Dr. NO --> Nitrogen Oxygen molecular social bonds with James BOND and organic chemistry bond messages.
Dr.OS and Dr.NO visit OSLO, NORWAY ---> The Drosophila melanogaster region revealed by UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything physics battle at UTOEYA. The atomic English language of book "The Lord of Flies" island at Utoeya. »

The island of DR.NO ---> Norway. The European movie shooting of the Ian Fleming script DR.NO at Utoeya Island accidently results in shooting molecular bio-child actors. Organic chemistry --> social chemistry.

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Utoeya --> the Island of Dr.NO

The Ian Fleming molecular social BOND expression script.


RD-blog-661 by Herb Zinser



Frontier Orbitals & Organic Chemical Reactions by Ian Fleming 
Frontier Orbitals and Organic Chemical Reactions –
Trade paperback (1991) by Ian Fleming.
John Wiley & ...
Chemical Reactions Author: Ian Fleming
Social Chemistry Reactions Author: Ian Fleming


giving supersymmetry physics message structures /
parallel processing information output methods


Molecular orbitals and organic chemical reactions (Google eBook)

Symbol and message processing EVOLUTION ..

Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming
Ian fleming
Dr. No Dr. No may refer to:
Dr. No (novel), the 1958 James Bond novel by Ian Fleming;
Dr. No (film) (1962), the first James Bond film, with Sean Connery
in the lead role ...
Ian Fleming - Wikipedia

Dr No was followed by From Russia with Love (1963), with twice the budget of ...
Doctor No (James Bond Novels) ...




Dr. No (film) Wikipedia,Jump to: navigation,
Dr. No

American Dr. No film poster designed by Mitchell Hooks with 007 logo designed by Joseph Caroff
Directed by Terence Young
Produced by Harry Saltzman
Albert R. Broccoli
Written by Ian Fleming (molecule  SYMBOL thought.... expression system)



Screenplay by Richard Maibaum


Johanna Harwood
Berkely Mather
Starring Sean Connery
Joseph Wiseman
Ursula Andress
Jack Lord
John Kitzmiller
Music by Monty Norman
Cinematography Ted Moore
Editing by Peter R. Hunt
Studio Eon Productions
Distributed by United Artists
Release date(s) 5 October 1962 (1962-10-05)
Running time 109 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Budget $1 million
Box office $59.6 million

Dr. No is a 1962 spy film, starring Sean Connery; it is the first James Bond film. Based on the 1958 Ian Fleming novel of the same name, it was adapted by Richard Maibaum, Johanna Harwood, and Berkely Mather and was directed by Terence Young. The film was produced by Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli, a partnership that would continue until 1975.

In the film, James Bond is sent to Jamaica on an investigation into the death of a fellow British agent. The murder trail leads him to the underground base of Dr. Julius No, who is plotting to disrupt an early American manned space launch with a radio beam weapon. Although the first of the Bond books to be made into a film, Dr. No was not the first of Fleming's novels, Casino Royale being the debut for the character; however, the film makes a few references to threads from earlier books.



The Norwegian Social Chemistry Theater - live performance in year 2011



DR.NO UTOE --> Unified Theory of Everything

The Sceptical Chymist: Reactions - Ian Fleming
Jul 3, 2009 – Ian Fleming is an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Chemistry ... He is best known as a pioneer in applying organosilicon chemistry to control ... Organic Chemical Reactions, with less emphasis on the
Frontier Orbitals. ...
Frontier Orbitals
Frontier Orbitals
Frontier Orbitals
Frontier Orbitals
....tier Orbitals and FermiLAB Hierarachy Problem
....tier Orbitals and OS = Office of Science problem
....tear orbitals of..OSLO and their UTOE tragedy
....tear orbitals of..OSLO bias in the SCIENCE WARS



................ways and choices

Plot John Strangways,
the British Intelligence (SIS) Station Chief in Jamaica, is ambushed and killed, and his body taken by a trio of assassins known as the "Three Blind Mice". In response, MI6 agent  James Bond – Agent 007, often referred to simply as "Double-oh-seven" – is summoned to the office of his superior, M. Bond is briefed to investigate Strangways' disappearance and to determine whether it is related to his cooperation with the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on a case involving the disruption of Cape Canaveral rocket launches by radio jamming.

==> Translate above atomic words...
Blind and Double-oh-seven --> a Double Blind Statistical experiment

MI6 --> Fer.MI.lab level 6 physics (Hierarchy Problem) at BAT CAVE .....the hybrid physics intellectual level comprised of the synergistic merger of the James Joyce streams of consciousness of Batavia, Illinois and Cavendish Labs. Thusbond together the atomic symbolic information data streams....giving James Bond

Agent 007 --> 7 elctron orbitals of Nitrogen air ..symbol N --> input into the N= Noses of N= Norway for the N= Nobel Nose scientist projects.

CIA --> math life secret agents called
mathemati.cians with their subset attribute
...........cia n-space



Upon his arrival at Kingston Airport, a female photographer tries to take Bond's picture and he is shadowed from the airport by two men. He is picked up by a chauffeur, whom Bond determines to be an enemy agent. Bond instructs him to leave the main road and, after a brief fight, Bond starts to interrogate the driver, who then kills himself with a cyanide-embedded cigarette.

--> above keywords
Bond driver --> molecular bond..... processing computer... subroutine driver




During his investigation in Strangways' house Bond sees a photograph of a boatman with Strangways. Bond locates the boatman, named Quarrel, but finds him to be un-cooperative.Bond also recognises Quarrel to have been the driver of the car that followed him from the airport. Bond follows Quarrel and is about to be beaten by him and a friend when the fight is interrupted by the second man who followed Bond from the airport: he reveals himself to be CIA agent Felix Leiter and explains that not only are the two agents on the same mission, but also that Quarrel is helping Leiter. The CIA has traced the mysterious radio jamming of American rockets to the vicinity of Jamaica, but aerial photography cannot determine the exact location of its origin. Quarrel reveals that he has been guiding Strangways around the nearby islands to collect mineral samples. He also talks about the reclusive Dr. No, who owns the island of Crab Key, on which there is a bauxite mine: the island, and mine, are rigorously protected against trespassers by an armed security force and radar.

--> above keywords

-Quarrel --> Quantum array elements

-molecular BOND recognizes Quantum array elements

-organic chemistry subroutine driver of carbon atoms

-IBM Base 2 binary agents for math complex power series ZZ

-DR.NORWAY who owns the island of
UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything
UTOEYA Island quantum physics anthropology quarrel



During a search of Strangways' house, Bond found a receipt, signed by Professor R. J. Dent, concerning rock samples. Bond meets with Dent who says he assayed the samples for Strangways and determined them to be ordinary rocks. This visit makes Dent wary and he takes a boat to Crab Key where Dr. No expresses displeasure at Dent's failure to kill Bond and orders him to try again, this time with a large venomous spider. Bond survives and after a final attempt on his life, sets a trap for Dent, whom he captures, interrogates and then kills.

Having detected radioactive traces in Quarrel's boat, where Strangways' mineral samples had been, Bond convinces a reluctant Quarrel to take him to Crab Key. There Bond meets the beautiful Honey Ryder, dressed only in a white bikini, who is collecting shells. At first she is suspicious of Bond but soon decides to help him, leading them all inland to an open swamp. After nightfall they are attacked by the legendary "dragon" of Crab Key which turns out to be a flame-throwing armoured tractor. In the resulting gun battle, Quarrel is incinerated by the flame-thrower whilst Bond and Honey are taken prisoner. Bond and Honey are decontaminated and taken to quarters before being drugged.

-->above keyword

Electron shells send BULLET.in
messages VIA atomic elctron bullet shells


 who is collecting shells

 who is collecting shells



who is collecting shells







Upon waking they are escorted to dine with Dr. No. He reveals that he is a member of SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion)and plans to disrupt the Project Mercury space launch from Cape Canaveral with his atomic-powered radio beam. After dinner Honey is taken away and Bond is beaten by the guards.

--> keyword clues and possiblilties
DR.NO --> DR.Norway and their Carl Jung collective unconsciousness citizen groups thoughts
Bond is imprisoned in abut manages to escape through a vent. Disguised as a worker, Bond finds his way to the control centre, a multi-level room full of high-tech instrumentation with an atomic reactor set into the floor, overseen by Dr. No from a command console. Bond overloads the nuclear reactor just as the American rocket is about to take off. Hand-to-hand combat ensues between Bond and Dr. No; the scientist is pushed into the reactor's cooling vat, in which he boils to death. Bond finds Honey and the two escape in a boat just as the entire lair exp

--> SIGNAL --> molecular cell biology professors ......brain cell prisons

Galileo Base 2 escape
(year 1632 Book:Two Chief World IBM Systems) VIA
EARTH geography VIKING ship (Longboat Key,Florida)


Thus we have the atomic mass of protons, neutrons ......giving proton prose and neutron news that is then distributed by mass communication media such as television, newspapers, etc. Thus mass communications is really atomic mass communications VIA an atomic human messenger ...and atomic bio-physics bio-computer output device with base 2 binary arms and base 2 binary eyes....such as those communications structures labeled: authors, writers, newspaper reporters.

Thus Ian Fleming shows us that atomic humans can also be viewed as organic molecular structures. The origin of human thought and ideas is REALLY at the organic molecule level ...and those moleclues also engage in social chemistry VIA a vehicle, a molecular expressor agent with EARTH LAB laboratory label: humanoid.


Molecular bond ---> social chemistry thoughts and messages of atoms / molecules


The communications BRIDGE of  CamBRIDGE  ... and its year 2013 failure to communicate. 




Thus the ideal Lewis Carroll 2-legged guinea-pig specimen group for the supersymmetry physics EARTH LAB social laboratory experiments in communication theory, awareness, feedback signals with the TEST for intellectually arrogant citizens in the political sciences and social sciences.


Who Stole the Tarts? | Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis ...

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll .... Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. ... 'I've so often read in the newspapers, at the end of trials, "There was some attempts at ...

Thus the symmetry WAR with TEST for
Norway Labor Party
Norway Laboatory Part of atomic social anthropology and organic social chemistry theater.

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