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« The University of Chicago quad - - -> quadratic equation math war --> the exponents battle at the E2 dance nightclub results in mathematical-physics space-time tragedy.Gravity data field and Magnetic data field processor known as the GM assembly line, JANESVILLE, Wisconsin »

The citizen government approved Sept 11, 2001 Manhattan project --> the Trinity Test. The secret S-1 project becomes the secret S-11 project.

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M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In theoretical physics, M-theory is an extension of string theory in which 11 dimensions are identified. Because the dimensionality exceeds that of superstring ...

String theory - Wikipedia
String theory is an active research framework in particle physics that attempts to ..... One such
theory is the 11-dimensional M-theory, which requires spacetime to ...

Applied physics and Margaret Mead atomic anthropology

--> 11-dimensional WAR --> Sept 11, 2001

--> M-theory battlefield --> M = Manhattan spacetime







The Manhattan Project - The Nuclear Weapon
This Manhattan Project predecessor, code named the S-1 project, was headed by Arthur H. Compton. The core group of scientists that would ...

Manhattan Project Chronology | The Manhattan Project: Making the
History › The Manhattan Project Cached - Similar
May 23,1942: The S-1 Executive Committee recommends that the project move to ... Los Alamos, New Mexico as the bomb  laboratory (codenamed Project Y).



Parameters/ project key adjectives/nouns:
--> S-1 project
--> year 1942
--> Laboratory Project Y
--> The project move


Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) is an interesting social engineering test site. A distant astrophysics observer/analyst would VIEW this as the Solar System EARTH LAB.
Thus VIEWED lets use some symbolic tools that help us understand and explain physical events.



Space-time-matter - Hermann Weyl
Science › Physics
Tensors. 33. Tensor Algebra Examples. 43. Symmetrical Properties of Tensors .... 1 Hermann Weyl on Minkowskian space-time and Riemannian geometry 1 .

Space, time, matter -
Hermann Weyl - 1922 - Science - 330 pages
In the Theory of Relativity the time co-ordinate is added as a fully equivalent term to the ... and tensors : this expresses the mathematical constitution of the space ...

Thus let's consider Manhattan project tensors.
--> S-1 project + Ten(sor) = S-11 project

--> 1942 time origination point of Hawking
--> 1942 points to Time Square 42nd Street
--> 42 implies Base 4 exponent 2 = Base 16 hex

--> Laboratory Y evolves to Time project Y2K
--> The project move from year 1942 to 2000/2001






Manhattan Project Chronology |
The Manhattan Project: Making the
History › The Manhattan Project
March 9,1942: ....Roosevelt an optimistic report on the possibility of producing a bomb. May 23,1942:
The S-1 Executive Committee recommends that the project move to the pilot plant stage and build one or two piles (reactors) to ...



Manhattan Project EVOLUTION to year Sept 11,2001.
The S-11 Executive Committee recommends that the project move to the pilot plan stage and build one or two piles  (reactors) to ...

--> The Manhattan project Sept 11, 2001 pilot stage
American Airlines Flight 11 - Wikipedia
Mohamed Atta, an al-Qaeda member and trained pilot, took over the controls. ... The capacity of the aircraft was 158 passengers, but the September 11 flight carried 81 passengers .... Atta completed the final turn towards Manhattan at 08: 43.

Sep 25, 2011 – NYC death toll ... American Airlines Flight 11 is the plane that hit the World Trade ... It was a Boeing 767-223ER on a scheduled flight from Boston to Los Angeles, with 81 passengers, nine flight attendants, and two pilots. LINK ...



Manhattan project EVOLUTION 
--> build one or two piles (reactors) to ...

Thus the TWO TOWERS and became two piles of rubble after the tragedy....
Thus we see the long-term project plans of citizen communities as they play out
The 1942/1943 project plan was reused in year 2001 by the EAST coast intelletcual community.
They are very good at hypnosis. This ability to use bio-computer remote control of other humans was well known in year 1600....a fact published by William Shakespeare
--> The WORLD is a satge and we are the players.

Thus the Manhattan theater district with the National Theater directed a a fantastic TRAGIC play on Septemeber 11, 2001. A world class performance. And the newspaper theater reviews of the event ...... exceeded the all expections of intellectual depth and understanding.

Columbia University, New York University, Yale, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Rutgers also put on a great performance ...... pretending to understand all the dimensions of the tragic event.
To their credit ....they physics and math departments provide some partial insight to the workings of their secret intellectual clubs ..such as the 1976 superysmmetry /parallel processing intellectual experiments in Cambridge Mass and in Cambodia, Asia.

Thus the Schrodinger thought experiment on EARTH LAB .....an EARTH box with the cat dead/alive.



The surface veneer details of the Manhattan project tragedy near Trinity Place are accurate(date, time, place, sequence of events, police and FBi data reports). However, the deeper levels of the Margaret Mead nuclear family .....atomic anthroplogy war event ...have yet come out into the open?

Maybe, someday a newspapers may have the intellectual curosity and editorial integrity to PRINT a more complete outline of TRINITY site of tragic REALITY SIGNALs that occur on EARTH LAB.

What dimension does the New York Times live in?
The New York Times - Wikipedia,
The New York Times is an American daily newspaper founded and continuously published in New York City since 1851. The New York Times has won 106 ...
The current generation of educated people at the New York Times ...may wish to upgrade their perceptions of the known world in year 2012. They have a opportunity ..... or will some other editor recognize the signifance of the TRINITY Place neighborhood on Sept 11, 2001.

M-Theory: The Mother of all SuperStrings :
Welcome to Explorations
M-theory, moreover, may even force string theory to change its name. ... In 11 dimensions, in fact, there are alternate super theories based on membranes as ...

NOVA | The Elegant Universe:
Oct 28, 2003 – Eleven dimensions (on Sept 11,2001) , parallel universes, and a world made out of strings? It's not science fiction, it's string theory. Bestselling author and physicist ...


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