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String theory ..... the information FABRIC of society signals .... EARTH empirical data events

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Herb Zinser's Social Science WAR analysis reports Herb Zinser's information string analysis of the SOCIAL SCIENCE wars Herb Zinser STRING THEORY physics applications to Sarte existentialism Wisconsin and its Science War profile Biochemistry a… more »

List of the Alan Turing SYMBOL MAHINE .... string theory military events and their status

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Click on the title -->  Captain Picard uses the OCTOPUS ace of acetylcholine playing cards in the Star Trek neuroscience WAR with U.S. Naval forces in Aden, Yemen Star Trek book codes – Maxwell equations WAR The Central Nervous System 370 batt… more »

Welcome to Project Plan Z

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RD-blog-update-blog-022  The Margaret Mead nuclear family anthropology ZINJAN project and the ZINO particle physics project together are the master/central focal point for different PLAN Z projects. The proton property intellectual trust fund has been… more »

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