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Norway continuum war in Europe n-space-- introduction

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The Europe norway  provides access to
......Europe n
......Europe n-space .......and to access the data space / data set
..........open   command .... 3/4 of computer Earth word ..Open data space .....
..is embedded in the  word: Europe


Let's look inside ...the universal mind perception of Europe.

Europe has several major versions of N-space.

1) N = Norway EARTH geography land space.




2) N-space mathematics of earthly space/time and societal activities occuring within n-space.

Space (mathematics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In mathematics, a space is a set with some added structure. Mathematical spaces often form a hierarchy, i.e., one space may inherit all the characteristics of a ...

Guide to math needed to study physics

Fiber bundles comprise an area of mathematics that studies spaces defined on other spaces through the use of a projection map of some kind. For example, in .

n-Dimensional Euclidean Space and Matrices

1 n-Dimensional Euclidean Space and Matrices. Version: April, 2008. Definition of n space. As was learned in Math 1b, a point in Euclidean three space can be ...
Every point in three-dimensional Euclidean space is determined by three coordinates.





3) N = Neurotransmitter space (bio-physics brain-radio as per  RADIO HEAD and   Talking HEADs ... music groups and their  announcements)

This biology communictaions system handles Europe sub-conscious mind  fianancial affairs VIA the social psychology ECONOMIC manipulation system ... the EURO dollar   ...brain  scheme system,


Norway and other governments of the world deny the many dimensions of Sartre existentialism. Government and university social scientists and economic researchers have become biased thru hypnosis ....hence string theory physics has now become ... applied physics to atomic humans. String theory accurately describes puppet governments and puppet intellectuals ....who ... thru lack of providing intellectual resources to the SCIENCE WAR effort...admit their lack of concern about the complex depths and levels of world affairs. Consequently, Norway has become involved in a THEATER of WAR ... the puppet string war..... the SCIENCE WARS.

Mother Nature hoped that some intellectual institution or some newspaper publisher would rise above the bad intellectual habit of incomplete social science reporting. Newspapers and news magazines accurately describe the surface veneer of an event(date, time, place, victims, police data gathered). However, in the modern world, with the availability of Carl Jung atomic collective unconscious thoughts and astrophysics EVENT HORIZON Earth Lab symbolic, analytical tools ....... the police data base can be analyzed using advanced algorithms, atomic social psychology tools, Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family anthropology theory, atomic tables and mathematical symbolism, etc ....to provide clues to the social engineering problems in various levels of society; especially, elaborate nonsense levels that exist in lieu of serious thoughts.

This major blog covers many of the components that converged to TRIGGER the Norway tragedy. Europe ought fund North American serious researchers who think, study, and try to understand the vast atomic /astrophysics continuum in which our daily lives are embedded.

Blog  title descriptions for Norway:

650-Computer Earth system 370 BAL war --> BAL.Tic region
651-The astrophysics galactic mission of NORWAY
652-Alzheimer's BAL problem.The brain canniBAL BALTIC war
653-The neutrinos supersymmetry physics battlefield: Norway
654-North Pole magnetic data life life and Norway
655-UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything at UTOEya: ORDER ENTRY
656-European engineering vector (i,j,k) math war: Viking, Thor

657-Earth geometry coordinates trial of Viking Vectors
658-Norway and the Computer Earth BAL war region: RWANDA, Africa
659-DR.OS.LO ->Drosophilia melanogaster region: Lord of Flies
660-Norway biological IMS database...DELETE child records at Utoeya
661-The island of Dr.NO = Norway island with James Bond message.
662-Norbert Wiener and the Norway cybernetics war casualties
663-Milnor number WAR casualties at Norway
664-M-theory sphysics MORSE CODE --> Norse code fails to answer
665-Ancient European neurotransmitters ....language war
666-Dr.NO --> Nitrogen and Oxygen atomic anthropology war
667-The symbolic universe VOWELS (A, E I O U) and Oslo
668-Galileo the DEFENDER(of Earth) with Milky War forces
669-The city of Baltimore SOS signal ignored by BALTIC
670-Solar System messages ignored. The battle at Utoeya.
671-Galileo astronomy battle over year 1632 violations
672-Star WARS with Hans Solo. Solomons organic chemistry in Oslo.
673-European metabolism war zone. The evergreen tree message.
674-Norwegian cod liver --> code liver --> CIA Oliver North
675-The worldwide OSiris project, Egypt, and Anwar Sadat
676-Norway OE = Order Entry-->OEdipus complex variable math life
677-The Tryosine polar amino acid metabolism battle at Tyrifjorden




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An accurate analysis of the various dimensions of existence and their battlefields. Mathematical-physics life within bio-physics HUMANS reveals the astonishing secret world war of the symbolic universe....as displayed by human behavior and thoughts. Shakespeare stated around year 1600..."The world is a stage and we are the players". In year 2013...the WORLD is a mathematical-physics stage and humans are atomic numeric actors....playing concept roles...like President NIXON representing N x N square matrix life on EARTH.


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