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Gravity data field and Magnetic data field processor known as the GM assembly line, JANESVILLE, Wisconsin

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The computer science  life of ferrous oxide  with Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory


Astrophysics COMPUTER SCIENCE - Computer Earth

Basic Assembler Language Computer Program

General Motors is an assembly line of a COMPUTER  EARTH assembly program




The astrophysics global computer war has come to Wisconsin cities:
General Motors, Janesville, Wisconsin
Chrysler engine Kenosha, Wisconsin
Automotive suppliers in the midwest









The Galileo computer system Base 16 Hexadecimal structure of SPACE/TIME includes PLANET EARTH space/time and specifically Wisconsin space/time. Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory provides analytical information for understanding the economic/social context of the GM plant and the iron automotive industry.






GM, when perceived from the physics viewpoint, is a symbolic computer processor with:

G = gravity computer data field that interacts with iron atomic mass in such structures as GM iron atomobiles or the iron myoglobin protein of United Auto Workers labor union workers.


M = Magnetic data field, North Pole interaction with ferrous oxide atoms of life at the iron metal-working facility/factory at magnetic experiment iron location JANESVILLE, Wisconsin December 2008.




An iron fact of life near atomic number 26 HIGHWAY 26 Janesville, Wisconsin = 26 protons of ferrous oxide atomic thought structure with 26 letters of the ironic English proton alphabet. FermiLAB physicist's are Margaret Mead expressions of the periodic atomic table elements of atomic brain economic/social thoughts.



GM assembly line of computer program code. The universe of Wisconsin computer science genetic motors experiment at the General Motors data processing department has an assembly PROGRAM ERROR. Because of the error, the assembly line results in a computer program ABEND/DUMP at the Galileo computer system . . . Janesville computer address location.


Hence the system 370 main frame software issues the instructions to close the automotive factory:

CLOSE Hex'FA' = 250 = Factory Base 16 Hexadecimal




OS/ JCL system 370 main frame America economic/ sociological software detected an error in the JANesville component of the ZinJAN social anthropology project.

The inter-relations of the iron atomic computer have social complexities. The FermiLAB 2008 budget cut was a precursor to the GM ferrous oxide fact/factory budget cut at Janesville. Simple cause --> effect inference--> how molecular biology social economic decisions are made by the IRON Hemoglobin molecular proteins in brain thoughts--> thoughts by hemoglobin IRON about IRON automobiles and the MOTIVE of autoMOTIVE FACT FACTory workers. Is this a FACT of existential awareness?

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