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Wisconsin's math war and Einstein's FIELD Theory physics war --> Science War casualties

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The Earth government is active in the science wars to protect Nature. As such, many military tools are available to the Earth government...these tools are provided from the Sartre
multi-dimensional existential spaces.
These spaces,etc are in various formats..familiar to many college students as:
- mathematical spaces
- data set spaces
- multi-dimensional math/physics functions

All of these have practical application ....under Earth military defense laws of Nature.

Thus we look at modern version of FIELD Theory....properly labeled:
Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD Theory and its applications.

The Wisconsin Secrerary of Agriculture Rod Nilsestuen was responsible for major portions of Einstein's field theory.....the many farm fields under his jurdistiction.

The University of Wisconsin had the responsibility to properly advise him and state government policy makers ...of the COMPUTER EARTH project parameters of PROJECT: Base 16 hexadecimal X'Fa' = 250 Fa.rm data fields.


Consequently we have 3 HEXadecimal murders:

--> Rod Nilsestuen, DATCP secretary, drowns in Lake Superior “Rod Nilsestuen was a terrific public servant and a terrific human being. He has been a leader in Wisconsin agriculture for      four decades, and most recently ...drowns-in-lake-superior.

Responsible for Base 16 Hex 'FA' =250 land/soil .......Landau geo-physics areas in Wisconsin ..the prototype/model state.

Thus we translate the above comment on Rod N --> Nitrogeous bases.

...leader in Wisconsin agriculture for    four DNA nucleo.TIDES --> and the Lake Superior DNA tides/waves DEATH MESSAGE to the philosophy world about "Being and Nothingness".






--> The Base 16 hex death of Matt Anderson ...of the Wisconsin Future Farmer's of America ...and their denial of the existence of Einstein's FIELD Theory and its applications to corn/soybean FIELDs.

Computer Earth system 370 considers the FFA as a BASE 16 Hex'FFA' organization that breathes oxygen atomic computer base 16 into their LU= Logical Unit = LUNGS. The FFA made a BIG intellectual mistake by attacking NATURE ......and the parallel processing EVENT of CAUSE and EFFECT --> Matt Anderson...made mental mistake....under NATURE's orders ..to send a message to LAKE SUPERIOR ...Superior group ...of advanced thinkers about Nature and world agriculture policy and economics.

How to turn hexadecimal into decimal using brain? -
Stack Overflow with  bio-Mathematics Anderson

Converting from HEX to DEC

FFA --> Future math exponent Farmers of America --->

F * 16 expo  2   + F * 16 expo 1  +  A * 16 expo 0 =  
F * 256                + F *  16      +    A * 1    =  4090


--> The modification of Nature's Base 16 hexadecimal Highway 16 research area which included Pabst Farms ..resulted in the Pabst Farms, Oconomowoc murder of Gloria Totzke by her son .......Computer Earth agent intials .......MDT = Modified Data Tag agent = Mark D. Totzke.
Thus the university and the real estate BEDROOM housing industry tries so hard to FOOL nature's vast intellect.......and then the Oconomowoc and Milwaukee CITIZENS in the know ....don't explain this at the Totzke trial in Waukesha.


Pabst farms and Highway 16  

violations of Computer Earth 

system 370 and Einstein's

data processing data field theory 

Pabst Farms is a 1,500-acre (6.1 km2) development on former farmland in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, about 10 miles (16 km) west of Milwaukee. The location currently hosts the YMCA, multiple super markets such as Pick n Save, restaurants and hotels. The planned development will include thousands of homes and significant office space, as well as a small amount of parkland.  The property was once owned by the Pabst family, of local brewing fame, and was used as a demonstration farm and for recreation.

Pabst Farms is a 1,500-acre 

Pabst Farms is a 1,500-acre 

Pabst Farms is a 1500-acre 

Pabst Farms is a 1500-acre 



The glory days of

Pabst Farm Holsteins --> eins --> einsteins Field theory war status reports

Historical Site Damage At Pabst Farms Echos Earlier Destruction


LAND at --> LAN Dat --> Local Area Network Data systems attacked by Milwaukee citizen schemes


The glory days of

The glory days of

The gory da  of

The gory data  da = district attorney...and

.....  glor 

...... gloria ToTzke  ax murder 



Thousands remain silent ....with their murder SET-UP ..the SET-UP and the brain vio-computer programming of Mark D.Totze. And then we have Ted Oswald...another guy who was SET-UP by the secret manipulation society....that Aldous Huxley, Georage Orwell, and others wrote about.

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An accurate analysis of the various dimensions of existence and their battlefields. Mathematical-physics life within bio-physics HUMANS reveals the astonishing secret world war of the symbolic universe....as displayed by human behavior and thoughts. Shakespeare stated around year 1600..."The world is a stage and we are the players". In year 2013...the WORLD is a mathematical-physics stage and humans are atomic numeric actors....playing concept roles...like President NIXON representing N x N square matrix life on EARTH.


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