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The astrophysics DNA time conflict with the EARTH LAB military DNA codon --> the TAG codon group of the pen.TAG.on

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The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION(Planet Earth) is an interesting laboratory. Nature has many DNA engineering and DNA symbolic brain engineering experiments in progress; some involving subset humans and their institutions. These experiments sometimes result in accidents, conflict, and tragedy ....these are considered FEEDBACK signals...regarding some subtle, hidden, problem element in the experiment. These experiments of Nature use the EARTH government EARTH LAB ..with experimental humans and their subset governments.

The astrophysics DNA time project on EARTH LAB is interesting. An example illustrates this.
The Pentagon and Secretary of Defense Gates have their traditional roles as described in books,etc......and in addition they (and others) participate in astrophysics DNA research; provividing empirical data that helps explain EARTH dimensions of existence and thoughts.

Thus we look at the astrophysics DNA military project on EARTH...regarding space and time life.

--> Virginia TECH English department teaches:
....Twenty - Four hours = 24 hour day OR in algebra words

... Twenty minus four = 24 hour day BUT math contradiction

....Twenty minus four = 16 hour day on April 16 battle




Why the contradiction? And why does Virginia TECH refuse to discuss this issue..regarding the shooting by TIME AGENT Mr.CHO --> C + HO = CLOCK HOUR?





Now astrophysics is concerned with universe matters of space/time.
EARTH is a subset of the universe.
EARTH is within a space/time continuum.
Therefore why the 24 hour equation ....questions.




The English class equation for time needs some clarification...but since no one cares about explaining TIME in our daily lives ...we have the TIME WAR at Virginia TECH and the surface veneer explanations offered by newspapers.
Their data about the tragedy is correct (date. place, what happened, etc). Their empircal data report allows more complicated algorithms and analysis to consider deeper messsage LEVELS within the EVENT HORIZON.




Thus we look at the astrophysics DNA time equations....

--> Twenty - four hours = 24 hours
............. 4 DNA nucleotides and the biological clock

There are four nucleotides that make up DNA:
Adenine, Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine.


Now we consider the astrophysics DNA agents in the Washington,DC area.

pen.TAG.on is 1 of 64 DNA codon groups.
pen.TAG.on is the sequence: Thymine, Adenine, Guanine

Secretary of Defense for astrophysics DNA projects is agent GAT (Gates)
Secret of DNA agent GAT: Guanine, Adenine, Thymine

--> Note that the astrophysics DNA has a string theory physics...symmtery property
pen.TAG.on <--- ----> logic GATES



Now lets look at the astrophysics DNA ..EARTH war messages (the EARTH is considered a living cell with the ocean TIDES representing EARTH DNA nucleo.TIDES.

The 4 DNA nucleo.TIDES war ........subset
.................TIDES implies OCEAN

Then let TAG nucleo(tides) --> pen.TAG.on tides
Then let C nucleo(tides) symboliized by the U.S.S. Cole.... OCEAN event

--> USS Cole bombing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The USS Cole Bombing, or the USS Cole Incident, was a suicide attack against the United States Navy destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) on October 12, 2000 while .


In the atomic /astrophysics continuum military algebra language...
we have the action known as:
sucide attack -->symbolic of INTELLECTUAL WAR. Subset letters
.....ide a ..........attack authorized by Nature intellect -->
thus the 2-legged humans that do sucide attacks have their brain programmed by television programs, etc carry out in physical format .....symbolic life problems that could probably be resolved intellectually; but hypnotized university professors and intellectually superior governemnts refuse to discuss such an
abstract IDEA.

....sucIDE  Attack ....easliy arranged with cell phones and the

secret .....molecular CELL biology command center TRICK cell phone.
University departments, biology companies and governments have the resources to explain the RADIO HEAD music group announcement on biology communications theory. But in the past, mental telepathy, mind reading, etc. ... has been written about. Those information reports are about various human subset species that have those brain electron transmission circuit features.

Some people have that; others do not.
Some people have brown hair (brownian motion bio-physics agents);
some people have red hair (red hair is 3/4 of word read hair).

Sherlock Holmes already knew the secrets of the RED haired man and wrote the message story in carbon black ink words to be READ by my eyes and my non-red hair. Thus after all is said and done; after reading the symbolic brain cells are equivalent to natural born RED headed bio-computer devices.


Then we have the astrophysics DNA nucleotide T = Thy.mine...mine-sweeping operations.
From the astrophysics VIEW........EARTH is a living cellular structure with many parallel-processing features......
with salt water ocean TIDES equivalent to
astrophysics DNA nucleo.TIDES..thus T = thyMINE and..

-->[PDF] AIRFORCES brief to MINE WAR A: File Format:
May 21, 2009 ... MINE. USS STARK. USS LIBERTY. USS LIBERTY. USS HIGBEE. USS COLE ... Mechanical minesweeping system used for sweeping moored mines.

[ FLO-FLO] Ships Jun 15, 2006 ... Heavy lift transport vessels were used to transport minesweeping vessels ... She was particularly attractive for the lift of USS Cole since ...

US–ROY relations after the attacks on the USS Cole and of .... given refuge in North Yemen after the 1982 Israeli sweep into Lebanon, and the South has .... attack was the withdrawal, at least temporarily, of the mine-clearing teams.47 ...

The Asymmetric Blockading of the World's Maritime Choke Points
The hull damage caused by the terrorist attack on the USS Cole. .... The Navy sent a mine sweeper to the area, and although no mines were found,



Thus the asymmetric blockade involves symmetry physics applications ...and supersymmetry.
However such empirical data is selectively ignored by theorists...who are entangled in the puppet string...string theory WAR of atomic humans.

Thus we see the components of the DNA TIME battle along with
with the 12 hour clock symbol of date: October 12.




Then the astrophysics SIGNAL is repeated for the NAVY think tanks ..
the Northern Illinois University, COLE HALL, Ocean class tragedy.



Perhaps, someday....DARPA may consider the COLE SIGNAL .........and universities biased intellectual attack upon the EARTH government and violations of the SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature's intellect .........descibed by John Locke and other thinkers.

The Pentagon may wish to know ....why they are getting biased and incomplete information from universities and civilian think tanks.

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