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The periodic atomic table government has various expressions of its atomic computer powers.

The most obvious is the Ox...the work Oxen of life
--> Oxen
--> Oxygen atomic computer weight 16 Base 16 hexadecimal



A more subtle element is the uranium 238 data processing conversion of
238 --> Base 2 exponent 3 = 8 data bits (1 byte). Uranium 238 exists
in the mathematical-physics dimensions of SPACE/TIME. It is a physical solid atom.... but since its exists as a subset within numeric SPACE/TIME is very conceivable that it does computer processing on behalf of NATURE's intellect.







Since atomic humans exist in math spaces and do calculations;
then atomic uranium existing in math spaces might have the same abilities.





Calculations of periodic atomic table HIERARCHY suggest that uranium 238 with its high atomic weight ...also has an important foundation in the continuum of Sartre existentialism and its multi-facted dimensions...including not only physical existences, but math dimensions of life and symbolic life the English alphabet letters and their extensions into words and concepts.

A simple version of the existentialisn....would be:

atomic <-- continuum --> astrophysics

Human agents at the atomic level would be the likes of Leon Lederman, Pier Oddone, and others...who so research and write books ..that help folk like myself... get some clue..about what's happening. Not that I understand everthing...but I might understand 10 percent...which is better that zero.



Human agents at the astrophysics level would be..... characteristic expressions like Stephen Hawking and the mantissa of logarithms from the  LOG Universe (in earth
matheamtical-physics geography terms that is Logan, Utah)...known as Kip S.Thorne. These good gentlemen also help explain things thru their books.


Images for uranium utah

Logan --> an astrophysics logarithms TIME orgination point

Salt Lake City --> the periodic atomic table SALT treaty of sodium chloride with humanoids

Zion --> Z = atomic number input output numeric

Grand Canyon --> part of Grand Unified Theory of geo-physics and physics

Escalante --> Computer Earth system 370 land/ geography   keyboard with the ESC key


Utah's Uranium Boom


Small rail cars loaded with uranium from Atlas Minerals uranium mine

Atlas Minerals uranium mine in typical, remote southeastern Utah country



New Uranium Mining Projects - Utah, USA - WISE Uranium Project

Uranium Watch external link has opened an office in Moab, Utah, at 76 South Main Street, Suite 7. Office hours are generally from 1 to 5, Monday, Tuesday, ...




Now we look at the uranium atomic mind...and its intellectual communications BRIDGE problem.
The BRIDGE problem is how to LINK different FORMATS of existence into 1 architectural entity.




Let's look at the components of the major areas of the continuum.

--> FermiLAB components:
1) the periodic atomic table...thru uranium 238
2) the bio-physics ODDONE related to ODD integers ONE --> 1, 3, .... 5 fingers, 7, 9, SKU11, 13, 15.....

The word ODD integer is a subset of the word GODDESS.
Now the ODD math life integers are controlled by the GODDESS of mathematical existential space on EARTH LAB daily life....hence, FermiLAB seems to have the common number theory symbolic illness..... the....brain cell WA11 math problem.
This molecular cell wall well known by
the number theory song: Comfortably NUMB(er)
by Pink Floyd album ...the WA11 .....
more detailed..the symbolic brain cell WA11

Thus the song Comfortably Numb...Number theory and the Numb-skull problem ....of billions of people on earth. But......theoretical physics can't be bothered ....with their brain processor concerns. Know THY-self says THY Lord...your THY.roid gland.

Now Nature (symbolic GOD) tries to communicate with the GODDESS but
she has a data BIT error --> consequently ....she can be a BIT??

To help solve the problem ...2 probes were created to gather data:
1) Kurt Godel math
2) play Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

Thus Godel and Godot have addressed the Goddess situation.

--> The astrophysics EVEN math integer space ...a subset of the EVENT HORIZON.
For this EVENT HORIZON to work for EARTH LAB events ...agents were designed to be born on even integer years.

Thus EVENT HORIZON ....and the design of
MAX BORN year 1940 THOR --> Viking code
MAX BORN year 1942.Hawk --> Hawking

Thus we see the key numbers 40 and 42...and
EVEN TIME integers..
EVENT ..........

--> their exist 4 DNA nucleotides suggesting that number 4 might be important number in Nature.



We have Time Square 42nd Street.
We have Time agent 1942.
We have TImes Square 42 mirror 24 hour clock.

We have 42 --> base 4 exponent 2 = Base 16 hex
We have 24 --> Base 2 exponent 4 = Base 16 hex

Thus the symmetry physics of these 2 TIME numbers and their covergence to Base 16 hexadecimal
suggests that uranium 238 data processing property may have a hexadecimal LINK.

Repeating.. we have astrophysics TIME common feature suggested:

42nd Street --> Base 16 Hex <-- 24 hours (base 2 exp 4).

Now the Earth is a subset of the astrophysics universe.
Therefore the 4 DNA nucleotides are subset (or set) of the universe.
4 DNA --> dna FOUR --> dna Fourier engineering math functions for social engineering of society

4 DNA --> four may be percived as a double-helix number.
Partitioning word: Four into 2 parts gives --> Fo + ur

Taking our view that the dimensions of Sartre existentialism may be in different FORMATS....we consider the word Four = Fo + ur.

Let Fo --> Base 16 Hex 'Fo' = 240
Let symbol ur = uranium atom 238

The difference betwwen these numbers is even integer Base 2.
Thus word Four is a Bridge mechanism ...LINKING different FORMATS

.........the atomic part of the continuum
(number 1 thru 238) and
...odd integer 239 = HEX'ef' =
..........................ef.fort of math life to get to number 240

............ = 240 start of EVEN Event Horizon intgers
............ = 242 .....

with number 240 equated to agent year 1940
and number 242 equated to agent year 1942

....both agents evolved in the Base 16 hexadecimal dimension to be
Base 16 Hex'Fa" = 250 Faculty members of universities and
Base 16 Hex'Fe' = 254 Feynman scholar......near the edge of hex space 255, 256.

Thus we have the different formats intertwined with information STRINGS....of applied STRING theory .......that help explain our daily lives and our daily events.





Thus the phrase the 38th Parallel ....also include uranium 238....and then the next parallel step/level on EARTH LAB...the higher reaches of hexadecimal math life.


Korean War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 38th parallel increasingly became a political border between the two Korean ....

Looking at the atomic Enlish words ...... we have two countries and the  38th parallel  --> signal possible signal 238 to the Department of Energy and universities.  
Will they acknowledge this possibility in year 2013?

You are now double-crossing uraniun 238 !

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