Dr. NO --> Nitrogen Oxygen molecular social bonds with James BOND and organic chemistry bond messages.
« Dr.OS and Dr.NO visit OSLO, NORWAY ---> The Drosophila melanogaster region revealed by UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything physics battle at UTOEYA. The atomic English language of book "The Lord of Flies" island at Utoeya.

Dr.NO defeats Dr.NORWAY......... modern chemistry warfare with James BOND ---->. Dr.NO = Nitrogen Oxygen and the LUNG molecule BOND and the atomic social anthropology war.

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The periodic atomic table has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic bio-physics structures with the EARTH LAB identifier label: humanoid. These 2-legged, 2-eared, 2-armed entities have 2-lungs that process Nitrogen molecule and Oxygen molecules ....... and their atomic thoughts. Thus this humanoid ...such as a chemistry professor ..is really an extension of the periodic atomic table and its atomic government; and as such is a representative for the atomic elements and their atomic social and political thoughts. Thus the professor, with his studies, theories, and lab experiments is directly or indirectly studying his atomic self.

Paul Dirac and others have already mentioned our atomic nature .....and consequently our human behaviour and feelings provides a feedback signal to the quintessential atomic nucleus. Thus we have Margaret Mead nuclear family and atomic social engineering and atomic social process control systems. Places like FermiLAB, Livermore Labs, Cavendish Labs, Niels Bohr Institute .....are often in the news or science magazines; providing CLUES for amateur science researchers to fully understand the atomic/astrophysics continuum of EARTH LAB.....and how our daily lives are embedded within that continuum. A few college math, physics, chemistry, genetics, and molecular cell biology texbooks provide the symbolic life in WORDS (atomic English language words ) that are necessary to understand EVENTS outlined in newpapers.

Thus we see
DR.NO and his island VIA supersmmetry physics analysis ....
DR.NORWAY and the island of Utoeya ......

Crab Key - James Bond Locations - 007james

Crab Key island is a front for the villain Dr. No's underground lair, located off the ... 007James - The Site's Bond, James Bond. ... James Bond Location - Crab Key.

Key island is a front for the villain DrNo's underground lair
Key island is a front for the villain DrNo 's underground lair
Key island is a front for the villain DrNorway ' s undvollen   ground lair

Dr. No (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dr. No is set in London, England, Kingston, Jamaica and Crab Key, a fictional island off Jamaica. Filming began on location in Jamaica on 16 January 1962.


Crab Key - James Bond Locations - 007james

In Ian Fleming's novel Dr. No (1958), Crab Key was an island located thirty miles north of Jamaica and sixty miles south of Cuba. The island was 50 square miles ...


UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything ....physics battle zone

with the
Norway Labor Party....atomic anthropology experiments...
Norway Laboratory and the re-enactment of

DR.NO, the island.....was described by newspapers .....
as.... like shooting a James BOND movie.





In a view of the deeper processes behind the UTOEYA tragedy ---> we known that COMPUTER EARTH OS/JCL system 37O has a data processing region ...known as the BAL computer region which is LINKED to the 1895 TIME COMPUTER of the H.G.Wells project titled "THe Time Machine".

The BAL region PLUS the Time Computer feature gives the well known BAL.TIC ......Y2K biological clock TEST region of Europe. The COMPUTER EARTH system 370 North European BAL region has the OS/JCL master console at OSLO. OSLO is composed of human bio-computer device units with an LU = Logical Unit Norwegian Government = LUNG.

These humanoid binary LUNG devices have been working on Nature's social science project
LUNG = Logical Unit Nitrogen Gas ...with the 7 electrons of N = Norway --> N = Nitrogen with atomic mass 14.



Atomic social science equation
CNO --> Children NOrway 

In addition, they were to integerate nitrogen processing with the 8 electrons of O = Oxygen atom. The oxygen atomic computer is a base 16 hexadecimal processor with atomic mass 16. They have done nothing but talk...output data of nonsense words using the nitrogen/oxygen gas molecules that carry the WORDS thru the output data port ..known as a mouth.
Symbolic language CONTENT .....quality control is very poor.

Other groups have also failed.
- the Nitrogen religious mass group known as the 7th Day Adventists
- the LU =Logical Unit bio-devices known as Lutheran LUNG theology RD




Of course we have the most visible SIGNALS that are ignored by universityy philosophy / theology departments. An excerpt of a blog:


Base 16 Religious HEX system messages
March 10, 2010 by zinjan

Oxygen atomic weight 16 is an atomic Base 16 hexadecimal computer. ROME, Italy has a cortex computer research scientist known as POPE Benedict XVI = 16.


His central nervous system 370 data processor with LU = Logical Unit LUNG has provided empirical data on COMPUTER EARTH societal projects. As Cardinal Ratzinger, he has made contributions to cardinal number theory applications, rational number theory social applications, Z integer mathematical life , and Church’s theorem mathematical logic symbolic religious expressions.

He is part of the James Bond DR.NO undercover NOBEL science project –> the Margaret Mead nuclear family anthropology expressions. The DR.NO project has 2 major agents for the periodic atomic table of religious atomic mass. The DR.NO LUNG project of major atomic languages involves:
N = Nitrogen 14 with the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet
O = Oxygen 16 with Pope Benedict XVI of the Catholic Church

It is important that these 2 Mother Earth messengers and their organizations communicate with COMPUTER EARTH master console representative located in Watertown, Wisconsin at OS/JCL geography location known as the former OSCAR WITT farm .....now with an agent acquainted with OS/JCL, BAL and COBOL and the organic chemistry evolution .....

the world of zWITTerion --> organic social chemistry and

the 4-H Club of Wisconsin ...HC = Hydrocardon social chemistry experiments of Nature.




Thus we have the inorganic chemistry war with
N = Nitrogen
O = Oxygen
NaCl = North america Clinton...sodium chloride molecule  president and the SALT Treaty

and the organic chemistry shooting at Virginia TECH
with atomic molecular anthropology agent
Mr.CHO representing the
CH   buiding blocks described in college
Organic   chemistry textbooks ..like book author:
T.W. Graham Solomons




Thus the SETI Institute of California with Paul Allen algebra
........set theory of subsets...
Solo.....and organic molecule symbolic life.......permutation
thus we see the clear relationship ..the duality of the Norwegian/Europe project.





OSLO symbolizes SOLO....as in Solomon's hydrocarbons
NO --> NORWAY symbolizes Nitrogen/Oxygen Lung
ver.BAL word expressions
in BAL.TIC geography region PEOPLE.....who have
BAL = Basick Assemblur Lagguage format.....
and the various governments and their
national assembly language BRAIN computer programs with programming BUGS.

Programming the human brain computer with instructions is a popular sport .....with television very proud of the nonsense, dribble instructions they broadcast in violation of Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer STANDARDS of Knowledge.
Will university prtofessors help clarify the situation? They are not permitted to do so?



Thus we see the clear signal from the atomic table government WAR with the Norwegian LUNG government and their biased, incomplete ver.BAL reports broadcast on mass communications devices ...that is television and radio.
Of course, since atoms are the source, the foundation of existence; then mass communications is really atomic mass communications ......a concept foreign to the atomic humans in Europe.

Thus we have the LUNG atomic anthropology war with Oxygen molecule 32 agent Anders Behring Breivik age 32......symbolic of his Oxygen agency .......the agency concept....already covered by some philosophy departments at Australian universities. Some math departments call it representation theory. Regardless, the concepts are out there.......explaining the role of Anders Breivik in the Margaret Mead nuclear family .....atomic social anthropology as studied at FermiLAB, Argonne, and various university physics departments. Universities are paid to provide biased and distorted news images of the SCIENCE WARS........and to cover-up the 1993 Wax Museum murders.

« Atomic anthropology WAR -
Texas Science Wars --> The Waxahachie Super Collider and the Janet Reno - Renormalization group Equations.......the Waco, Texas shooting at Branch Davidian and the University of Texas, Austin inability to understand Margaret Mead atomic anthropology life....such as breathing base 16 hexadecimal oxygen in a LUNG data processing unit.

TEXAS......likes to tell BIG stories.....they are better than Hollywood.
When TEXANS and their brain movie CELLS decide to shoot a COWBOY /WESTERN movie in Texas, they go straight to the Fort Hood Hollywood stage at the SOLDIER READ Center and stage the shoot-out. Are the soldiers playing DEAD? Ask the University of Texas intellectuals...specializing in restaurant menus. They have forgotten the atomic English language message from the atomic brain of William Shakespeare
...... " The WORLD is a stage and we are the MAJOR players".




James Bond Location 


Bond and his ally Quarrel suspected that   Dr. Norway  had murdered a British Agent and had attempted to murder Bond. They sailed over to the island at night and went to sleep. When they awoke the next day, Honey Rider emerged from the sea in a beautiful white bikini in what may be one of the most famous scenes in movie history.


In other words  ....

Molecular Bond and his ally Quantum array elements  suspected that   Dr. Norway 

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