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The DNA Time Split problem

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Physics theory of earth time is a modern TIME PARADOX.
1) your teacher said ---> Twenty - Four hour day = 24
2) ZINJAN + ZINO says --> 20 - 4 = 16 hours a day


Ask yourself " Why does April Fool's Day exist?".

Are you a TWO-TIME loser?

Are you a    WHY TWO-K  TIME loser?

Are you a   Y2K   TIME loser?

Did you pass the TIME awareness test? SORRY.
Your brain is out of synch with year 2011 BRAIN BIOLOGICAL CLOCK STANDARDS. Pay attention to the intellectual LAWS of the TIME MACHINE, Computer Earth.




1) your Virginia TECH English teacher said read GEORGE ORWELL 1984.


2) ZINO particle physics says read George Orwell's 1984 atomic bio-physics TIME COMPUTER  manual:

year 1984 + oxygen atomic Base 16 Hexadecimal = year 2000
requirements for your Lung/Brain data processor.


Have you failed to upgrade your Y2K brain computer clock?
The Y2K biological clock upgrade requires personnal intellectual effort; Y2k failure is a common intellectual omission in year 2013.



Real time --> 20- 4 = Base 16 hours --> Base 16 hexadecimal hours used by the cortex computer COBOL language processor for the 16 hours you are awake.
Base 16 is used for data processing awareness accuracy.

Thus the April 16 brain dead SIGNAL from Nature with the Virginia TECH university Base 16 HEX/curse signaling tragedy

Your failure was the upgrade of your cortex computer Y 2K --> 2K data stream of consciousness --> the communications pipeline needed by your hexadecimal central nervous system 370. This cortex VOID will eventually affect your myoglobin protein oxygen Base 16 memory data storage. This is related to Alzheimer's cortex computer memory failure or cortex computer BAL subroutines that become cortex canni.BAL subroutine ==>
a mutation of BAL = Basic(K)    AssemBLUR            Lag age.

Modern Anthropology Head Hunters -->
eat  brain --> Alzheimer's cortex memory.

Professors can increase their probability to allow the brain computer Margaret Mead cortex canniBAL subroutines to eat their memory --> thus providing gradu.ATE students and their professors with the intellectual experience of intellectual decay as demonstrated by Alzheimer's --> known as "FOOD for thought" which in a mathematical physics professor brain would be " FOOD for FOREHEAD math/physics ideas/thoughts".

The  bio-computer canniBAL instruction is the famous  CHIN =  Compare Halfword instruction for the college graduate brain SYMBOL MACHINE.





Pay attention to the evolution of BRAVE NEW WORLD, 1984, and FUTURE SHOCK. Their authors tried to warn us.

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