The Military Command Structure of Nature, Earth, molecules, and atoms
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DARPA and the Naval Research Lab experiment with the U.S.S.Cole, October 2001 --> the crystal field splitting in octahedral complexs

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Modern war using Nature's military math and molecules .....messages for universities, the Pentagon and world governments. You have been defeated in the Science Wars.





The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of new technology for use by the military. DARPA has been responsible for funding the development of many technologies which have had a major effect on the world,





Coordination Compounds
A characteristic feature of the transition metals is their ability to form a group of compounds called coordination compounds, complex compounds, or sometimes ...

Coordination Compounds
One definition of a metal complex or coordination compound is 'a com- ... Although this definition usually works well for coordination compounds, it is not always ...




Crystal Field Theory:
Energy Level SplittingThe Crystal Field Theory experiment illustrates the effects on a metal d orbital .... must have an electronic transition whose energy change is between 1.8 and 3.1 ...

Crystal field theory -
Crystal field theory (CFT) is a model that describes the breaking of degeneracies of ..... Chemistry: The MolecularNature of Matter and Change (4th ed.).

Crystal Field Splitting in Octahedral Complexes Chemistry ...Octahedral Complex Crystal Field Splitting.
The octahedral arrangement of six ligands surrounding the central metal ion is as shown in the figure.

EARTH Lab---> Oct--> October    Octahedral signals















Crystal Field Theory
Crystal Field Theory was developed in 1929 by Hans Bethe to describe the ... Carefully observe how the energies of the orbitals change as the distance ...




The empirical data provided by the distance and approach of the atacking boat.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Around 11:18 local time (08:18 UTC), a small craft approached the port side of the destroyer, and an explosion occurred, putting a 40-by-40-foot gash in the ship's port side according to
the memorial plate to those who lost their lives. According to former CIA intelligence officer Robert Finke, the blast appeared to be caused by explosives molded into a shaped charge against the hull of the boat.

Terrorist Attack on USS Cole: Background and Issues for ... On October 12, 2000, the U.S. Navy destroyer Cole was attacked by a small boat laden with ...


the memorial plate --> orbital plate ... electron war message



Thus we have a brief outline ..that EARTH LAB theorists and reseachers may build upon.
In year 1897, H.G. Wells wrote " The War of the Worlds" ....and here we see an example of such an astrophysics galactic battle on EARTH involving the IRON SHIP (ferry message to FermiLAB ferrous oxoide bio-physics humanoids). L.Ron Hubbard wrote "Battlefield Earth". That war message is about the BATTLE Field --> Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory war and the cover-up by universities and FermiLAB ...that will not discuss FIELD theory and the application problems and student casualties at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University.

The NORTH POLE magnetic field ...field splitting message EVENT of the U.S.S.Cole and the Polish IRON SOLIDS shipyards message EVENT(see Solidarity movement of 1985) ....... are data EVENTS that ought concern the Pentagon, Naval Research Labs magnetic department and their university friends at Florida State University magnetic lab in the HUMAN iron hemoglobin protein INTELLLECTUAL WAR zone with the Tallahasse arrogance Hierarchy Problem of their exclusive Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computers.

While educated intellectuals know better, they pick up that subliminal MIND arrogance attitude from television and the general citizen population ... that could care less about EARTH gestalt processes. But I believe that some professors and graduate students ..... will move beyond the BRAVE NEW WORLD social pscyhology war traps (the internal IRON CURTAIN brain barriers of Heme group Fe(ii) ion) ..... and help understand what is happening.


The periodic atomic table government of Nature has existed for millions of years ..... and built dinosauers and monkeys. Then Nature's biochmeistry designed a humanoid ..... and then it started brain cell projects with symbolic content of nouns, verbs, math equations, etc.

Thus Nature has the Earth Fe = Ferrous oxide Fe = Federal governments and its many expressions.
Nature's vast intellect has social engineering projects involving subset humans and their subset institutions and subset Fe = Federal governments and subset Fe = FermILAB research labs.
However, these modern advanced entities have forgotten their humble atomic orgins AND refuse to recognize the Hierarchial structure of existences.
Hence, the IRON WARS and the Fe = Feed Citizens .... digestive system mentality of the Federal government and Georgetown restaurants all approved by IVY league college philosophy --> the only purpose of brain life to to eat and then later use the BAT room.

Batavia physics explains why modern washroom toilets use Ferengi engineering and Jet Propulsion Labs .... jets of water .....water molecule accelerator rings that take large particles and place them into brownian motion VIA rotation around in a interior circle at high speed ...........oh! -->thats the supersymmtery physics / parallel processing model of circular accelerators ...... a BAT Bathroom model for the average man like myself ...who had PSSC physics in high school and does remember a few things about the wave tanks/ripple tanks.

National Science Foundation experiments ......  evolution audit trail ....

- Nixon, Watergate and the plumbers
- Reagan and Hickley and Schmit bottled water brand
- Clinton and Whitewater Wisconsin travel agency
- NIU Oceania shooting at U.S.A COLE ... a naval research battle signal in DeKalb, Illinois?

These are complex puzzles that can only be understood by atomic human brain communications ....... with a goal to understanding the signals being sent by Nature's various molecular forcess and processes ...and their relationhip to human society.



Oh! The Stanford Linear accelerator supersymmetry experiement used the California Highway system, the State police and ...then used the atomic structures ..
- an atomic human driving
- an atomic TOYOTA auto with a gasoline pedal (accelerator)
- and a LINEAR concrete/cement/black top highway ....

Thus the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet earth)
linear accelerator experiment with
CALTECH and the University of California.
Of course, knowbody knows anything about quantum possibilty theory.

Is Princeton university aware of earth events?
Does the University of Chicago have curosity to know what's happening?
Does Columbia University study the Base 2 binary war of the TWO Towers?

None of the above groups will establish communication LINKs with down-to-earth thinkers.
Empircal data is irrevalent .....
one must be a CULT member of the fa.CULT.y .... per George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.

Hail Brave New World!
Hail the George Orwell Oceania shooting at NIU oceanography?
Hail proganada of television and newspapers.

Thus we see the intellectual prison that is self-created; a process those authors thried to warn us about.




The secrets of Margaret Mead nuclear family ....atomic political science and atomic message systems atomic humans that enjoy incomplete and biased explanations of REALITY events. The deeper levels of M-theory physics society and the 11 dimensions ..... who cares?

Any line ...and story line is okay .....the BULL-story line that the National Science Foundation feeds their ignored undercover student agent...identifiers " PSSC Book #85 with E85 gasoline BP = Base Pair project with BP = British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico ...
1960 Sarasota High School PSSC physics and the Far Horizon Resort, Longboat Key (Viking vector coordinates EARTH project) ..... BP....the living EARTH cell genetics vbiolation by National Science Foundation and educational system rackets ....

- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Deepwater Horizon oil spill (also referred to as the BP oil spill, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the BP oil disaster, or the Macondo blowout) is an oil spill in the ...




Deepwater Horizon --> Deep undercover agent Watertown, Wisconsin and the Far Horizons Resort with special astrophysics authority code "Event HORIZON" per Stephen Hawking/ Gibbons. The University of Cambridge will not help explain the British Petroleum EVENT HORIZON tragedy at astrophysics EARTH LAB site known as --> Deepwater Horizon .... and the Base pair relationship to the Far Horizons LU =Logical Unit X --> Luxury Resort.

The X-Men books/movies (math equation agents X,Y,Z variables) and CalTECH agent LOGAN ...are not interested in astrophysics LOCAL REGION event messages. Thus it's up to amateur scientists to form a group and help me to figure out these puzzles. Thus the absence of university ineterest ........provides the lesser beings an opportunity to study and think.
The Naval Research Lab ougth study the world someday. All adult males do naval research in the bedroom using the HEAD .........but some men ought advance to the 2nd HEAD (the skull) ...... and then think beyond the social psychology world of manipulation and tricks.

Lewis Carroll warned all of us in year 1865 with his comments.
LEWIS Carroll from year 1865 ..Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?
The LEWIS Carroll EARTH LAB message:

"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheeredand was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..   with STRINGS: into this they slipped
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it).
I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice."

String theory - Wikipedia
String theory is an active research framework in particle physics that attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity. It is a contender for a theory ...

M-theory - Superstring theory - History of string theory

History of string theory 
History of string theory 
History of string theory 
History of string theory 


and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. with STRINGS.
Maybe, someday ...physics and chemistry theorists will consider ...that I and Nature's string theory undercover agents in Margaret Mead atomic anhtropology might not like be STRINGED along by university approved ...... atomic social science department nonsense and tricks.




Hey, don't feel bad ..... I was over 56 years old ...before I understood the possibility of those sentences. Then books like BRAVE NEW WORLD, the INVISIBLE MAN, 1984, the IRON MASK (see FermiLAB about Dumas applied atomic literature) ...then the books seemed to make pieces of a puzzle...things slowly fell into place. Also,since I have brain symbolic defiencies, I needed Cliff Notes (or equivalant published explantions) to understand the hidden symbolism.



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Herb Zinser's analysis of the SCIENCE WARS. Understanding the various levels of intellectual expression by Nature's intellect is needed to understand modern world affairs. In the context of EARTH LAB social engineering experiments, humans are just subsets of Nature's projects. The Margaret Mead atomic symbolic brain computer PROJECT has problems. The lack of participants with a GESTALT VIEW of world a serious problem. But NATURE and the EARTH government has bypassed these human obstacles.... as a NEW MILITARY is being phased in by NATURE.


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