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Atomic English language questions completeness of the STANDARD MODEL physics explanation of the STANDARD OIL Building error event.

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The STANDARD Model of physics, while a brilliant achievement.....only explains parts of REALITY of EARTH LAB. Using various techniques and symbolic tools and the astrophysics EVENT HORIZON, one can study error events as atomic feedback systems. College textbooks in engineering math, electron circuit theory, and process control systems cover some of the basic concepts needed to understand atomic feedback systems....and their atomic English language message processing systems. Sometimes may take 10 or 20 years..if not longer for an atomic message to be understood by the Margaret Mead nuclear family that exists in the human atomic brain.





The periodic atomic table government has many formats of expression.

--> One such FORMAT are atomic bio-physics structures labeled: HUMAN with a possible symbolic brain data processor with curosity. Such humans may form a CARL JUNG atomic collective group (such Batavia,Illinois theorists and researchers).....with a mission to take the Carl Jung atomic collective unconscious MIND and bring it to the conscious expression with data and symbolic models,etc...and then distribute this atomic consciouness via published books like the "The GOD Particle". Thus these atomic human FORMATS are really representatives for the periodic atomic table government and the STANDARD MODEL of physics.

--> Another FORMAT of the atomic government expressions parallel processing on EARTH ...
is the STANDARD OIL building in Chicago. Thus we have have 2 Standard architectures.....providing a comparision-correlation system....a LINK ....a parallel......
a back-up system to the STANDARD MODEL of physics case physics professors get hypnotized in the SCIENCE WARS......a possibility predicted by books: 1984, Brave New World, etc.
















Thus the super-symmetry physics  of the columns ...  the above 3-dimensional EXTERNAL visible display version of the  atomic table family columns.

Part of the 18 column table shown below. 


From Nature's intellectual point of view with algebraic subset humans, subset educational institutions, and subset research organizations.....which may exhibit intellectual bias and distortion............Nature has constructed alterate back-up systems to bypass the social science propaganda per George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, etc.

The alternate BACK-UP research system of Nature...uses everyday EVENTS of human life and corporate act as a partial parallel to the expensive laboratories that do pioneering research in physics, medicine, chemistry, etc. These RESEARCH LABS are very expensive and cost tens of millions of dollars;
thus NATURE designed an umbrella system that can see OVER ..all these other systems and also see their manipulations and good tricks and nonsense tricks.

Then Nature thru Darwinian selection of symbolic brains...can select older and wiser adult humans (with high-school math/science or more) to be messengers. These messengers ..if they pass the Nature's quality control test miniminize bias and nonsense....may then become
part of Nature's communication processes. Thoreau, Hawthrone, Spencer, Russell, Huxley, Orwell....then expressed messages for Nature.....sometimes in a direct, straightforward language OR using symbolism/ fantasy stories....which contain within a hidden level serious messages.

Thus a reason for the Standard Model...Sartre existential parallel......
Standard Oil Building architecture and its multi-dimensional atomic attributes in Earth designed by Nature without the human bias problem.

The Standard Oil Building in Chicago was completed in 1974. The 80 story building was supported by a steel structure and clad in white Italian Carrra marble panels. After a while engineers noticed that the marble panels were starting to buckle outward. By 1988 thirty percent of the 44,000 panels deflected outward 1/2 inch or more. A few panels fell off the building.
Eventually, the building underwent an $80 million renovation...using Mount Airy white granite from an EARTH Lab NC (Numerical Control)quarry in NC = North Carolina.


Standard Orbital Center

Orbital  alegbra subset -- Oil Center

Aon and Blue Cross Blue Shield.jpg
General information
Type Office
Location 200 E. Randolph St.
Chicago, Illinois 60601,
United States
Coordinates 41°53′07″N 87°37′17″WCoordinates: 41°53′07″N 87°37′17″W
Construction started 1970
Completed 1974
Opening 1973
Cost $120,000,000 (USD)
Architectural 1,136 ft (346 m)[1]
Technical details
Floor count 83 aboveground[1]
5 belowground
Floor area 3,600,000 sq ft (334,451 m2)[1]
Lifts/elevators 50, made by Otis Elevator Company



The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION(Planet Earth) considers Earth as a social engineering experimental laboratory. Astrophysics has a symbolic tool named the: EVENT HORIZON which is useful.

Since EARTH is a subset of the astrophysics universe;
then EVENTS on earth are subsets of astrophysics EVENTS...
and VIA the CONTINUUM ...also,atomic events.

Thus we now look a a combined,amplified VIEW of the situation of Earth Lab

--> STANDARD MODEL of physics
and Standard Orbital architecture theory of existences:
subset word....O..i..l ......of the symbolic universe
thus Standard Oil building/architecture within the atsrophysics LOCAL REGION





Images for standard model physics table


NOVA | The Elegant Universe: Series ... - PBS

Eleven dimensions, parallel universes on EARTH , and a world made out of strings. It's not science fiction, it's string theory.


The standard model parallel building

Looking up 


Images for standard model physics table


from southwest


from south











--> STANDARD MODEL of physics
and Standard Orbital architecture theory of existences:
subset word......ital .....subset of ITALY orbital
language........italian....the Pier brain electron orbital
thus ...white..italian carrerra marble



Failures - Standard Oil - AMOCO Building Marble Facade Failure
Standard Oil - AMOCO Building Marble Facade Failure ... The eighty-story, 1,136-foot Chicago building is supported by a steel structure and is entirely clad in ...



During the mid-eighties, the Amoco Building--formerly known as Standard Oil and now known as the Aon Center--suffered a major failure of its Italian Carrara marble facade. The eighty-story, 1,136-foot Chicago building is supported by a steel structure and is entirely clad in white Carrara marble. The marble was shipped from Italy precut into 50"x45" panels which were bolted to the steel structure.

CICS TS for z/OS 4.2: Resource Definition Guide - IBM
resources, in the CEDA DISPLAY and EXPAND GROUP panels press PF2. To return to the ...... device can use specific screen layouts, or maps. Each map can ...... 8100. 8130/8140 processors with. DPCX. Supported as 3790. 3 on page 339.

Glossary - e IBM Tivoli Composite - IBM
A field (area of a screen or printer page) that can contain alphabetic, numeric .... DPCX. Distributed Processing Control Executive.
An IBM 8100 system control program. ..... The use of a map to produce a panel   from an output record, or an input ...

IBM 3270 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Accordingly, such applications are sometimes referred to as green screen applications. ... 3270 terminals and provided a set of ISPF panels and supporting programs. .... 3268-1 : R-loop connected stand-alone printer for the IBM 8100 system ...

FermiLab has  interesting human ... atomic nio-physics brain research SYMBOL MACHINE specimens.
The atomic ITALIAN language is very interesting ....including its Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology applications and atomic economic applications ....especially bias and distortion.
But they ain't talking people like me.

Thus we have Nature's indirect message processing system...and its messages are ignored.
The message continues as ITALIANs use their secret language for economic voodoo in the atomic automotive industry in the United States.

--> STANDARD MODEL of physics
and Standard Orbital architecture theory of existences:
.................ital .....subset of the major reference
thus .....white..italian carrerra marble
............... italian car subset...with FIAT
Kenosha, Wisconsin and Chrysler Engine purcahse by FIAT
.....and we have the code of SILENCE...of FermiLAB.





Perhaps Italian scientists ought the explain ALDO(us) Huxley BRAVE NEW WORLD experiment in molecular social chemistry with ALDO Muro. The Italian atomic brain manipulation experiment resulted in the death of the Christain DEMO Democrat ALDO M. --> now a martyr of M-theory physics.

But they have no interest in communications theory ..regarding the SCIENCE WARS and the various problems. They follow the orders from the Office of Science.......those who incorrectly claim superiority over the the periodic atomic table government...hence the Hierarchy Problem and the Science War casualties at Cole Hall at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb.

In year 1632 Galileo wrote "Two chief World System".....and FermiLAB and other scientists live in 1 WORLD and refuse to acknowldge the existence of the other 2nd WORLD of EARTH LAB as predicted by Galileo. In year 2011 this is absurd...with all the knowledge clues available in literature .....and college math and science textbooks. These are serious issues that undermine our economy and our intellectual leadership in the world...but who cares? What's on television tonight? Shall we eat pizza or get some hamburgers? Now those are serious thoughts.

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