Modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family with Margaret Thatcher

FALK iron gear insurance study

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The atomic social science life of ferrous oxide.


The Falk iron gear factory, Milwaukee, Wisconsin natural gas    data    pipeline  explosion on Wednesday Dec 6.2006 is explainable as an astrophysics event. The physics/ astrophysics explanations are under various headings and technical languages:
1) GUT = Grand Unified Theory
2) TOE = Time Order Entry TOE = Theory Of Everthing
3) Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD Theory



2006 Falk Corporation explosion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Falk Corporation is a company that manufactures large industrial gears, ... It is based in Menomonee River Valley, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is owned by ...
The 2006 Falk Corporation explosion refers to a large and fatal propane gas explosion at the Falk Corporation facility in the industrial Menomonee River Valley neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, on December 6, 2006. Three people were killed and forty-seven others injured. Cars were reportedly flipped through the air and debris scattered over several blocks.[1] The circumstances surrounding the disaster are being investigated. To date, the investigation has uncovered multiple leaks in a pipe running below the building at the center of the explosion, which supplied propane to the heating system for the complex. Several parties involved in the explosion have launched legal action in connection to the accident.

The Falk factory had a gas pipeline leak. The subsequent natural gas explosion caused over $100 million in property damage and 3 employee deaths. The casualty insurance reports and government accident reports give a description of the most directly observable factors of the astrophysics catastrophe. The reports provide an accurate database for sophisticated analysis. Advanced algorithms and specialty techniques uncover fundamental components of the event: the CAUSE --> EFFECT chains leading up to the event. PROJECT PLAN Z explanations of the Falk accident are important to the world-wide insurance industry. They need an up-to-date actuarial database that reflects quantum reality; so they can properly price the QUANTUM RISK component of an accident.

The BLOG titled " The IRON LADY - Margaret Thatcher" contains a reference to FALK iron gear, the Falk relationship to COMPUTER EARTH and the I/O PORT of Milwaukee errors. The BLOG and WEB-SITE section "Puzzles and Riddles' contains a reference to the FALKLAND Islands WAR. These are clues, interwined in a string theory physics network; eventually these small partial clues add together --> and accumulate to give insight to the quantum structure of MOTHER NATURE and an accident/war event like Falk.


Let's look at the BLOG clues............


FALKLAND ISLANDS and FALK manufacturing island in Milwaukee.

1982 FALKLAND Islands WAR - the IRON LADY
2006 FALK Milwaukee,Wis. ---- the IRON GEAR



The 26 protons of iron sent an explict message to industry in YEAR 26 = year 2006. The iron core COMPUTER EARTH geology event components are:

Base 16 Hex'FA' 1K data stream for the I/O computer PORT of Milwaukee experienced failures--> failure to upgrade city of Milwaukee to the YEAR 2000 STANDARD MODEL physics requirements of Y 2K --> 2K data stream ability.


Hex'FA' = 250 at Falk iron gear.





The event
of Wednesday December 6.2006 involved SYSTEM 370
Logical Unit = = = > LU 6.2 data stream gas data pipeline error.

The Falk casualty insurance reports are INCOMPLETE; when viewed from GRAND UNIFIED THEORY of physics.





Falk iron gear is a subset of a very complex battle on PLANET EARTH. Several other empirical data components are involved; pieces of an interesting puzzle. Authors,scientists, iron engineers, curious serious individuals, Milwaukee universities, and insurance companies could help me take the collected data and formulate an official Falk theory/model of this new insurable accident FORMAT--> and write the more comprehensive picture of this Falk event.

The periodic atomic table government military alliance comprised of the iron atom AND the North Pole magnetic field. The terrestrial magnetism political science Hierarchy Problem. WAR casualties of FermiLAb and world Federal governments.

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The 11-dimensions of string theory help explain modern existence with iron, magnetic fields and gravity field life. Have you been stringed along by the rope subset word of euROPE?




Grand Unified Theory (GUT) includes the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ..... that is atomic social anthropology, atomic political science, atomic social psychology, etc. Hence, the periodic atomic table government and the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family VIEW of life.

The human is composed of atoms.
Humans have thoughts.
Thoughts must have an origin.

Therefore atoms are the origin of thought.







What is an example of the periodic table of elements and Darwinian evolution of atomic messengers?
Thanks to modern particle physics and their research and the basic college textbooks in chemistry and physics .....that do an excellent job of clearly explaining the basic concepts .... we can understand our atomic heritage ..our atomic history and the atomic social philosophy messages.




Thus we see 26 protons and its atomic English language of 26 alphabet letters.
Let's see if we can construct a professor.

Male professor's exist with 2 or more formats:
1) his physical format along with his education,etc.
2) his symbolic format ....Hollywood versions, a hybrid version,
or the periodic atomic table authorized integrity version

The construction process.....
1) physical format described in biochemsitry textbooks
2) atomic elements and their thoughts.....

the atomic English language professor equation -->

Pro + fe + essor --->

protons of nucleus +
fe = ferrous oxide 26 protons +
essor --> electron sub-shell orbitals







An example of Nature's design of an atomic human ...are the very intelligent gentleman who are involved with FermiLAB and related agencies. We notice in the above table, that orbitals are odd integers = one

Thus in a sense, we begin to understand the atomic Hierarchy.

--> name pier implies pi = 3.14159 --> 3 --> 3 p orbital spokesperson

--> name Odd + one implies odd integer math life orbitals 1,3,5,7,9 .....


Oddities | Ripley's Believe It or Not!






Odd +  i  + ties 


Odd interface ties to Pier Oddone  

The Department of Energy has the SECRET of Secret.ary Steven Chu.

--> name Steven = St + even --> START even integers math space

Thus adding the 2 symbolic names together ...we get Nature's atomic math life..... the integer continuum ...that Nature has recently recognized as having communications problems.

One question the EVEN integer oribitals exist AND what occupies the EVEN integer.
Steven equation --> ST + even --> Symbol  thoughts of even integer orbitals.





At the other end of sizes ...we have the large EARTH LAB and it's magnetic field.




Thus we have the atomic/Earth magnetic field continuum with humans sandwiched in the middle.

Atomic thoughts <-  human intermediates->   Earth magnetic field




What is a good Earth Lab geography region to study ....of magnetic field activity .....
that is magnetic field social activity, business magnates, legal magistrate, and
magnetic field politics VIA the iron Hemoglobin proteins expressions within experimental magnetic field structures labeled HUMAN.


bus bus ...magnetic field COMPUTER EARTH system 370 and the North Pole magnetic data field tapes (Nixon tapes test).
Andrew Carnegie was a business magnate in the iron/steel business.
Thus we see ...that NATURE has partitioned the human species into various sub-species

- magnetic field interaction humans
- music/ear sound wave humans
- atomic extensions known as physicists
- food people and 4 star restaurants
- Hollywood and the secret neurotransimtter screen TESTS
- astrophysics LOGARITHM life formats from Logan, Utah
- etc.

Thus we think of the human ZOO equation
Z = atomic number and OO = Oxygen molecules of the LUNG
Thus according to Einstein's theory of relative positions and views ....
an observer in the periodic table of elments ...looking outward at the human structures..... would see a variety of ANIMALS ....
using the bio-physics ANIMAL equation
ANIMAL = AN + I + Mal(e) ..... giving
Atomic Number Interface Male ....
thus the Brookfield ZOO in the Chicago area ..... with FermiLAB, UC, and IIT
allows comparative studies of
atomic elephant theory and relationships-->
elephant = ele + ph + ant --> elementary physics anthropology

Margaret Mead nuclear family ...atomic social anthropology in year 2012.





What is a legal magistrate?
What is the human biochemsitry relationship to the NORTH POLe magnetic field and the EARTH government of Nature.

What was the iron TWO TOWERS tragic message about ...the Manhattan Project bio-physics tragedy of Sept 11, 2001. Does the Heme group Fe(ii) ion (Fe two towers ion) have a message about the humans in the WORLD Trade Traitor Center (Center of Mass ...see physics book for details).

Sept 11, 2001 SIGNAL about 11 degreesMagnetic Field of the Earth
Magnetic Field of the Earth. The Earth's magnetic field is similar to that of a bar magnet tilted 11 degrees from the spin axis of the Earth. The problem with that ...

Earth's magnetic field - Wikipedia
Earth's magnetic field (also known as the geomagnetic field) is the magnetic field ... the field of a magnetic dipole tilted at an angle of 11 degrees with respect to ...

Thus Washington, DC human dipole diplomats ought recognize EARTH existence and Nature signals.

So why are all these science details OMITTED from the World Trade Center analysis reports?

One would think that the Fe = Federal government and the Office of Science would be aware of the existence and possible role of Fe = iron AND magnetic field CONFLICT .... asa CAUSE and the EFFECT is the 2 IRON Towers tragedy.

And what secret PLOT information may be contained in the BOOK:
The Two Towers - Wikipedia,
The Two Towers is the second volume of J. R. R. Tolkien's highfantasy novel The Lord of the Rings. It is preceded by TheFellowship of the Ring and followed ...

So, we have accelerator Rings at Fer --> Ferrous oxide atom logic inFER --> FermiLAB AND we have ferrous oxide iron Towers ...
........Tolkein's high ....
death toll high building --> book TWO Towers signal



All these CLUES ...cryptic pieces of a puzzle ...that so many people LACK curosity about.
Strange ...this complete lack of curosity !!
Are they hidding a secret society?









Let's look at a terrestrial magnetic field WAR ZONE and the signals for Wisconsin and Illinois area scientists. Specifically....

terrestrial magnetic field
.......trial magnetic field
......magnetic field

terrestrial magnetic field




Let's look at MIlwaukee, Wisconsin and
Madison, Wisconsin and the Northern half of the State of Illinois which includes
Chicago, Argonne National Labs, Batavia ( FermiLAB ), and DeKalb, Illinois (Northern Illinois University).








What are the terror events that involve
Nor --> North Pole magnetic field battles with
the South Pole magnetic field VIA human iron carriers

Nor --> North Pole battle signals





==> Norberg ...Milwaukee Policeman involved with the Tallahassee Magnetic Lab with Florida State University, University of Floroida (Gainsville), Los Alamos and others.

Battle paramter list -->
- B H magnetic field symbols --> Bradely High School

- shooting near Florida Street and Mineral Street(Iron)

- Shooting at 2nd street --> 2 magnetic field poles



==> Northern Illinois University shooting at Cole Hall
The wave mechanics message from the Oceanography class AND
Dr.Robley D. Evans book -->
the Atomic Nucleus sites:
Evans Field House, DeKlab, Illinois
and Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois.






==>Security guard dead, 5 others wounded in shootings across Chicago ...
Oct 7, 2011 – The 51-year-old guard was shot about 9:40 p.m. in. ... the 5500 block of West North Avenue in the North Austin neighborhood, authorities said.

chi-south-side --> message for UC intellectuals...
Chic ...south side



5500 block SIGNAL ...North Avenue........
IRON atomic weight 55.85
and the COMPUTER EARTH system 370
North Pole magnetic data field block of Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory.

Atomic message from 5500 Block to South 56th Street
chi-south-side --> message for UC intellectuals.
Are your iron Hemoglobin proteins educated?
Do your myoglobin proteins have iron awareness?








Iron atomic mass message from 5500 Block North Avenue ...

Route 64 (Doubleword 32 + 32) West to
St.Charles Darwin region with

Geneva --> Gene + Va --> Atomic Genetics + VA interaction area
to Ferrous oxide bio-physics structures near
IRON atomic mass identifier Route 56.





We have mentioned a few signals ...clues to the Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic puzzle of Fer = FermiLAB and various Fe = Federal iron hemoglobin bio-physics governments in the world ...... that deny the existence of the periodic atomic table abilities AND denying the ability of EARTH to think.
Here we see the military defense actions of the EARTH government using the iron atom/Hemoglobin relationships and the North Pole magnetic field life media .... the same media/dimesnion that business magnates use and Chicago magnet schools use, etc.
What else is new in the world of secret societies?




Perhaps someone may help Nature understand itself .... via understanding more about the Margaret Mead atomic families and atomic anthropology Hierarchy Problem.
Understanding more about the magnetic field MAP of magnetic human event siganls .....would be a great help. What are some of those IRON/magnetic field ...human interaction messages?

- The Polish IRON shipyards of 1985 and the Solidarity Movement signal -->
Solid state physics movement ..... message to the Chicago POLE community of the largest in the world outside of Europe.

Chicago NORTH Avenue with Chicago human POLE
in 1984 is a NORTH POLE secret agent secret ...they won't work on the project

But in 1984 they eat at the
data BUS (Busy Bee restaurant)
with Henry (physics impedance)
on Damen Avenue (Dam = Direct Access method) underneath
the Chicago El tracks (elemenatry physics elevated subway line)
near Milwaukee Avenue and Flat Iron Building......
Mil + wa + u + Kee(y) and the sub-way elevated ...
Milky Way Universe Ke2y ..sub-level of Milky WAY galaxy.

Someday, the Chicago Poles may aquire consciouness of the world around them ..I could use some of knowledge help.
- Falk iron gear accident in Milwaukee is a SIGNAL
fromt the ancient iron life of the iron Hittites to
the Falk/Rexnord president of year 2006 ..... that ought acknowledge his iron hemoglobin heritage.

The entire industry of metal-working in the Milwaukee region will NOT help understand this message
NOR will the newspapers help
NOR will the univeristies help .....but the shooting of policeman Norberg in the magnetic field wars is blamed entirely on Julius Burton and Badger GUNS ...the biggest scam, shallow, narrow-minded story ever invented by a city and their thinkers. University approved intellectual dribble in the modern world of year 2012.

Hittites - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Hittite empire reached its height c. the 14th century BC, encompassing a large ... the Hittites were forerunners of the Iron Age, developing the manufacture of ... Before the discoveries, the only source of information about Hittites had been ...

History of the Hittites - Biblical Hittites - Category:
Hittites Iron Age - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The development of iron smelting was once attributed to the Hittites of .... to iron in Central urope is exemplified in the great cemetery, discovered in 1846, ...

British Iron Age - Ages of Man - History of ferrous metallurgy
- Iron Age





Rexnord Falk ----> example --> History of the Hittites

Response to Explosion at Rexnord's Falk Facility ... wrote Bob Hitt, President and CEO of Rexnord Industries, LLC. "[T]he assistance you provided has helped ...




Other signals
- some iron automobile accidents

- some iron ship accidents

- some metal airplane accident like the
RUNWAY 26 SIGNAL from Lexicon, Kentucky
to Fer = Ferrous oxide awareness structure at FermiLAB ...

who apparently are very aware of
Fe = Ferrous oxide Female atomic structures
that is good; but Mother EARTH and her iron core
...according to supersymmetry physics
is also a ferous oxide Female atomic structure.

Because the bio-physics IRON FORMAT seems to dominate the scientific RD attention
they will not inquire about the project:







CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


The IRON LADY - Margaret Thatcher

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PRIME MINISTER Margaret Thatcher - the IRON LADY




THe IRON MAN project and the IRON LADY project are expressions of Margaret Mead nuclear family ferrous oxide atomic anthropology projects. When she was project leader, Margaret Thatcher provided special informtion on FE = FEmale Ferrous oxide atomic biological structures and their social, political expressions. This, along with the ideas of philosopher Herbert Spencer,provides an enhanced view of reality for physics and math social researchers.






Internal IRON Structures
The Myoglobin and Hemoglobin  iron HEME group FE(II) ion has an influence on thoughts,  actions,  and protein social protest  expression actions that cause automobile  accidents and airplane  tragedies.




Casualty analysis reports on complex accidents and events finds that insurance companies need PROJECT PLAN Z special expertise to understand PLAN EARTH in the 21st century.





External IRON Structure EVENT Examples
1) Ford Pinto rear-end auto accident--> iron messenger RNA
2) TWO IRON Towers. World Trade Center Sept 11,2001
3) Falkland Islands(IRON LADY) + Falk (IRON GEAR)

FORD PINTO --> the internal FE(II) ion of ferrous oxide brain thoughts finds external epression via FE(II) Roman numeral II = 2; when 2 external IRON structures known as cars/automobiles interact in an accident. The Ford Pinto rear-end collisions involved 2 IRON automobiles driven by 2 cortex computer subroutine drivers. These brain driver subroutines act/behave/create an accident on data processing instructions from the biological iron HEME group FE(ii) ions present in the myoglobin proteins and the hemoglobin proteins. The FORD PINTO molecular biochemistry events/accidents later involved messenger RNA --> molecular protein social biochemistry lawyer --> R.NADER --> also known in the atomic organic social chemistry law school as Ralph NAder(abbreviation R.NA = RNA). It is important in atomic molecular society LEGAL trials to "know THYself" --> says the THYroid gland of awareness and intellectual prowess.



Messenger RNA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to Eukaryotic mRNA turnover - [edit]. Inside eukaryotic cells, there is a balance between the processes of translation and mRNA decay. Messages ...

Images for the Ford Pinto automobile and the Corvair automobile  ..... super-symmetry messenger rna


Transcription and translation of the automobile collisions and their TWIST signal

Images for mRNA ---> messenger RNA

mr. Ralph NADER
Nader speaking at BYU's Alternate Commencement
Personal details
Born February 27, 1934 (age 79)
Winsted, Connecticut, U.S.
Political party



Ralph Nader ( born February 27, 1934) is an American political activist, as well as an author, lecturer, and attorney.



The legal system of the CORTEX society computer does not recognize the trial errors nor the decision. An updated decision will be announced after year 2009. Insurance companies can avoid liability; if they realize the importance of funding this area of research --> the cause of accidents as expressions of HEME group iron messages to the sociology world. Henry Ford Motor Company and the Ford Trust Foundation are welcome to show wisdom and fund Project Plan Z research. And Ralph Nader is also welcome to participate in this new area of EVENT research.



The 26 protons of the ferrous oxide atomic processor has the 26 letters of the English alphabet

--> hence the iron symbol brain computerwith the dictionary of nouns and verbs. The internal brain intellectual awareness of external iron structures is via the internal HEME iron group Fe(II) of myoglobin and hemoglobin.

2) TWO IRON Towers
TWO IRON Towers in New York City are symbolic of the HEME group FE(II) ion. Thus the Sept 11, 2001 battle involves the GLOB WAR in New York City. THe GLOB WAR of 2-legged structures incoporates the HemoGLOBin and myoGLOBin protein internal battles (disease and cortex HEAD HUNTERs that eat memory -->the Alzheimer's brain cannibal ERROR). Insurance reports are incomplete; they omit this aspect of the molecular social expressions of ERROR. Responsible research trust foundations in New York ought have an intellectual interest in a more complete understanding of the MANHATTAN PROJECT event.




1982 FALKLAND Islands WAR - the IRON LADY
2006 FALK Milwaukee,Wis. ---- the IRON GEAR

The 26 protons of iron sent an explict message to industry in YEAR 26 = year 2006. The iron core COMPUTER EARTH geology event components are:
Base 16 Hex'FA' 1K data stream for the I/O computer PORT of Milwaukee experienced failures--> failure to upgrade city of Milwaukee to the YEAR 2000 STANDARD MODEL physics requirements of Y 2K --> 2K data stream ability. Hex'FA' = 250 at Falk iron gear. The event
of Wednesday December 6.2006 involved SYSTEM 370
Logical Unit = = = = LU 6.2 data stream gas data pipeline error.
The Falk casualty insurance reports are INCOMPLETE; when viewed from GRAND UNIFIED THEORY of physics.

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