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DNA FCC electromagnetic WAR

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In modern communications theory of molecular cell social biology we have the
DNA brain WAR messages for Watson and Crick. In United states SCIENCE WAR terminology we have the parallel processing situation with:

--> external elctromagnetic:
copper FCC = Federal Communications Commission and then double-helix version

--> internal message system is:
DNA FCC = Francis C. Crick ...and the DNA wireless Cricket broadband system.



Brain radio neurotransmitter secret humanoid agent: DNA FCC has yet to communicate to analyst HERBERT MAX ZINSER.......Nature's symbolic son for Maxwell equations, Hertzian waves,the atomic brain project plan (Max Plan of Max Planck), and the Margaret Mead nuclear family message from MAX BORN.



The DNA curves interaction WAR  with  television, radio, cellular phones, and light bulb  EM  field curves.


Nature's  super-symmetry bio-physics DNA  geometry war with  citizen/government approved   optical photon message  tricks.






Thus we see the modern photon light bulb-war ..... the electromagnetic helix wars with Washington, DC and thier optical nerve manipuation plots. Notice that the geometry of the new light bulbs is helix shaped ..... the Double-helix and the Double-cross ... treason in the intellectual optic wars. Thus the optic war battlefield and Virginia TECH English class 101 for eyes/retina/iris/pupils ..... a study in the CAUSE and EFFECT of VIRGIN TECH technology optical schemes and the very incomplete explanation about the TRUE, deeper nature of the tragic shooting.

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