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DNA social science military expressions with David Petraeus

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DNA military expressions using humanoid warriors.

Year 2004 to 2009 - Admiral William Fallon chief of central command and General David Petraus through television news and newspaper classified information sections have given us the suggested hierarchy of various governments on COMPUTER EARTH. The advanced U.S. ARM Y-algebra chromosome uses the U.S. ARM, ELBOW, BRAIN, an ink PEN with word TAG, and English language SYMBOLIC WORD of HONOR to express classified secrets regarding the PEN.TAG.ON. Year 2009 symbolic life is very advanced; Norbert Wiener in 1948 suggested artificial intelligence governments that have societal awareness at a higher level than the usual 2-legged educated person.

The pen.T.A.G.on itself represents 3 DNA nucleotides:
Adenine, and
the T.A.G component of advanced DNA military strategy that is ignored.





The suggested hierarchy of Nature is:

Level 1 - The Symbolic Origin of the Universe
..........the Universal Mind/ God/ related concepts

Level 2 - Argonne atomic oxygen base 16 computer
Level 3 - the Galileo hexadecimal system from YEAR 16.16

Level 4 - tree of knowledge/ Botany photon awareness

Level K-1 - artificial intelligence/cybernetics

Level K --> thinK --> central nervous system 370

Level K+1

Level N --> Admiral William Fallon chief of central command of the cortex COMMAND level COBOL computer language social engineering programs and military programs to fix social science computer BUGS.

General DP = Data Processing agent for social genetics with
General DP = David Petraeus warrior for COMPUTER EARTH Gene/ Gamete/ DNA nucleotide application SYSTEMS


human TRA locus on chromosome 14 - IMGT Repertoire (IG and TR)

Apr 25, 2001 – Locus and genes. The human TRA locus is located on chromosome 14 [1-3], on the long arm at band 14q11.2. The TRD locus is embedded in ...

human TRA locus --> focus on  gene TRA --> gene General    peTRAeus  

David Petraeus
Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
David Howell Petraeus AO is a retired American military officer and public official.
He served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from September 6, 2011, until his   rearrangement  on  November 9, 2012  ....... because

TRA (T cell Receptor Alpha)

V-J-rearrangements in the TRA locus therefore result in  ..... the   peTRAeus  human specimen DEMO




Since the penTAGon represents T,A,G   DNA nucleotides;

the Fallujah conflict expresses DNA errors and the Y2K biological cortex computer clock omission from year 2000.





The remaining intellectual, psychological war components are more complex. Those who are familiar with the symbolism/message warning of the books BRAVE NEW WORLD, 1984, FUTURE SHOCK can't be surprised at the situation of year 2004. These are complex puzzles; that require a slow,careful, thoughtful analysis by those who are willinging to study various levels of Nature's social structures.

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