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Africa as an atomic anthropology and bio-math Earth Lab test region - introduction

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African conflicts, assassinations, and events provide important empircal data to supersymmetry physics about the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology war. Parallel processing and the symbolic life dimension of the living EARTH cell revealed.



The Earth government and the human subset governments are constantly engaged in various experiments. These experiments of NATURE are interesting puzzles.

The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) VIEW helps us understand the SCIENCE WAR conflicts in Africa VIA economic and political science expressions in Africa. The VIEW of a hypothetical distant virtual observer....viewing EVENTS on EARTH.......gives us an understanding of EARTH social science events,political science, economics , crimes, tragedies, etc.

To understand this...we consider the continuum....a range of existences.
Example: Atomic --> continuum <-- astrophysics
................................. | 
Then we think of:........middle = human zone with humanoid symbolic spokeperson/agents.

Thus given such continuum we look at Africa.

At the atomic end of the continuum we have Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology
....atomic human EARTH LAB experimental specimens. The periodic atomic table government has many FORMATS of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic bio-physics humanoids ..... that are representatives of the atomic elements.



For example, N = Nitrogen element used by humanoid LUNG agents in N = Niger and Nigeria.


Images for nitrogen molecule


Images for nitrogen molecule wuth

N atom = Niger  and N atom = Nigeria 

in the context of atmosphere air ...per 

identifier     Zair

Images for nitrogen molecule


Thus the EARTH LAB geography surface map of those EXTERNAL countries provides us with a algebra mapping function or correspondence function to the INTERNAL surface map of the LUNG ... from the view of bichemistry and atomic element N = Nitrogen.

Since the LUNG is a bio-computer data processing region ....that is LU = Logical Unit = LUNG .... we see the data processing role of N = Nitrogen and N = Number theory thought expressions. Math professors at major universities .... if they believe they breathe Nitrogen .. also breathe Numbers .... that is they breathe in INPUT numbers and breathe out OUTPUT numbers.


These that live in Algeria -->  Alge + ria --> are bio-math  Algebraic life formats.


Hence, the subconscious mind  bio-math war expression  .....

Algerian War - Princeton University   (Algebra  War reports)

The Algerian War, (Arabic: ثورة جزائرية‎; French: Guerre d'Algérie), was a conflict between France and Algerian independence movements from 1954 to 1962, . 


Independent Variable (war movements in Algeria via bio-math humanoid expressors ) - Math - Tutorvista.com

math.tutorvista.com › AlgebraIntroduction to AlgebraVariable
In an algebraic equation, independent variable means a variable whose values are independent of changes. If x and y are two variable in the given algebraic ...



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An accurate analysis of the various dimensions of existence and their battlefields. Mathematical-physics life within bio-physics HUMANS reveals the astonishing secret world war of the symbolic universe....as displayed by human behavior and thoughts. Shakespeare stated around year 1600..."The world is a stage and we are the players". In year 2013...the WORLD is a mathematical-physics stage and humans are atomic numeric actors....playing concept roles...like President NIXON representing N x N square matrix life on EARTH.


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