thus we have the gestalt PROJECT completion codes are missing.

The half-reaction from the view of symbolic physics:
F e r m i _ _ LAB is a signal of half of ?????
......m i _ _ LAB...fill in the blanks quiz
......m i n d LAB....thus a component of M-theory is MIND-theory

FermiLAB atomic brain research is with the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer on various humanoid experimental astrophysics EARTH LAB specimens.
CHI --> BAL computer instruction for human brains living in the Chicago area and studying at the University of Chicago, IIT, Loyola, DePaul, Northwestern, University of Illinois Chicago Circle Campus,etc. The large group of students are LAB specimens for the atomic computer brain CHI instruction for CHI =CHICAGO.

CHI = Compare Half-word instruction implies that CHICAGO humans have the half-brain strcuture...with no intellectual desire or curiosity to evolve beyond that. Thus again we see the appearance another format...of 2 half-reactions (some type of structure inherent in NATURE ..that requires some effort/ some personal ability /some test point move beyond)

H --> The separation of the reaction ....prevents the direct transfer of electrons from copper atoms to silver nitrate. Silver Nitrate is a SIGNAL component of the SALT BRIDGE project...with the periodic atomic table government and its huamnoid agent reprsentatives.

Element 47 AG = Silver atomic weight 107.86 (rounded to 108) and this is
1968 atomic vice-president Spiro Ag Agnew = Ag news)

with the ni = nitrate symbolic representative Ni = Nixon.

Thus the 1968 Maragret Mead nuclear family --> atomic political analysis suggests that the EARTH LAB in the parallel processing DIMENSIONS we have:
.....silver nitrate
.....Agnew + Nixon ......with the later special silver atom ELECTRON... economic signal.... an atomic government SIGNAL to the high-level astrophysics IVORY TOWERS intellectuals....the high price of SILVER metal reaching $50 in January 1980....and the inaugaration into the high-office of the atomic government (the atomic subliminal mind in humans).....
Thus 1980 ELECTRON political systems with humanoid agents.
......... ELECT
...............RON Reagan as president of the electron world...ask FermiLAB about these minor trivia.

GM assembly line - Astrophysics COMPUTER EARTH assembly program errors. GM --> Gravity and Magnetic field components of life.

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Astrophysics COMPUTER SCIENCE - Computer Earth - EARTH LAB astrophysics experiments

Basic Assembler Language Computer Program

General Motors assembly line

The astrophysics global computer war has come to Wisconsin cities:
General Motors, Janesville, Wisconsin
Chrysler engine Kenosha, Wisconsin
Automotive suppliers in the midwest



Janesville GM Assembly Plant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Janesville Assembly Plant is an automobile factory owned byGeneral Motors located in Janesville, Wisconsin. Opened in 1919, it was the oldest operating GM ...
History - ‎2006 - ‎References - ‎External links



The Galileo computer system Base 16 Hexadecimal structure of SPACE/TIME includes PLANET EARTH space/time and specifically Wisconsin space/time. Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory provides analytical information for understanding the economic/social context of the GM plant and the iron automotive industry.





GM, when perceived from the physics viewpoint, is a symbolic computer processor with:

G = gravity computer data field that interacts with iron atomic mass in such structures as GM iron atomobiles or the iron myoglobin protein of United Auto Workers labor union workers.  Hence, we have atomic niumber 26 with Margaret Mead automotive economiocs at Wisconsin HIGHWAY 26 in Janesville.



M = Magnetic data field, North Pole interaction with ferrous oxide atoms of life at the iron metal-working facility/factory at magnetic experiment iron location JANESVILLE, Wisconsin December 2008.









An iron fact of life near HIGHWAY 26 Janesville, Wisconsin = 26 protons of ferrous oxide atomic thought structure with 26 letters of the ironic English proton alphabet. FermiLAB physicist's are Margaret Mead expressions of the periodic atomic table elements of atomic brain economic/social thoughts.

GM assembly line of computer program code. The universe of Wisconsin computer science genetic motors experiment at the General Motors data processing department has an assembly PROGRAM ERROR. Because of the error, the assembly line results in a computer program ABEND/DUMP at the Galileo computer system . . . Janesville computer address location. Hence the system 370 main frame software issues the instructions to close the automotive factory:

CLOSE Hex'FA' = 250 = Factory Base 16 Hexadecimal


IBM Basic assembly language


GM  assembly line  code equivalent

Machine instructions (mnemonic)

There is a "one-to-one" relationship with machine instructions. The full mnemonic instruction set is described in the
Principles of Operation manual for each processor. Examples:


* This is a comment line
* Load the fullword integer stored at the
* location labeled 'ZIGGY' into general register 3:
     L 3,ZIGGY
SLA 4,5            shift the value in general register 4 left by 5 bits
 MVC TARGET,SOURCE   move characters from location 'SOURCE' to 'TARGET'
 AP COUNT,=P'1'     add 1 to value in memory location 'COUNT' (packed decimal format)
 B NEXT            unconditional branch to label 'NEXT'
HERE EQU *              This is a label
      CLC TARGET,=C'ADDRESS'  Compare memory location 'TARGET' to string 'ADDRESS'
      BE THERE               branch if equal to program label 'THERE'




OS/ JCL system 370 main frame America economic/ sociological software detected an error in the JANesville component of the ZinJAN social anthropology project.



The inter-relations of the iron atomic computer have social complexities. The FermiLAB 2008 budget cut was a precursor to the GM ferrous oxide fact/factory budget cut at Janesville. Simple cause --> effect inference--> how molecular biology social economic decisions are made by the IRON Hemoglobin molecular proteins in brain thoughts--> thoughts by hemoglobin IRON about IRON automobiles and the MOTIVE of autoMOTIVE FACT FACTory workers.
Is this a FACT of  Sartre existential awareness?



Herb Zinser's Project Plan Z
MISSION GOAL - Project Plan Z To organize a world-wide intellectual corporation to represent the multi-faceted universe of the Margaret Mead: SUPER HIGH Z Boson project and its many social engineering components:
• The traditional Universe of tricks and mirrors.
• The Inverse UNIVERSE and the Perpendicular UNIVERSE
• The Margaret Mead UNIVERSE nuclear anthropology war
• Help U. S. Military analysts

City / State errors - SPACE /TIME projects on EARTH LAB are ignored by Citizens

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Cities and states ought recognize the proper existence of SPACE / TIME. Many geographical areas have a list of empirical violations of MILKY WAY galaxy --> social gala laws. Examples of cities/states with TIME projects pending include:

Baltimore --> City of Bal.Tim.ore TIME PROJECT
Bal -->Basic assembler languages TIME orders

Baltimore --> City of BalTimore TIME PROJECT



Bal -->Basic assembler languages TIME orders

The State of Maryland is in the Eastern TIME error zone.



IBM Basic assembly language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Basic Assembly Language (BAL) is a low-level language used onIBM mainframes from the earliest 360 series, through systems 370, 390, and System z, as well ...

The Baltimore Orioles BaseBall team is really a biological,  bio-computer system; social behavior data processing system.
BASE.BALL = BASE registers of BALL = Basic Assembler Land Language of COMPUTER EARTH.

SAMMY SOSA --> SAM = Sequential Access Method
SOSA = SOS America --> a TIME COMPUTER help signal.



This is part of the--> E PluriBUS unum (data BUS) of
Uncle SAM -->Sequential Access Method governmnent with
UNIT = TAPE NIXON computer system tape message of the
UNIT = UNIT(ed) States of North America COMPUTER EARTH--> part of the Galileo astronomy/astrophysics computer system 370 from BASE year 16.16 --> Base 16 HEX SPACE plus Base 16 HEX TIME.




Time Zones - Greenwich Mean Time - GMT
There are 25 integer World Time Zones from -12 through 0 (GMT) to +12. Each one is 15° of Longitude as measured East and West from the Prime Meridian of ...




300 × 215 - Greenwich Real Estate for Sale | Neighborhoods in Greenwich |


Greenwich Mean (nasty)  Time (the Prime Meridian)  CONNECTION to Greenwich,Connecticut--> Connect time cut --> fix the cut/damage to the fabric of space/time. Since this was not fixed --> the astrophysics event went to Greenwich Village, Manhattan for the CAUSE and EFFECT display of TIME ERRORS at the WORLD TRADE CENTER on Sept. 11,2001.
In addition, the   Grenwitch mean/nasty time EVENT took place at Sandy Hook Elenatry school e 


Port of Authority BUS Terminal, Manhattan, New York City is part of COMPUTER EARTH --> Input/Output PORT of authority data BUS computer earth TERMINAL. New York City residents are excellent computer brain research subjects --> in the subject of awareness. There is a research void in biological brain computer self-awareness.




Thus we see the COMPUTER EARTH  system 370 with  Mamhattan's secret  humanoid bio-computer processors. 



42nd Street, Times Square is a Base 4 exponent 2 = BASE 16 Hexadecimal time region. Base 4 time squared (exponent 2) = Base 16 Hex Time.

The nasty/HEX/CURSE time event was Sept 11, 2001; New York City ought not violate the laws of existence --> Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory. The misuse of data field theory is linked to the TWO TOWERS BASE 2 Binary computer science battle of Sept 11,2001. George Orwell's TIME COMPUTER manual/book titled 1984 was ignored.
Year 1984 + Base 16 hexadecimal years = Year 2000.




Apparently there is a Y2k problem with the TIME COMPUTER of COMPUTER EARTH known as the Y 2 K ERROR (KERR metric in Hawking/Gibbons astrophysics terminology as applied to galactic local region PLANET EARTH). The multi-faceted MANHATTAN PROJECT started around 1943 includes a Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology component --> thus the sociology data processing ERROR event of Sept 2001 caused by the MANHATTAN PROJECT violation.

The periodic table of elements TIME ELEMENT --> TC = 43 is linked to the TIME CONTROL system of the TIME COMPUTER.

The Astrophysics ( EARTH LAB) Space/ Time war --> Time flies --> the Time insects war in the EARTH time dimension. .

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The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) is an interesting planet. Secret languages and obvious mysteries ....a symbolic circus that pretends to describe many events...has attracted my attention. Why the obvious omissions? Why the incomplete explanations on many situations?

That is why books with titles:    The Invisible MAN,    The TIME Machine,   etc.....are trying to say.....some indirect,hidden process exists.....that can become visibile with a lot of thought and research. Physics labs successfully use this process to study atoms and their attributes.





Lets look at something that affects our LIFE SPAN...our biological clock.
The English language has a phrase....familiar to many.....and its common usage is described as:

-->Phrase time flies (when you're having fun)
Fig. time passes very quickly. (From the Latin tempus fugit.) I didn't really think it was so late when the party ended. Doesn't time fly? Time simply flew while the old friends exchanged news.
See also: flies, time
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

--> Time flies. also How time flies!
something that you say which means that time passes very quickly, often so quickly that you are surprised I can't believe your son is at university already. How time flies! I never seem to manage to finish my work. The time just flies.
See also: flies, time
Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, 2nd ed. Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2006. Reproduced with permission.

-->time flies (spoken)
a certain period has passed surprisingly quickly I can't believe your daughter is old enough to be in college already! How time flies!
Etymology: based on the saying time flies when you are having fun
See also: flies, time
Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2006. Reproduced with permission.


DR.WHO  and the time flies message.

The  TARDIS  used for the time flies experiment.

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord—a time travelling, humanoid alien known as the Doctor. 


Okay, we understand the above....and how the words are used in daily activites.
The question we have.....since we live in a multi-facted dimensional EARTH LAB.....are there additional understandings of the words: Time Flies

The Spanish artist Salvador Dali has the 1931 painting titled: The Persistence of Memory.
In the painting he has a watch...with fruit flies/insects crawling on the surface of the watch.

Insects crawling over the watch suggest death and decay, the never ending cycle with life. ... Salvador Dali: Persistance of Memory Persistence of Memory ...

Consider ants/flies/insects as one equivalence group...
the ant implies modern social anthropology insects..
the TIME watch with insects...symbolic TIME flies

Below.  we see the astrophysics Earth Lab  
TIME INSECTS that eat our life-time  .. causing old  age and  DEATH.











Thus we ponder. WHAT IF?
What if this has to be researched....what if his subliminal mind had some CLUE/ a hunch about the existence of TIME INSECTS...that would eat/damage the fabric of space/time on Earth.
I believe he did...and some of the other BLOGS discuss other aspects of TIME, our biological clock, H.G.Wells , book 1984, etc.

Since their seems to be a CODE of SILENCE about this no one wants to help clarify the issue...suggests their thougths have been eaten by TIME INSECTS.....inside their brain.

Take Cambridge University and other schools that have astrophysics specialists ......a complete lack of concern about a potentially serious problem of TIME Flies.




The TIME VOMPUTER manual  by George Orwell:
1984 + Base 16 hexadecimal computer years = Year 2OOO.


Thus we see how 16 HEX/curse years FLY by....and then the curse of VIRGINIA TECH time technology battle of April 16,2007 with the Mr. CHO time equation --> C + Ho = Clock Hour.

Thus George Orwell really wrote a TIME computer manual.....about Y2K biological clock brain computer isssues......a message ignored by the Pentagon and their computer scientists.
Thus we have the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer...with many cortex computer programs inside your skull.

Thus we have clues:

Time Flies --> Time insects
Time Flies --> Time computer program bugs

The book: Lord of Flies and an island (a university campus is like an island...thus possible symbolic warning of the book)

--> Ebenezer Scrooge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ....At the beginning of the novel, Scrooge is a cold-hearted, tight-fisted and ... Scrooge's catchphrase, "Bah, humbug!" is often used to express disgust with ...

In modern terms of the HUMAN brain symbolic computer with programming a new understanding of Hum.Bug.
The original story was an attempt by Nature to explain a brain design problem ..and consequently crime and war. In year 2011 with the vast amount of knowledge available at a college library.. we could explain Nature's probable message. Thus we have view of the deeper meanings of FORT HOOD with the:

--> modern Ebenezer Scrooge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ....At the beginning of the novel ....the Novel = Nov + el = November elements ...the FORT HOOD shooting novel --> the novel = the biochemsitry textbook WAR with the Darwinian military selection of biochemistry MAJOR Hasan and the brain biochemistry battle of "Bah, humbug!" is often used to express disgust with ........with Fort Hood Soldier READ Center failure to carry college textbooks in math, genetics, biochemistry, physics.

Thus welcome to the TIME WAR....and DR.WHO and the TIME LORDS Hawking and Thorne.
As Dr.WHO travels thru TIME in the symbolic world of ideas/knowledge ...and travels thru the Carl Jung collective unconsciousness levels.....or the Jame Joyce streams of consciousness....that are part of our minds...we can outline what is happening.

DR.WHO televison/paperback books is a multi-faceted message.

1st is the obvious fiction of PHYSICAL travel with his TARDIS telephone booth etc. That may or may not exist ...yet. In the science of hard physics....concepts take time to evolve rockets were written about years before their physical existence in 1930's...and thereafter. the symbolic world of thoughts in the the optical nerve/brain, subliminal mind messages, body languages, etc.....the proper noun DR.WHO is very active.

3rd..WHO = WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION ..thus on Computer Earth system 370 and the parallel processing possiblities ....our DR.WHO ..the TIME LORD involved in the WORLD space/time dimensions...with SPACE/TIME HEALTH problems of Earth Lab....that need to be understood better.

How did TIME insects affect Virginia TECH? Some clues.....

Thus we look at the astrophysics DNA military project on EARTH...regarding space and time life.

--> Virginia TECH English department teaches:

....Twenty - Four hours = 24 hour day OR in math words

... Twenty minus four = 24 hour day (a math contradiction)

....Twenty minus four = 16 hour day ( the April 16 math battle)




Why the contradiction? And why does Virginia TECH refuse to discuss this issue..regarding the shooting by
Thus we look at the astrophysics DNA time equations....

--> Twenty - four hours = 24 hours
................... 4 DNA nucleotides and the biological clock


There are four nucleotides that make up DNA:
A = Adenine
T = Thymine
G = Guanine
C = Cytosine






Thus the English language phrase
--> Twenty-four hours is a biochemistry clock equation

with Twenty --> the TWENTY standard amino acids
Amino acids - The 20 standard amino acids. Amino acids - The 20 standard amino acids. ... Amino acids. The 20 standard amino acids. > Home > Amino acids. non-polar, aliphatic residues ... - Cached - Similar

with four --> the 4 DNA time nucleotides
How does astrophysics DNA involve the Pen.TAG.on?

These nucleotides form sequences consisting of 3 elements named a codon.

Thus a symbolic 1st, 2nd, 3rd positions. Example:
CAT --> DNA computer system 370 catalog
TAC --> DNA military TAC.tics
ACT --> DNA social legislative ACT..laws passed


There are 64 of these codon combinations.

The DNA military group..TAG... is 1 of 64 combinations.

The DNA military is the pen.TAG.on with the TAG codon.
penTAGon    is   the  sequence:
Thymine, Adenine, Guanine

Secretary of Defense for EARTH DNA military management projects is agent GAT (Gates)
Secret of DNA agent GAT: Guanine, Adenine, Thymine

--> Note that the DNA is composed of atoms
Therefore atomic DNA supersymmetry property of bio-physics with
pen.TAG.on <--- ----> logic GATES



The Manhattan project of year 1943 has been neglected. The Margaret Mead nuclear family anthropology project.....with atomic humans and their atomic social expressions has ERRORS.

-->The Manhattan Project Mar 30, 1999 ... This Manhattan Project predecessor, code named the S-1 project, ... work with graphite and uranium was transferred to a new secret project, ... During the remainder of 1943, work continued on the construction of the ...
nuclear weapon - Cached - Similar

FDR writes to Manhattan Project physicist Dr. Robert Oppenheimer ...Jun 29, 2010 ... On this day in 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt writes a letter marked " secret" to leading Manhattan Project physicist J. Robert ...
dr-robert- oppenheimer - Cached - Similar

Manhattan Project Chronology | The Manhattan Project: Making the ...June 17 1943: President Roosevelt approves the S-1 Executive Committee


--> the Manhattan LONG-term project mistake....
project S-1 Exective Committe decision errors
project S-1 Execute Committe (CAUSE-->EFFECT)
project S-1 = Sept 11,2001 execution SIGNAL ....

The S = SYSTEM = S = September atomic computer JOB execution .... understanding atomic English language of the 26 proton alphabet of the Ferrous oxide atomic IRON used to build structures like the the WORLD Trade Center......and
understanding the atomic -->continuum -->astrophysics.

Thus we have New York, its communities and their data processing bio-computer projects. Thus the COMPUTER JOB execution project and the BATCH JOB execution/death of about 2726 human brain computers at the Base 2 Binary Towers.....their Darwinian selected symbolic location. New York bio-computer citizens are testing the existence of molecular cell biology SRP = Signal Recognition Particle.
Thus we have proof that no human on the EAST Coast of the United States has such a particle.
In theory SRP is composed of atoms in bio-physics format.....hence an atomic Signal Recognition Particle. Particle physics theorists and experiementalists at Princeton, Harvard, Brookhaven, FermLIB, etc. deny the existence of such atomic self-awareness particles.

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