The Military Command Structure of Nature, Earth, molecules, and atoms

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Nature's copper-wire computer WAR against human bio-computers - - -> how the EARTH space/time continuum military defense structure works against human violators.

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Rd-blog-number2195 Recent advances in copper computer science have enabled NATURE to acquire new military tools to control space/time on the surface of  EARTH ..... that is occupied by humanoids.  Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and its ap… more »

DARPA and the Naval Research Lab experiment with the U.S.S.Cole, October 2001 --> the crystal field splitting in octahedral complexs

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Nature's math and molecular war messages Modern war using Nature's military math and molecules .....messages for universities, the Pentagon and world governments. You have been defeated in the Science Wars.   RD-blog-1508           The… more »

The astrophysics DNA time conflict with the EARTH LAB military DNA codon --> the TAG codon group of the pen.TAG.on

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RD-blog-502 The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION(Planet Earth) is an interesting laboratory. Nature has many DNA engineering and DNA symbolic brain engineering experiments in progress; some involving subset humans and their institutions. These experi… more »

The EARTH Military structure of NATURE, its components and operation - introduction

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The SCIENCE WARS require a new VIEW new be properly understood. As a example..the modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ..... is composed of atomic humans that express atomic social anthropology and atomic economics.… more »

Earth TIME WAR: CALTECH and Pacific Standard Time

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The Earth TIME WARS to control civilization and real estate space / time. Examples of Nature's military forces ....TIME warriors and TIME battles     RD-blog-171 PACIFIC STANDARD TIME zone - CALTECH       The astrophysics time war i… more »

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Herb Zinser's analysis of the SCIENCE WARS. Understanding the various levels of intellectual expression by Nature's intellect is needed to understand modern world affairs. In the context of EARTH LAB social engineering experiments, humans are just subsets of Nature's projects. The Margaret Mead atomic symbolic brain computer PROJECT has problems. The lack of participants with a GESTALT VIEW of world a serious problem. But NATURE and the EARTH government has bypassed these human obstacles.... as a NEW MILITARY is being phased in by NATURE.


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