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DNA genetics Clinical Trial - Monica (and Benjamin Lewin) Lewinsky

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DNA genetics Clinical Trial - Benjamin Lewin





The college textbook: Genes V by Benjamin Lewin from Cam.BRIDGE, Massachusettes has provided
Mother Nature with the famous genetic political science EXPRESSION experiment using the bio-physics parallel processing BRIDGE methods of Cam.BRIDGE. Pharmaceutical industry researchers in political genes, social biochmistry, molecular sell cell biology are very familiar with their social engineering EARTH LAB government clinical trial demo.


For the DEMO ...string theory physics ?..... puppet string theory was applied to atomic HUMANOID specimens in Washington,DC.


Thus, given
the original structure: ?LEWIN and genetics/ medicine clinical trails
parallel event: Monica Lewin(Lewinsky) and President Clinton clinical trial DEMO
...to test the secrets of university professors.

Do they undertsand the structure of Nature and society relationships?

? ? ? ? ? ??

Thus, given the original structure:
LEWIN?and science?clinical trials?
........................................we have the parallel processing /?
........................................supersymmetry social science EVENT:

Monica?Lewin (Lewinsky)?and President?Clinton clinical trial.



FAQ: ClinicalTrials.gov - Clinical Trial Phases

FAQ ClinicalTrials.gov - Clinical Trial Phases.
Question: ??What are clinical trial phases?
Answer: Clinical trials are conducted in a series of steps, called phases?.


Nature's undercover agent (BL) Benjamin Lewin and the experimental gene extension is now the famous Darwinian evolution of BL --> BLT sandwich ...with human nonsense social thoughts now sandwiched between the EARTH government of Nature and the periodic atomic table government --> the Margaret Mead nuclear family, modern social anthropology, and atomic brain politics.

Thus the new brain res.TAU.rant menu.....food for forehead thought ...with the
symbolic life of the TAU physics particle and the BL = Benjamin Lewin BLT sandwich...which gives the Gestalt completion code of
Benja.min(d) --> 3/4 of mind + 4th wise man = 4/4 mind.


?Let's look at agent BL in the larger context of Grand Unified Theory (GUT) and the Theory of Everything ?(TOE) ..... ?AND ?everthing includes Benjamin Lewin Languages(BLL).


COBOL base locator linkage (BLL) cells?

COBOL ? ? ?base locator linkage (BLL) cells. ?

If your existing ... do not support them. Parent topic: Source language and compiler considerations for migration.

COBOL Linkage Section - an Appreciation | LinkedIn

Jun 2, 2012 ? So when COBOL-II came along, I started coding GETMAIN SET ... I remember

BLL cells as pointers to things referenced by the USING phrase of the .... Assembler was the recommended language that time but I sure wanted to?...

Benjamin Lewin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Benjamin ? ?Lewin was the founder of the ?biochemistry ?Language ?journal Cell and the author of the textbook Genes. He is credited with building Cell into a cutting-edge journal of exciting?.



BL?L ? ? ? ?Cell ? ? Conversion

This requires the manipulation of BLL cells within the application program. ... Source language level to 1, 2, 3, or 4 (DOS/VS or OS/VS COBOL) on the Language?...



Lewin has associations with the EARTH LAB communications BRIDGE region known as camBRIDGE, Mass. USA.

Because ?EARTH LAB communications BRIDGES have partially failed , we have the I-35W Bridge collapse near the city of ST.Paul (Dirac), Minnesota ....... also involving ?the ?Minnesota minimum version of the applied Mini-Max theorem of statistical decision theory. M-theory physics gives Minnesota theory ....a new interesting area for reseachers studying the 11-dimensions of string theory of ?EARTH LAB. ??

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