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The Avogadro's Number battle for control of the city of Los Angeles molecular containers known as : Humanoids.

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The SCIENCE WARS require a new VIEW ...an new understsanding....to be properly understood.

As a example..the modern Margaret Mead nuclear family .....is composed of atomic humans that express atomic social anthropology and atomic economics. Thus the 2-legged human is considered a vehicle..a messenger for the periodic atomic table government and its elements: oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, ferrous oxide,etc. These elements express their atomic thoughts thru the atomic bio-physics computer known as HUMAN. Thus we have EARTH LAB with experimental lab specimens (humans) engaged in various social engineering projects ....to provide empircal data to NATURE about the John Locke ....SOCIAL CONTRACT .... successses or failures.



Let's look at some University of California social chemistry data events from the Los(t)  Angeles  laboratory area.

News from the  brain cell WALL --> WALL Streel Journal newspaper .....   social economic expression chemistry reports VIA their brain cell agent messengers.






University of California--Los Angeles

Chemistry & Biochemistry - California State University, Los Angeles

UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry











Chemistry class war zone exists in several formats:

a) your internal  world comprised of physical bio-chemsitry processes and your internal symbolic brain processes.

b) the external world..... the more visible world such as human activities in Los Angeles and at PennState ...BOTH  geography surface locations  on Earth Lab..... give 2 test sites......for the double-blind statistical  social science experiments in  MOLE message theory of   MOLE agents .....MOLEular cell biology students and their professors.


Let's look at above signal and its messages for the University of California and their  buddies:

--> 14 years implies  7  nitrogen atomic mass 14   ....  mass communication output signal regarding  the Margaret Mead nuclear family...atomic social anthropology war in progress in California atomic bio-physics  humans.

--> 23 counts implies  the math life exponent 23

--> 23 and 2.3 million imply some logarithmic relationship on bio-math life .....
WORD: biology = bio + log  y  ...thus we have log y  math life .....such as the Logan, Utah logarithm astrophysics human life form at CALTECH ..known as LOGAN in the X-men paperback books.  Decimal logarithms  relationship .... 23 , 230, 2300, 23000, 230000, 2300000.  

-->In addition to Avogadro 23 we LINK to the 23 chromosomes of physics professors that study the uranium atomic computer 238  ...implies (base 2 exponent 3 = 8 data bits)  and this LINKS to the atomic anthropology isotope 235 TRIAL of  Jesse Dimmick and the periodic atomic table government COST Accounting signal $235,000.



What does it all mean? Good question.  Anybody working  on this puzzle?


More science war CLUES that need to be understood ...in the battle to control the city of Los Angeles.





The project is LATE.  What  was Nature's social engineering project plan ...that LA has failed?

More data from the newspapers.



The above WORDS contain 2 algebra subset word messages.

They are ....... 
1st the easy message ..below........ ast = astrophysics TIME /year   and    abuse -->data bus e





2nd message ... below........ 61 superysmmetry physics 16 (base 16 hexadecimal)
AND   61 year and 23 counts  implies the  6.02 component of Avogadro's number.





In addition 7 implies nitrogen and the DNA nitrogeous bases problems in LA with the   social genetic  sport commands of the   NBA.    NBA = Nitrogeous BASES of  the basketball social engineering association and their manipulation of brain symbolic gametes VIA sport game advertising, etc.



2008 to 2010 suggest 2 eyes ...such as 20/20 vision  and television  optical TRICK problems.   These tricks affect the 20 standard amino acids of university professors working on the atomic brain STANDARD  model.




Another CLUE from the brain cell WALL communications STREET.



The algebra subset English language message is:



Translating the message ...
--> Dan S --> Data answer --> DS = Data Set with VSAM CA = Control  Area  = CA = California ... a subset of COMPUTER EARTH system 370

-->ims bur = bio-computer IMS database  buffer

--> ims children = biological ims database with human children bio-data records.   Thus we have university and corporation advanced COMPUTER SCIENCE experiments with human brain computer manipulations.  Citizens and students approve of the various experiments ......such as the


-  Base 16 Hex shooting on April 16 Virginia TECH 
-  TED OSwald shooting of LU = Logical Unit = LUTZ
-  I, Son of SAM  = ISAM shootings in New York City (Indexed Sequential Access Method murders)  
-  the deletion of the Norway biological IMS database child records VIA the shooting at Utoya
-  President Kennedy in DP region =  Dealey Plaza  with DP  = Data Processing DP = Dallas  Police  with additional bio-computer agents for  OS/JCL = OSWALD   with  Vtam RU = Request Unit  Byte = Ruby  (Jack  Ruby computer science specimen)

Thus ...we see a VAST history of incomplete and biased  stories printed in newspapers with  educated citizen approval. Citizens like Hollywood style news reports......written by college educated journalists ........ who like take courses in inventive, creative writing class.   Accurate explanations of the various levels of  REAL tragic events are not important for these people ... VIRGINIA  TECH and Cole Hall are excellent examples of incomplete explanations  of the university student  brain manipulation experiments that have gone awry.


Thus we see ...that Los Angeles and its experiments are NOT unusual .......and we see the cover-up by the entire California education system......  the Avogadro Number  war cover-up.  George Orwell and other predicted these problems ...of incomplete  explanations given of  various events.  California  is very good  in creative writing class ...with the omisssion of important factors in future TRIAL of   the pre-programmed brain bio-computer of Mark Berndt.

Atomic English language agent for phrase   " Mark my words".
Virginia TECH ought  not write such elaborate bull-stories ..about their tragedy.  They have omitted many many detail of the event .... deliberate, biased reports of that  EARTH LAB social engineering message  event.

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