Darwinian selection of undercover Symbolic agents using the indiv.DUAL ..duality component. Atomic mass thought outputs -->mass communications: TV, radio, publishing

Atomic English language VIEW of the Malcolm H. MacGregor book " The Power of Alpha" --> extension to atomic alphabets. The theory of atomic anthropology evolution via data signals of atomic human agent: Malcolm

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After you read the post below, visit    
Information WAR site maps for access to several hundred  POSTS that help explain the Unified Theory of Everything (UTOE) .... which includes you, your friends, the region that you live within,  etc.   The Grand Unified Theory (GUT)  500 year project of Nature's systems from year 1453 / year 1500 makes this possible.




Charles Darwin and atomic message processing evolution .............  

 Santa Cruz Island Tours  with



Physics, math, and organic chemistry books provide clues to the Margaret Mead nuclear family and its atomic social anthropology activities ---> expressed by atomic bio-physics human agents or atomic social science messengers. Organic chemistry (the marriage of carbon and hydrogen atoms into molecules) eventually evolved into social chemistry and its concepts of marriage.

A different blog outlined the atomic communications path.
Part of that is repeated below. Then, this blog provides more concepts per
data agent from the symbol world of:
Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, Peru, Earth Lab.

The ferrous oxide atomic English Language messenger - the IRON LADY
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The Ferrous Oxide Atomic WARRIOR – The IRON LADY
March 6, 2010 by zinjan

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is an agent for the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology family.
The IRON LADY represents the 26 protons of the ferrous oxide atom of the periodic atomic table of life.
The 26 protons of iron communicate using their ironic English alphabet of 26 symbols. Thus we have the atomic English language of ferrous oxide atom via the iron Hemoglobin protein –> and the social science expressions of Hemoglobin human female structures. The IRON LADY has a history of battles involving symbolic military tools and/or physical military tools in various media.




Example - YEAR 2001, Sept 11. The IRON Lady and the IRON Towers of the World Trade Center. The Computer Earth battle with the NORTH POLE magnetic data field interaction with the IRON TOWERS and the biological read/write TAPE HEADS within the Base 2 binary towers. The cortex computers within the iron structure have serious data errors. The hemoglobin HEME group Fe(ii) ion economic reports are nonsense. Computer EARTH system 370 device UNIT = North Pole magnetic (Nixon) tape with a cortex READ/WRITE tape HEAD.



In this blog, blog-547, we have an iron Hemoglobin protein messenger for liver. The original LIVER communications language was via the year 1726 LIVER symbolic agent known as author Jonathan Swift and his book about how the LIVER intellect living inside (internal government) the human body VIEWS externalsocial science relationships.

The book "Gulliver's Liver Travels" is the starting point for a bio-physics string theory communications project of Nature. The other end of the string is fixed at Nature's world liver RD headquarters at the Law of Liver Morse code convergence site (Lawrence Livermore Labs). The SWIFT identifier is 70MeV with referback to SWIFT year 1726 --> 26 iron protons of a modern 4-wheeled iron automobile.


1953-1995 Lawrence   Livermore   National     Laboratory 




This EXTERNAL SWIFT iron vehicle is the parallel to the INTERNAL Hemoglobin iron protein vehicle within proper noun: Malcolm. This atomic bio-physics human has an abstract symbolic brain computer ...whose brain software programs have a subroutine driver that is the driver of the 70MeV physics automobile ...which has a physical engine but ...as important...represents a symbolic engine.












This is known from NATURE's Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain computer test in year 1957 at Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas. The calculus test of integration by parts was with 9 black students (symbolic of 9 data bits = 8 human data bits and 1 human error checking parity bit). I hope that someday...some engineers may have the courtesy to understand this aspect of math life.


 Litttle Rock and integration by parts





Thus we look at the living EARTH cell for geography signals about atomic evolution VIA atomic humans? What are these human identifier labels. Consider the significance to the possiblity of the atomic subconscious expressing itself thru subtle decisions...and human actions ...about location.





Galapagos Islands Maps -
Santa Cruz Island map image and ...jungle photos.com/galapagos/gmaps/virtualtour/santa cruzmap.

Santa Cruz Island is the heart of the Galapagos. Located centrally it is the second biggest island, 380 square miles. Like some of the other islands it is almost ...
Galapagos photos, Santa Cruz Island map


Galapagos maps pictures
Galapagos Santa Cruz map:

The Charles Darwin Research Station and the headquarters of the Galapagos National Park Service are located here.
Galapagos, Santa Cruz Island

Named after the Holy Cross,
its English name was given after the British vessel bearing this name (H.M.S. Indefatigable). It has an area of 986 km2 and a ...


Thus we take the mathematical HOLY CROSS --> Cross-correlation statitical analyis
and realize that CH = organic chemistry symbol found in college textbooks ....thus Charles Darwin also covers CH = Organic molecule evolution (such as humans). Thus we consider interesting structures such as Malcolm H. Macgregor.





Thus we see Darwinian evolution steps.

1) In theory,
he is composed of atoms and equations.
He has thoughts.
Therefore, atoms and equations are the origin of thought.


His efforts and studies extend those thoughts ..such as his physics book.
Thus we look at his atomic data book from a differnt angle .... the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology VIEW. How does the periodic atomic table government express itself via human expressors?

 The Power of Alpha: Electron Elementary Particle Generation with a- Quantized Lifetimes and Masses


The Power of Alpha: Electron Elementary Particle Generation with a- Quantized Lifetimes and Masses






Around year 1600, the atomic English language brain of William Shakespeare stated the situation
" The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".

Today, with availability of knowledge on electron SPIN thought processes inside the atomic brain we have ....
" The WORLD is a stage and we are the particle bio-physics thought layers ".

It's a well-known secret that the atomic brain particles and their spin thru Darwinian atomic selection ...... VIA human agent SPINOZA, wrote a major philosophy physics RD project plan around year 1670. This included the question of how ETHER physics can anesthetize the symbolic brain into an intellectual coma or nonsense ....... as evidenced by the modern EUROsystem based on the Carl Jung atomic collective unconsciousness of the European people and their n.EURO.transmitters ...... equivalent to brain radio.

Hence, NATURE continues to search for individuals that can see the bigger picture ... which includes atomic political science and atomic economics.



The periodic atomic table is composed of columns or atomic families.
Thus we see the page ix picture of an atomic standing column , Malcolm, and his atomic symbol nature.

To verify his atomic identity, on page ix of his book,
we see written the atoMIC clue --> in 1948
..........University of    Michigan  research   team.

1946-1953 Univ. of  Michigan, B.A. (mathematics), M.S. and Ph.D. (physics).



In  addition we see the picture of atomic VA-interaction of
Enrico Fermi via the
fe = ferrous oxide atomic agent....life = fe = female
Valparasio University...providing important empirical data
Va_para .......Va-parallel processing for supersymmetry physics of
atomic life ...with the Heme ghroup fe(ii) ion undercover agents for
Mother Nature's special atomic social RD projects.



This correlates with the theory of Peru and the Andes Mountains messager Pier Oddone at FermiLAB.
Andes --> An + des = Atomic number destiny project . This atomic project was announced by atomic mass communications systems ...mass communications --> television and music industry atomic human song messenger known as TINY TIM --> real atomic name: des.TINY Time. Thus we see Pier Oddone and Malcolm H. Macgregor .....as such agents. Their institutions do not acknowledge these atomic existential possiblilities of atomic expression VIA humans.



On page ix, he is referring to the EARTH geography map ...MICHIGAN and its institutions; we are reminded of the symbolic maps and their levels ...described in the Hayakawa book " Language in Thought and Action". Thus
we have the atomic brain map with the 1st map/frame of reference....
the geography symbolic map and road maps and their proper nouns

then we have the atomic brain.....
and STATES of MIND.....such as.....
and Quantum States ...
and Transition probability states




Malcolm .....columns agent/researcher for atom families of the periodic atomic table of life provides data.


Santa Cruz Island Tours  with plate1



70Mev relationship to Santa Cruz, California ...

parallel /super-symmetry atomic anthropology geo-physics

Santa Cruz Islands and CHARLES Darwin








CH --> Organic chemsitry families of Charles Darwin
such as alkanes (social chemistry movie Citizen Kane)



Thus we see how atoms send messages.
Some messages arrive at the level of consciousness (to the prepared mind) thus resulting in a written book like: The Power of Alpha.


Other messages are expressed indirectly via the humans decision/choices...
city of residence of 70MeV, the brand names one buys while shopping,
the type of music you listen to, etc. Thus the math axiom of CHOICE as expressed by the organic molecules of awareness within Malcolm's atomic subliminal mind ....wished to send a signal to the READERs of his book. I received such signal into my optical nerve/symbolic brain ..... and then months later my subliminal mind sends a priority signal signal to my consciousness about evolution and the data correlation ..... and the Galapagos Islands and Santa Cruz and Peru.
Thus we see the link between Pier Oddone and Malcolm H. McGregor at some primordial level .....
this being the atomic / astrophysics social anthropology continuum ... with Kip S. Thorne providing the LOGAN, Utah logarithm link to continuum bio.LOG.y

Lets look at some pages from his book:




--> Page 7 (implies nitrogen 7 electron messages)

- Unpaired-quark factor-of-4 lifetime ratios

suggests the atomic basis of 4 DNA nitrogenous bases.


In addition, we are reminded of  the EARTH LAB atomic anthropology experiment at Sterling Hall
University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1970



- The Sterling Hall Bombing that occurred on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus on August 24, 1970 was committed by four young people as a protest ...
Overview - Army Mathematics Research Center - The bombers - Victims

-...."The WORLD is a stage and we are the player" ...thus the performance of a tragic play in 1970 with the human actors ...4 bombers and Robert Fassnacht.

....with the 4 people involved in the bombing symbolic of the 4 DNA nucleotides which have an atomic origin...thus we think of atomic DNA nucleotides and then the EARTH LAB....Darwinian selection of 4 humans agents (for atomic DNA).....hence, their atomic brain is easliy modified by the periodic atomic table of NATURE....for Nature's mission.

-Robert Fassnacht - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Robert E. Fassnacht ... His lab was located in the basement of Sterling Hall. He was in the process of cooling down his dewarwith liquid nitrogen when the ...
Thus the Margaret Mead nuclear family war .... atomic anthropology war event
...described above is re-expressed in the parallel language of page 7
as -- >
factor-of-4 lifetime ratios
fassnacht lifetime with 4 atomic human DNA agents and the fertilizer/nitrogen atom bomb




--> page 65

-The particle mass mystery with Leon Lederman and the God Particle.

Now college physics books explain things about MASS.

we have electron Mass and its oribitals, etc.
we have proton Mass and its properties
we have neutron Mass and its attributes

Then we have a vast ommision..a intellectual VOID.
Never a word is written about the
atomic character of the religious mass particle.

Strange SILENCE. Of course, I must be stupid.
But I am composed of atoms...and my atomic mass is curious about religious mass.
My atomic mass interacts with gravity giving my body weight on a scale.
How does religious mass interact with gravity?

Or has the living word of GOD ....
the word region.....such as used in phrase
...data processing region.

Has the word evolved fron region --> religion.

A component of God ....
G = universal gravitational constant which interacts with atomic brain mass and brain thoughts giving the serious,grave, grammer thoughts of gravity waves or the gravity thought data field. Hence, we have Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and its applications.

Thus we have project mission for the book
"The GOD Particle" and subset signal
...............DP .... perhaps an atomic computer .....
thus an extension of the Lederman book as they answer " What is religious MASS".
What type of atomic expression is it VIA atomic humans?

The Chicago Polish science community has the GODZIN project.

Thus the MASS mystery...and the make-up of our universe
...the Hollywood make-up of many explanations about Maragret Mead atomic social anthropology and atomic brain expressions.




Page 69

The Double mystery with number 137.......modify VIEW to 137.0 ...amplify with tenzin/decimal giving 1370. Easier to see.

What do we see?

1) IBM system 370 and Nature's parallel bio-computer ........ of the LUNG oxygen atomic computer processor (weight 16 --> base 16 hexadecimal)

2) then we see 70 MeV signal as
the 7 = Nitrogen electrons O = oxygen Me= Metabolism V=Vectors

3) linked to the oxygen LUNGs of 1 Malcolm at 37.O degrees atomic temperature Celsius of the atomic human processor. Thus 137 ...as a building block of matter ...played a role in the building of 1 Malcolm at 37 degrees.


Let's VIEW the atomic GREAT SEAL with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue....
1600 = 16 Oxygen Orbitals of a molecule inside the COMPUTER EARTH Bio-computer LU = Logical Unit = LUNG at the White House .....the LUNG with red/READ blood cells and the internal biology government's White House with white blood cells LINKED to the optical nerve WHITE HOUSE composed of photons/elctromagnetic spectrum with white light and black alphabet symbols and words ....symbolic life. Thus the TRUE nature of a
Democracy = Demo
Democracy = D + em + ocr

Data + electromagentic + optical character reader

all in terms of bio-physics and symbolic life of nouns, equations,etc ..... via the human data processor. Thus Malcolm managed to send out SIGNALS in written words .... that my optical computer recognized ... a message to people like me ... a evolutionary view...

page vii
The training of an elementary particle phenomenologists .....
in my case ... the phenomena of the atomic brain and the optical computer ... and the situation .... does Washington, DC understand the deeper processes of existence; beyond eating, talking, and building more lumber/cement houses. They ought think more about the symbolic houses and how Nobert Wiener and cybernetics plays a role in brain social science decisions.

E Pluribus Unum - Origin and Meaning of the Motto ... - Great Seal
Jul 4, 2010 – Learn the facts about this motto on the front of the U.S. Great Seal. ... An accurate translation of the motto is "Out of many, one" –

E Pluribus Unum included in the Seal of the United States, being one of the nation's ... Latin for "Out of many, one", is a phrase on the Seal of the United States, ... Novus ordo seclorum appear on the reverse side of the great seal, E pluribus ...
Great Seal of the United States -

As a coat of arms, the design has official colors; the physical Great Seal itself, as ... eagle clutches a scroll with the motto E pluribus unum ("Out of Many, One"). ...

Design - Symbolism - Seal press - History

E pluribus unum ("Out of Many, One")--> 1 at 37 degrees temperature
E .....bus..num
....data bus numeric alphabets
................eric a
.............Am eric.a
E = mcc = Einstein's equation and the atomic government is the precursor to human governemnts.
This from the atomic political science VIA humans we have
President BUSH explains ....
.....data BUS Hex -- > Hexadecimal Base 16 politics of oxygen and optics
at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ....Computer Earth land computer address.





Page 192 Supersymmetric ...excitation VIA atomic human anthropology activities....



Super symbol met  tric(k)

United States Congress Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction ...en.wikipedia.org
The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, colloquially referred to as the Supercommittee, is a joint select committee of the United States Congress, ...

Historical precedents - Structure and membership - Operation if the super committee fails -Nov. 21, 2011
Nov --> Novel source page 192 --> The power of atomic alphabets ..the extension of Macgregor source code.





Page 221
Octet mass calculation ...

October year 200O and wave mechanics message to the
U.S.Navy about atomic English Language accuracy laws and the communications problems outlined by George Orwell .. 1984.... Oceania.......problems have not been fixed.

The October 2000 tragedy of the
U.S.S COLE and years later the
U.S.Navy sent a second message by NATURE VIA
U.S.A , Cole Hall oceanography class tragedy at NIL, DeKalb.





Page 223

ground states ...such as New York and the 1943 long-term Manhattan project giving year 2001 Manhattan physics ERROR messages of Sep 11, 2001. Thus the 2 towers ...and their Margaret Mead nuclear family...atomic social anthropology tragic SIGNAL.

2 towers atomic symbolic life with

Hadronic towers
Leptonic towers
September 11, 2001
Sept ---> permutation of symbols
Step to advanced understanding of world affairs




Much more research work and thought remains. The authors of physics books provide CLUES to the
" Tale of 2 Cities". MacGregor, Lederman and others live and think mostly in one city ...... thus what is the other symbol city and its physical manifestations.





CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA
E-Mail: Herb@Zinoproject.com

Brain computer processing secrets and astronomy tricks--> Star Trek: the Next Generation (data set voodoo)

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Humans are composed of atoms.
Therefore, atoms are the origin of human thought.






The atomic INTELLECT has many formats of expression....BOTANY Tree of Knowledge, 4-legged animals, 2-legged chickens with feathers, and the most recent atomic experiment--> 2-legged humans with a symbolic atomic brain computer.
Atomic mass uses mass communications such as television to broadcast atomic social science news....regarding the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthropology family.

One show about FermiLAB is: Deep Space Nine (see the Blog title)


Here we discuss the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 television show with IBM OS/JCL system 370 parallel to Nature's human Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain computer. Many humans try to get access to the brain warehouse of ideas....and steal inventions, patents,etc. A slick psychology trick that took a few hundred years to figure out....then NATURE set-up a STING operation to catch the billions of people in on the rackett. 

Here we outline the atomic mass TELEVISION show and its features.

Based on modern GENE theory with Benjamin Lewin and others (Bertrand Russell math genes and their symbolic evolution to Peter Russell book: Genetics) and IBM OS/JCL Generation Data Sets and their GooVoo Numbers........Nature was able to construct a TRAP to catch and identify popular ...atomic family voodoo practices .

Define a Generation Data Group and a Generation Data Set ... - IBM

z/OS V1R11.0 DFSMS Access Method Services for Catalogs z/OS V1R11.0 ... Next, a generation data set is defined within the GDG by using JCL statements.


[  DSN=AM2P.BSL.TRANS(0)                      ]
[  DSN=AM1P.ADABAS.CLOG(-1)                   ]
[  DSN=AM3T.RSLS.MAST(+1)                     ]
[  DSN=AM1P.FM.KEY.MASTER(+2)                 ]
[                                             ]
[  Figure 79.  Generation data sets          ]

Before creating a generation data set, have the Data Manager build a generation data group base entry specifying the number of generations to be kept in the catalogue. The Data Manager must also create and catalogue a model data set label, on the same volume as the catalogue, to provide DSORG, RECFM, LRECL, and BLKSIZE information for the generation data group.


It may be convenient for tape generation data sets to reserve a set of tapes with contiguous tape numbers. At least five tapes should be used for this round robin. The catalogue should have several more generations than there are tapes, even twice as many, because it may become necessary to uncatalogue some generations at times.

There must be an extra DD statement in the job step that writes a new generation. This DD statement will reference the data set that was last written on the tape on which you are going to write the new generation. The relative generation number would be minus nine for a set of ten tapes, or minus four for a set of five tapes. This technique will not work for large data sets that require more than one tape volume.

+----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ [ 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 ] [ 123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012 ] [ ] [ //NEWMAST DD DSN=AM1P.CSIV.MAILING(+1),DISP=(NEW,CATLG,DELETE), ] [ // UNIT=DISK,SPACE=(8460,(100,50),RLSE), ] [ // DCB=(ISS.MODEL,RECFM=FB,LRECL=180,BLKSIZE=8460) ] [ ] [ //DUMMY DD DSN=AM1P.GD.MASTER(-9),DISP=SHR ] [ //INPUT DD DSN=AM1P.GD.MASTER(0),DISP=SHR ] [ //OUTPUT DD DSN=AM1P.GD.MASTER(+1),DISP=(NEW,CATLG,DELETE), ] [ // UNIT=AFF=DUMMY,VOL=REF=*.DUMMY,LABEL=(1,SL), ] [ // DCB=AM1P.GD.MASTER ] [ ] [ Figure 80.  Disk and Tape generation data sets 


 Disk and Tape generation data sets 
 Disk and Tape generation data sets 
 Disk and Tape generation data sets 
--> generation data sets IMPLANTED in your brain VIA television



For the atomic social science TRAP to work at its optimum .....it was broadcast as a television series: STAR TREK: the Next Generation and its atomic English language symbolism....using parallel processing concepts.



Allocating External Files: Allocating HUMAN bio-computer Generation Data Sets - SAS

A generation data set (or generation) is a version of a z/OS data set that is stored ... For detailed information about z/OS generations, see your IBM documentation. ... In a JCL DD statement, you can specify either the relative form of the data set ...

Atomic vision via Television -->

Star --> Sun Praire, Wisconsin newpaper
Trek --> Water100, Wisconsin with
................b100d symbolic implants
Next generation --> IBM generation data sets adapted to the human computer



Application Group 1
Captain Picard--> Pic + Card
.............--> cortex Cobol computer language PICTURE clause
.............--> Hollywood Holler/Yell ...Hollerith punched cards
Data --> input Data and output Data
Enterprise --> Oconomowoc, Wisconsin newspaper


Application Group 2
Captain Picard--> Pic + Card
.............--> 52 playing card deck ... BRAND NAME: Bicycle
....................establishing a LINK with word: TREK Bicycle and the
....................UW biochemistry Battle of Water100 with Nelson
.............--> 52 weeks in calender year...card deck TIME secrets
.............--> The decks of Enterprise related to the card decks
Data --> input Data and output Data
Enterprise --> modern biochemistry business ENTER...prize ..atomic ERRORS


Application Group 3
Captain Picard--> Pi = Pier physics..atomic playing cards at FermiLAB
..............--> Fer = ferrous oxide atoms at FermiLAB and atomic English
Data --> input Data and output Data
Enterprise --> the Iron automobile car rental agency and their Ferrous oxide container...with iron Hemoglobin humans inside the atomic IRON automobile shell...and that whole package is within EARTH LAB's ..Computer Earth ..North Pole magnetic field .....Computer Double-word 64 = 32 = 32 research site near Route 64 near Batavia, Illi.nois(e).



Thus we see the algebraic levels of existence..sets and subsets.

Mystery puzzles of everyday life.....George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.....WELCOME to the BRAVE NEW WORLD atomic social psychology analysis methods.....social engineering feedback systems and social process control systems.


Thanks to the   Ferengi   --> the   FermiLAB  engineering secret alias.

L. Ron Hubbard and book Battlefield Earth. Scientology messages about the Batavia Battle with Einstein's Data Field theory -->SCIENCE WARS

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The periodic atomic table government has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic bio-physics humans with a symbolic brain. Such humans are messengers for the atomic/ astronomy continuuum. Consider humans as subset intermediates that live within the EARTH LAB continuum of Sartre existences .........which includes the atomic/astronomy social communication continuum ..... with such books like: CONTACT by agent Carl Sagan.



The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.

Therefore political protests,etc. by humans.....are really atomic protests of the Margaret Mead atomic families VIA the human vehicle /the human.... an atomic feelings expressor /the human atomic messenger.



What are some details of that continuum. Let's consider the 26 electron English alphabet letters of the ferrous oxide atom (iron). The mass comunications messages that orginate in the atom are sent to the iron hemoglobin proteins of a bio-computer output writer such as L.RON Hubbard.
Mass communications is considered as television, radio, movies, book publishing, and newspapers.
That is mass communications is REALLY atomic mass communications ..... via atomic humans such as L. RON Hubbard.

Let's look at this from Nature's point of view ..... it needs messengers to send signals to the few conscious humans with an EARTH LAB gestalt view of human activities and social engineering processes. The signals originate in the CARL JUNG atomic collective unconsciousness (the periodic atomic table collective of thought elements) ...and thru human output writers are printed on cellulose paper (or movies/TV) for distribution to a large audience ....to see which humans have a SRP component.

SRP is the symbolic and biological Signal Recognition Particle. The messengers (such as L. Ron Hubbard) have access to the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthropology family --> atomic social anthropology which includes our atomic human Nature as atomic social science AGENTs. Thus some of the atomic elemnts of life are:





See a chemistry or physics textbook for more details. Every serious adult readers ought have these in his/her personnal reference library. Your high school science and math books (or college freshman textbooks available at college bookstores open to the public) will be useful your entire life .... to help explain the newspapers and books you are reading.


Thus lets consider the atomic / astronomny (astrophysics) continuum.
On the atomic level (small sized electron orbitals exist along with the protons/neutrons atomic nucleus).






On the large scale astronomy level ... the HUBBLE telescope symbolizes astronomy.





Thus we see the parallel between Hubble and Hubbard.
Both systems use LIGHT (sunlight or a light bulb to read books),
both communicate, etc

Now lets consider the symbolic labels, the nouns used.

1st we have the general concept level -->
the atomic / astronomy(astrophysics) continuum which is a vast range ...from small atomic sizes to Solar System sizes and larger.

2nd we re-express the above concept in related words .....
ELECTRON orbitals <- humans->Hubble astronomy ... subset
..,L.......RON ..........................Hubb...a ... giving
...L. ,,,,,Ron Hubb.a + rd = L. Ron Hubbard

--> with rd = RD = Research Development agent for the atomic/astronomy commuications continuum.






Thus we see his proper noun identifier ....

L.RON --> expanded = eLectRON





Thus ...in a sense... we see his atomic authorization code. Now, he wrote in a certain type of language style, etc..... and this remains to be translated into everyday normal language. More on that later. His identifier name ...expanded into its multi-dimensional meanings.



Hubbard --> Hubb --> comunications Hub ...such as descibed in data processing routing system textbooks ... this is accomplished by his book messages

Hubbard --> Hubb --> also is a LINK to the HUBBLE astronomy projects ..... and their extended SCIENCE WAR messages ..... such as the book HUBBLE WARS.
The Hubble Wars - Book Review
The Hubble Wars - Astrophysics Meets Astropolitics in the Two Billion Dollar Struggle over the Hubble Space Telescope by Eric J. Chaisson 250 pages ...





Combine Hubbard + Hubble WARS ...we see the synergy message ...as intended by the atomic subliminal MIND nature of L.RON + Eric Chaisson(num.ERIC math agent).
What is the new signal?
Its components:

Hubbard --> Hubb + area + rd and the $2 Billion project

Hubb --> Hubble(ton of EARTH), Wisconsin

Area Rd --> area WEST RD (Road) ..parallel to WEST ROAD Cambridge University astrophysics site.
Cambridge University, England and their supreme intellectuals deny the existence of such matters. They now live in a COMPUTER EARTH system 370 VSAM geography data set prison CA = Control area. Thus the brain prisons of CA= CAmbridge, England and CAmbridge, Massachusetts, USA. Both geography regions have institutions that have violated the communication bridge HONOR laws of intellectual existence. Later, more about L.RON Hubbard's message about the SKULL wars (see the cover of one of his books).

2 Billion --> Base 2 Computer Earth system 370 with the Tale of 2 Cities ....
Water100, Wisconsin and Watertown, Wisconsin ..... EARTH symbolic life representing the water molecule ..molecular weight 18.





The book TITLE for
Bat = Battlefield -->
Bat intellectual war region --> Batavia, Illinois, FermiLAB physics and Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory/application ...... gives us keywords:

Bat Field --> Battle Field ......with the example of the EVANS FIELD House atomic anthropology battle at Cole Hall, NIL, DeKalb, Illionis. The Department of Energy and all agencies and universties decided to NOT communicate the details of this Margaret Mead nuclear family tragedy ....about year 1955 MIT book by DR.Robley D. EVANS " The Atomic Nucleus".

Biased atomic brain cells have created the Hierarchy Problem in physics, bio-physics, and physics symbolic life. Biased thinkers think that a LIE using de BrogLIE wavelengths becomes the truth. EM --> Electromagetic EM life formats known as EMbassy officials and University EM.ployess have violated the proton protocol laws of physics life. George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Rudolf Carnap already covered this language problem ... the word twisting problem.

But universities insist that arrogant intellectual poker playing is the
best-policy in the SCIENCE WARS .......consequently the atomic English language shooting at Virginia TECH and the battle of the European LIE and Bull-stories at LIE.ge, Belgium.

Thus we have the ONE-WAY communication brain cells. However, in year 2012 ...Nature expects bi-directional diplomatic communications on serious matters; but, this is not possible.

However, authors like L.RON Hubbard helped penetrate the secret veil that these biased groups hide behind. Unfortunately, they don't realize that the string physics announcements are about them ......that they are NOW atomic human puppets in the string theory THEATER OF WAR .... in the modern version of William Shakespeare " The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".

What secret messages exist ....embedded in the ELECTRON language book of L.RON.
A few examples of the vast amount of work that awaits translation into the updated VIEW of world affairs and events.







Above we see some clues:

PART I --> Particle physics theater ...with the atomic human player ....the actor or PART played by the ODDONE in this vast drama of NATURE. Oh, he plays the PART of PARTICLE physics director at FermiLAB..... 1/2 of his indi.DUAL life ... (actually a very hard job requiring alot of thought about complex problems) and the other 1/2 of the ODDONE exists in the atomic mass communications system ..... such as his symbolic role as ODO (algebaric subset of ODDONE) on Deep SPACE NINE television, with the Ferengi = FermiLAB engineering. A rather slick message processing system thay have. And Bajor --> Batavia job orders.

Thus what is an in.divi.DUAL at the FermiLAB nuclear anthropology RD site?
Duality of the laws of nature
Far from claiming to make "the contradiction disappear" which Max Born thought could be achieved with a statistical approach,de Broglie extended wave-particle duality to all particles (and to crystals which revealed the effects of diffraction) and extended the principle of duality to the laws of nature.



phrase --> his yellow orbs ....orbs = orbitals


The Computer EARTH system 370 ..... BAL.timore geography data processing Region --> BAL CLI instuction.
BAL = Basic Assembler Language
CLI = Compare Logical Immediate ....thus we see the bio-computer President CLI (Clinton) getting involved in the Computer Earth WAR in the BAL region of Yugoslavia in 1994...the BALKANS.
Thus we see the book BATTLEFIELD EARTH .....correctly provide clues to the TRUE NATURE of world affairs .... instead of the shallow descriptions printed in newspapers.





L. Ron Hubbards subliminal mind REQUEST for a SCIENCE translator ...like myself.
We see that Scientology and several other factors converged ..... and now the combined factors are known as the SCIENCE WARS. I believe, if L. RON HUbbard was live today ....he would contact me to see if we could work together ...... and clarify some of the issues in world.
A clear thinking view of Nature's social engineering problems with subset human institutions is a prerequiste to a solution.






Above, page 160 --> atomic mass 16 0 = oxygen atomic computer page ....Base 16 hexadecimal message from the LU = Logical Unit = LUNG of bio-computer agent L .RON Hubbard. 
His b100d plasimid ..... had
.........d p --> data processing abilities

His message --> find data on the western mountains --> West Road 
His message " Well" head --> water well --> Watertown and agent familiar with H.G. Wells and the 1897 book " War of the Worlds" ... a precusor to " Battlefield Earth".

L.Ron Hubbard probably read the book " War of the Worlds" ...and this helped his mind slowly develop the newer concepts used in " Battlefield EARTH".

Likewise, I am indebted to many past authors ...whose works enabled my mind to grow and extend their concepts ..... which was their wish ...which was their intention .... that some day, some one would carry on their quest, their search to advance our understanding of society.





Thus we have the basis .....for a new, updated VIEW of his message.
If we work together .... we can solve the PUZZLE that is embbedded within his books ... which would include Scientology and Dianetics.




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