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Nature's periodic atomic table government and Nature's biochemistry government question the 23 human representatives of Nature's SENATE Banking Committe.

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The astrophysics galactic  LOCAL REGION ( Planet EARTH)   is Nature's  test site for various social engineering experiments with various collections and formats of atoms and molecules.  These experiments include the Margaret Mead  nuclear family.......atomic social anthropology,  atomic social economics,  atomic political sciences ...............and the continuity to Milky WAY Galaxy political affairs as represented by  the U.S.A  = Universe System Area  (North AMERICA)  and  the  United Statistical Test region ...abbreviated as the United States of North America.


The way to view ourselves is best expressed by William Shakespeare around year 1600:
"The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".

Today, the Milky WAY Galaxy representives are the House, WAYS, and Means Committe ...who lack self-awareness;  and  university astronomy and astrophysics departments will not explain the  proper preception.

We all know that the  PROHIBITION  in the 1920's in North America was an astronomy WAR .....300 years after Galileo's PROHIBITION.

The 1925 school teacher trial in Tennessee  about 
John T. Scopes  is  know to  honest thinkers
.......TeleScopes  astronomy evolution trial.

Universities and astrophysics centers continue their comedy stories about their integrity and sincerity for accurate knowledge.  But university administration polices require lies and cover-ups  to receive funds.... so it's a CATCH 22 situation ...a vicious circle .....that ought be interrupted by sincere thinkers.


The atomic/astrophysics continuum ...also provides us with the  atomic   expressions  of  Avogadro's number and its laws that are indirectly  involved in economic policy ...via    FDIC Chairman  Shelia Bair and the 23 lawmakers issue.

Who is/are the REAL 23 lawmakers of Nature and the Earth government and its subset human institutions.







Thus   Avogadro Law  is represented by the periodic atomic table government  CONNECTION  to the quantum state of Connecticut and Democrat Christopher Dodd, chairman of the 23 member Senate Banking Committee in year 2009.


  1. Agencies in a Brawl for Control Over Banks - WSJ.com

    POLITICS; December 22, 2009 ... Bair. Getty Images. FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair. Connecticut Democrat ChristopherDodd, the Senate Banking Committee chairman, has proposed revoking almost all of Ms. Bair's powers to supervise banks, as part of ... She has met with nearly all of the 23 lawmakers on Sen. ... 09/22/2009


These good people  ...atomic bio-physics humans .....if they visted a chemisty lab  ..... could be told the exact number of  moles they  contain in their  B.F.Skinner humanoid container.     Thus VIEWED .......these humans are really extensions of Avogadro's number exponent 23 ....and ought take that into consideration  in the modern decison theory

Other examples of  23 fights   and battles:

- 23 hostages at Marionette High School, Marinette, Wisconsin with Sample --> Sam Hengel

23 the Los Angeles theoretical chemistry trial on social chemistry theory with...Avogadro's  news. .....




Age 61 --> numeric pointer to ---> approximation  6.1   X 10 exponent 23 

Thus we have the Avogadro's Number and Mother Nature's banking system ...California  signals.


Then we have the Summit Treaty/ SALT Treaty of NaCl = Sodium Chloride .....represented by LEAD atom sodium ..
symbol Na --> Nation  ...23



  1. Agencies in a Brawl for Control Over Banks - WSJ.com

    POLITICS; December 22, 2009 ... Bair. Getty Images. FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair. Connecticut Democrat ChristopherDodd, the Senate Banking Committee chairman, .......
    part of ... She has met with nearly all of the 23 lawmakers on Sen. ... 09/22/2009



Above words
part of --> Particle physics

23 lawmakers --> Sodium atomic law and metabolism relationship with humanoids VIA dinner table SALT and Pepper shakers TREATY.....known as the SALT   treaty




Thus Washington, DC  humanoids have interesting foundations  and connection that ought be conceptually aware of. 
11 --> SKU11   and 23 sodium atomic weight in NaCl  (represented by NaCl = North american Clinton ..President in 1994).



Then we also have the 23 lawmakers.......






That would leave Ms. Bair in charge of an agency whose primary role is to clean up banks after they fail, with little part in monitoring them before problems erupt. So, Ms. Bair has been working for months to beat back the idea.

She has met with nearly all of the 23 lawmakers on Sen. Dodd's panel, including at least once with the chairman. 
In the fight 
to reshape regulation, Ms. Bair has clashed bitterly with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, irked some of her own employees and angered bankers who say the FDIC chairman is stifling their businesses


In the fight ......we have the Boy Scouts of America 23 chromosome genetic BANK systems problems with their attitude of their  senior adults. ....and their policy errors .....Nature's displeasure  with the Base 16 Hexadecimal bio-computer subroutine drivers of the HEX''FFA' ...
hence   tragedies of  
FFA (Matt Anderson)  and  now   a different tragic signal with BSA (Sam Hengel).

samuel hengel 23 student hostages marinette


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  1. Sam HengelMarinette High School student who held classroom ...

    Nov 30, 2010 – A Wisconsin teen who held 23 students and a teacher hostage at Marinette ...Sam HengelMarinetteHigh School student who held classroom ...
    .........................39  pierce  Avenue                                    43
    chromosome 2339  South 43rd Street Milwaukee Badger genetics





Thus Sam Hengel helped pierce the secret world of  Milwaukee   manipulation lies  and  the incomplete explanations about  the Norberg/Graham chromosome police near the Bradley High School ...whose  genetic education errors triggered the  shooting SIGNAL 23 ....near 2nd Street and 3rd Street. Milwuakee and Madison citizens could care less about their  educational experimental failures and symbolic brain errors.

This along with the financial tricks and schemes of  of the Wisconsin banking region ... are related to the 23 lawmakers with CONNECT the dots puzzle map  .......to Connect.icut    Demo  Democart Christopher Dood and his panel.  

These signals suggest we need an integrated model of our economic relationship with Nature's resource bank .......thus far all nonsense talk has resulted.    Nature's defense system has been activated   .....hence our war with Nature ....that is the 23  chromosme war ....as the casualty reports appear in the newspaper.   Milwaukee citizens ought study science and math  someday ....the  professors have been hypnotized by the Brave New World social psychology experiment....that provides so much intellectual happiness ......they never have to question BIG BROTHER and the modern Social Science wars. 
However, a graduate student has not be transfixed by the system ......and could help save their good-intentioned intellectual elders .....as Lewis Carroll described around year 1865

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?

The LEWIS Carroll EARTH LAB message:

"Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. .....(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it).

I'm glad I,ve seen that done' , thought Alice."" .

Thus we see some message ...a Carl Jung ATOMIC  collective unconsciouness of society and its committes.....that is surfacing to a level of consciousness   and is trying to help  the few conscious,  sincere thinkers  explain  the more TRUE NATURE of  social economic workings  VIA  atomic human agents that use ancient long-range  neurotransmiiters and secretlanguages...such as music, fashion design patterns, body lanaguage and facial expressions, etc.


The modern world is interested in the deeper levels of REALITY and models ...that incorporate a variety of  concept sources......from atomic physics, communications theory, biochemistry, bio-computer science, etc.  Thus we  have   a few  CLUES on the evolution of society .... ...of our percptions of life  and our relationship to the various governments (formats of expressions)   of Nature .......including mathematics and atomic English language.

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