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Dr.Watson explains the Penn State chemistry department experimental trial of Avogadro's number with Jerry Sandusky and the Sherlock Holmes undercover agent for the Red-Headed League.

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The Adventure of the Red-Headed League .

The modern Sherlock Holmes mystery with red-headed Mike McQueary, Jerry Sandusky, Penn State University, and Cambridge University social chemistry.

"The Adventure of the Red-Headed League"  is one of

the 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle. It first appeared in The Strand in August 1891.

In this story, Watson takes on a new position, doing clerical work. He found this exciting job through an ad which specified red-headed men only need apply.


The Adventure of the Red-Headed Football League

mike football 2

Plot summary -

Adaptations -  Penn State University 

Sandusky trial: Former assistant coach Mike McQueary testifies

Mike McQueary - football recruiting
Mike McQueary was an assistant football coach at Pennsylvania State University until late in the 2011 football season. Wikipedia

Born: 1975, State College
Education: Pennsylvania State University
Position: Quarterback

The United States parallel to the Sherlock Holmes story is described below.
What has happened.....according to super-symmetry physics, parallel processing mirrors,  and theoretical analysis of the atomic English language ..... is that the original story written in year 1891 was been converted to REALITY in year 1991 at Penn State.

In year 1891 ..it was a fictional story ..that could have happened ..back them. That story was read by the British magazine audience ..... and subsequently read by Americans.
The original story ...... over a time period of 100 years...went from a fictional structure in the human stream of consciousness (STATES of MIND) to emerge in American society as a non-fictional structure in 1991 at Penn State University.

Let's repeat those concepts and the language process control system involved.

In year 1891 ....we have proper nouns/concepts printed in the STRAND magazine.
Keywords -->

- word LOCK is a subset of word sherLOCK
- word LOCK ...the story involved a planned bank theft of the safe/LOCK
- Pen --> writing instrument used by Sir Arther Conan Doyle
- Red Headed --> a man with red hair ..in the fictional story

...now  something happens in NATURE's systems ...and then emerges in 1991.

What happened? That requires further study ..and the blog readers can provide that investigative role. They can form some coordinated group to help with the research and the flowchart models that will help explain these things.

At this point.......we see the empirical data situation in year 1991.
Let's compare .....
year 1891 ------> 100 years ---------> 1991

- ink pen of Doyle ---> thin ink --> think pen ---> Penn State
- sherLOCK ---------------> Locker room problem
- story RED-Headed --------> witness Mike McQueary
- League ------------------> football sports leaguage

We are reminded ...of Willian Shakespeare statement
"The WORLD is a stage and we are the players"...............

in modern words/example
"The WORLD is a stage and we are the football players at PENN STATE"


Let's look at the Penn State situation from another  view   ...... advanced chemistry experiments on EARTH LAB.



  1. Penn State Scandal Timeline: Key Dates In The Jerry Sandusky Sex ... 

    Nov 9, 2011 – 1969 – Jerry Sandusky starts his coaching career at Penn State ... 1998 – Victim 6 is taken into thelocker rooms and showers when he is 11 years old. .... incidents of .





'The Sandusky 8' describe seduction, molestation and betrayal - CNN 

Jun 17, 2012 – Eight young men testified they were molested by Jerry Sandusky as .... waterbed and soaped them up in Penn State's locker room showers.

Guilty verdicts in Jerry Sandusky molestation trial 
Guilty verdicts in Jerry Sandusky mole    station



  1. Penn State Department of Chemistry 

    Programs in the core areas of chemistry: organic, inorganic, analytical, biological, and physical and graduate research in the interdisciplinary areas of: life ...

Mole (unit) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mole is a unit of measurement used in chemistry to express amounts of a chemical substance, defined as the amount of any substance that contains as many ...

Definition and related concepts - ‎History - ‎The mole as a unit 


Guilty verdicts in Jerry Sandusky mole trial



Jun 22, 2012 – Jerry Sandusky led out of courthouse ... Sandusky molested him in the locker-room showers and in hotels while trying to ensure ...

Avogadro's number is one of the fundamental constants of chemistry. It permits calculation of the amount of pure substance(mole),
the basis of stoichiometric    relationships.

the basis of stoichiometric relation   hips.

There was Jerry Sandusky standing naked in the showers behind a boy, slowly moving his (bio-molecule expression hips, Mike McQueary testified. He said he had no doubt he was witnessing anal sex.
Avogadro's number is one of the fundamental constants of chemistry.
Avogadro's number is one of the fundamental constants of chemistry.
Avogadro's number is one of the    .......mental constants of chemistry.
It also makes possible determination of how much heavier a simple molecule of one gas is than that of another, as a result the relative molecular weights of gases can be ascertained by comparing the weights of equal volumes.
Thus  we see a unique PENN State  experiment  in social chemistry.
Let's look at the locker toom experiment ...the parallels to ...say a chemsitry LAB study of Avogadro's number.
1) instead of a chemistry LAB container.......consider the locker room SHOWER stall as a container.
2) in the chemistry LAB container are molecules ....in the SHOWER stall container are  water drops ..from the shower nozzle that simulate individual molecular particles.        Einstein's theory of relative sizes and viewing positions  ..... is  a helpful  concept here..
3) the  pair of humans in the SHOWER stall  ( Jerry Sandusky and the student)   have genetics with  23 chromosome pairs .....
........thus ........the test  human pair ...providing   the   23 chromosome exponent for the equation.
(Avogadro's number) is 6.022 X 1023

Thus we see Nature.....and some new type of  social engineering  SIGNALING format ...that we ought try to undertsand.
We have a few  pieces to an interesting puzzle .......  despite the emotional hardship it has caused.
A deeper message exists ....... perhaps  from the Carl Jung atomic collective unconsciousness  or the atomic/astrophysics continuum or.....?



800 × 400 - Avogadro - Urto efficace - di Teresa Celestino - Chimica

NA  ---->  North Anerica 23 chromosome pairs  .......... messages waiting 

Avogadro's constant is a scaling factor between macroscopic and microscopic (atomic scale) observations of nature. As such, it provides the relation between other physical constants and properties. For example, it establishes a relationship between the gas constant R and theBoltzmann constant kB,     

Eight young men testified they were molested by Jerry ....... empirical data  fits the equation below.

Eight ... a  reminder of Nature's messenger Timothy McVeigh(t) and  oxygen atomic mass code 16 and atomic number 8 .....  giving  Nature's  signal of 168 dead in O= Oxygen quantum state  of Oklahoma.

Eight young men testified they were molested by Jerry ....... empirical data  fits the equation below.

R = k_{\rm B} N_{\rm A} = 8.314\,472(15)\ {\rm J\,mol^{-1}\,K^{-1}}\,

number 8  and  symbol J  --> Jerry is the symbol agent ......  the S.I. Hayakawa theory of  the living language symbols and their actualiztion ...... that .......... becomes real life  with  Penn State social chemsitry.

Eight young men testified they were  mole by J  ..... by chemistry  equations

R = k_{\rm B} N_{\rm A} = 8.314\,472(15)\ {\rm J\,mol^{-1}\,K^{-1}}\,
Above, mol exponent  -1 ... perhapssome new of existence  ...expressedas a level of social behavior...the -1 level.

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