Dr. NO --> Nitrogen Oxygen molecular social bonds with James BOND and organic chemistry bond messages.

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The island of DR.NO ---> Norway. The European movie shooting of the Ian Fleming script DR.NO at Utoeya Island accidently results in shooting molecular bio-child actors. Organic chemistry --> social chemistry.

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Utoeya --> the Island of Dr.NO The Ian Fleming molecular social BOND expression script.   RD-blog-661   Frontier Orbitals & Organic Chemical Reactions by Ian Fleming  Frontier Orbitals and Organic Chemical Reactions – Trade paperback (… more »

Dr.OS and Dr.NO visit OSLO, NORWAY ---> The Drosophila melanogaster region revealed by UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything physics battle at UTOEYA. The atomic English language of book "The Lord of Flies" island at Utoeya.

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Oslo and the Science War casualties Norway intellectual errors result in Science War casualties. Europe ignores the Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology war       RD-blog-659 Previous blogs have explained the background of EARTH LAB within… more »

Dr.NO defeats Dr.NORWAY......... modern chemistry warfare with James BOND ---->. Dr.NO = Nitrogen Oxygen and the LUNG molecule BOND and the atomic social anthropology war.

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