The secret social science command languages used by Hollywood and others.

Magnum PI television, FermiLAB, and the Chicago Navy Pier electromagnetic wave component of the SCIENCE WARS

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The atomic mass expresses itself thru mass communications systems such as movies, television, radio,newspapers, magazines, and the INTERNET. EARTH LAB has various expressions of atoms and mathematical structures.
A cellulose OAK tree is such a structure,
Computer Earth system 370 has Nature's   BALD Eagle for Basic Assembler Language version D for  bird watchers, etc.

A modern expression of atoms and mathematical structures is the composite EARTH LAB experimental specimen labeled: HUMAN with a symbolic computer. This atomic bio-physics processor is amendable to Nature's research projects. The atomic computer INTELLECT processor has atomic bio-physics output writers in Hollywood that prepare atomic report scripts.

Thus lets look as an outline of the messages broadcast by TV show: Magnum PI
actor: ATOM   Shell human name
..........TOM   S  ell eck


Magnum, P.I. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_P.I.
Magnum, P.I. is an American television series starring Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum, a private investigator living on Oahu, Hawaii. The series ran from 1980 ...





--> the North Pole magnetic field..flow lines interact with the human IRON hemoglobin and its protein societal thoughts.






The magnetic field flow lines.....(a curious magnetic LIFE format) .... had a desire to learn about floating point numbers (scientific notation) used by engineering students with FORTRAN computer language. Thus the Darwinian adaption of Fortran floating point numbers from a copper wire computer Fortan floating point numbers in the magnetic field-->
hence the word ..... Magnum --> Mag + num --> Earth geo-physics magnetic NUMBERS of the North/South pole and the Earth iron core with its 26 proton 26 atomic English alphabet.


Why Magnum PI? Well, Nature is trying to send a message to a
leading FER --> Ferrous oxide atomic research location; supposedly
named FER = in.FER thought --> Ferrous oxide atomic language
thougths at FER.miLAB.



Thus the magnetic FERRY secret communications method.
Such is not the case. None the less...the message exists:


Magnum PI -->
Magnetic Numbers Pi = Pier O --> Chicago Circle Campus -->
original campus at Navy Pier with wave mechanics of Lake Michigan.


Update needed by Nature ....waiting in year 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012,2013.
What is status of the project?

Why the Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology ...wave mechanics battle at OCEAN Class at Cole Hall, DeKalb?

Such are the subtle messages of atomic mass communications via mass media: television, radio, print?

FermiLAB physics - secret broadcast message systems: Deep Space Nine

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Here are some clues...just revealed by the Nature's periodic atomic table government SECRET projects group....that has Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family anthropology agents ..atomic HUMANS.....doing research in atomic brain thought processes and their atomic social expressions.

How are these messages identified?

Watch television show Deep Space Nine...and its atomic continuum communications THEORY that is of little interest to theoretical physics. None the less, many science students would like to learn about atomic humans and their secret EARTH LAB specimen identifier labels.


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (sometimes abbreviated to ST: DS9 or DS9) is a science fiction television series set in the Star Trek universe. The show is set in the ...

Thus the theory of parallel processing /
super-symmetry atomic mass communications .....  a double-helix version of ENGLISH proper nouns -->



Atomic television show --> ST.Charles(Darwin), Illinois area

Odo --> expanded to ODDONE
Ferengi --> FermiLAB engineering
Bajor --> Batavia job orders + country of Bahrain
Dax --> Data axons (inside symbolic brain)
Quark --> Quantum Rook (modern brain cell chess game gametes)
Worm Hole --> wo + rm + Hole --> TWO rooms Hole
Benjamin Sisko --> Benjamin Lewin atomic Genes



Pier Oddone to retire as Fermilab director | symmetry magazine
Aug 2, 2012 – The Fermi Research Alliance (FRA) Board of Directors, which manages and operates Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, announced that ...


Below, super-symmetry bio-physics ...
Odo and a sample of  Ferengi 



The WORD concept puzzle for the reader...
1) 1990/1991 Pentagon has the Kuwait and Iraq conflict
2) nearby are quantum states(states equivalent to countries)
......Bahrain with subset word Brain
......United EM.irates (electromagnetic formats of human LIFE)


3) what does TV female character MAJOR ???? represent/symbolize
in that parallel EARTH military action in KuWait and Iraq?



The above question contains the answer clues.


Now the atomic (BAT.TLE Fields) are LINKED to BAT --> BATAVIA, Ill/sick atomic noise RD center.

Now the invisible atomic quantum states of the periodic atomic table government may be involved in a Margaret Mead nuclear anthropolgy WAR --> finds visible expression thru atomic human representatives .... on the EARTH geography surface...the physical world of human daily affairs. Thus atomic social policy conflicts are transformed to EARTH LAB military conflicts such as KuWAIT and Iraq.

What are the Carl Jung ATOMIC atomic collective unconscious message LEVELS about that conflict.




Thus we have the battles at the atomic continuum level....which
works its way up a molecular thought STRING (bio-chemistry --> social chemistry) and then reaches the atomic human brain....and its Jungian collective MINDS.....and they may (or may NOT) get converted from symbolic WAR into physical WAR.
This we inFER via the FER.mi.LAB atomic continuum battlefield reports ..that are routed by atomic mass systems atomic mass communications agents --> oxygen atomic computer base 16 System 370 output writers in Hollywood.....thus the script and show: DEEP SPACE NINE.

Deep Space NINE --> 9 data bits =
8 data bits + 1 parity bit for error checking
.......AND Solar System 370 computer
8 major planets + 1 error checking PLAN--> Planet Uranus




This we have the atomic battlefield TV equation as:

Major (Battlefield) (female name)

--> quantum state/country + quantum state/country.



Take the clues given earlier and complete the concept equation.
Proposed answer at bottom of BLOG.

Thus using the Earth geography MAP and its events.....we can see the internal MAP of the periodic atomic table government. Here, we find some basic calculus is needed as ..per SECRET AGENT at CALTECH math department .....known by his full expaned name as:

ATOM MAP AP= AstroPhysics POST office letter ...subset name
..TOM M. AP POST.o......l..--> Tom M.Apostol ....


The PST TIME agent for the AstroPhysics space/time war zone in VSAM CA = Control area data spece of CA.LIFO.rnia.
Book... BLACK HOLES and Time Warps(t) provides clues
................................PST = Pacific Standard Time.

Thus we have the atomic <----> astrophysics continuum MAP of mathematical-physics LIFE and also the logarithms from MAX BORN physics of Logan, Universe EARTH LAB geography location in Utah.


Thus the TV show has provided REAL clues about understanding that conflict.
Do we have a BATTLE between electromagnetic television and your eye/optical NERVE? YES.
You have LOST that brain battle; now you must figure out how to restore/fix you symbolic brain.
FermiLAB can't solve the HIERARCHY PROBLEM ...since they are trying to circumvent the
Atomic Anthropology Balance LAWS of Nature.



The atomic country of PERU = PER + U = Periodic table element U = Uranium finds it interesting that the human HIERARCHY approves of the biased atomic anthroplogy policies....hence a PROBLEM.


Basic algebra, genetics, physics,etc books contain the self-education symbolic medicine needed for your brain bio-computer processor.



Major (Battlefield) (female name) --> quantum state/country + quantum state/country.

Major (Ba......) (K + ira) --> KuWait + iraq

Major (Bajor) (Kira)


Thus you see how the CIA and Pentagon....use television to broadcast military SIGNALS to their Batavia undercover field agents ......that is Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory about the atomic computer data field .......the modern hidden anthropology battle field.

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