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« Norway and the BAL.tic Sea region computer science war zone.Australia defeated by Africa and Bali, Indonesia in Computer Earth system 370 WAR. The Australian base 16 hexadecimal brain coma results in the LU = Logical Unit battle. »

AFRICA --> the base 16 hexadecimal COMPUTER EARTH system 370 numeric war zone. African data helps understand the Northern Illinois atomic social anthropology research area and the Australian LUNG graphics war.

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African conflicts, assassinations, and events provide important empircal data to supersymmetry physics about the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology war. Parallel processing and the symbolic life dimension of the living EARTH cell revealed.



The Solar System has 9 planets...equivalent to 8 data bits and 1 parity error correction bit.
Thus the original data processing structure of the Solar System and its subsequent evolution to Planet Earth......is now, viewed as Computer Earth System 370 with biological computer systems and their mirror....the copper wire computer systems. The mathematical-physics copper wire electron computer mirror came into existence after the Base 2 math war....known as World War 2 .....really a GALILEO astronomy war over year 1632 book: 2 Chief World Systems.

What are the 2 systems? This Manhattan Project anthropology physics question.....left unanswered.... became the EARTH battlefield of SEPT. 11, 2001 with the 2 Towers of the World Trade Center symbolic of the 2 Chief World Systems problem. Universities will not join me into researching this modern phase of the Galileo WAR. Thus, we have astronomy shooting stars at
Columbine High School, Cole Hall, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, and Oslo,Norway.

The first major Solar System computer project manager on EARTH was Galileo in year 16 16.
Year 16 16......the Base 16 HEX space and Base 16 HEX time project. Today, Einstein's field theory is better described as Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory. The battle at Virginia TECH on April 16, 2007 was an example of an Einstein base 16 FIELD theory.......battle.FIELD.
Looking at AFRICA .....we see Computer Earth and its Base 16 hexadecimal geography map.
Base 16 HEX'AF' = 175 ..... with the central AFRICA geography region (Congo region) .... considered NATURE'S version of a CPU = Central Processing Unit ... with the parallel/ the mirror to the copper wire IBM system 370 CPU.

Thus we see the botanical rain forest .... with base 16 HEX'Fo' = 240 --> Fo.rest data processor used by Nature for its intellectual activities.... data processing cellulose systems that have been around for millions of years. Hence, the well-known cellulose TREE of KNOWLEDGE.


Base 16 Hex'A' = 10 = Africa continent


Base 16 Hex'A' = 10 = Angola country with the Earth computer I/O PORT because it was a PORT.ugal colony.

Thus Computer Earth I/O Port LU = Logical Unit with
Lu = Luanda ... city on the Atlantic Ocean
Lu = Luremo
Lu = Lubango
Lu = Luau --> Logical Unit au = australian Legislature
Lu = Lungue --> LU = LUNG australian graphics legal war
Lu = Luena --> Logical unit ena = enable


IBM Angola - Country/region
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Computer companies have yet to receive approval and pay royalties to the EARTH government trust fund humanoid reprentatives of the Base 16 atomic/astrophysics continuum. Hence, the base 16 HEX battle on April 16,2007 at Virginia TECH over the CAD = Computer Aided Design of student CAD = CAdavers.



Base 16 Hex'A' = 10 = Algeria country with the computer feature of a FRENCH colony.
French = F + re + nc + ch -->
Base 16 Hex'F'=15 +
re= record of data +
nc = numerical control +
ch = CHIN = Compare Halfword Instruction of the ear/mouth people


Base 16 Hex'C' = 12 = Cameroon with C = Carbon 12 atomic computer .... bio-physics organic chemistry life forms known as CARBON-BLACK humanoid agents for Nature's social engineering experiments. Thus we have Nature's CAM = Computer Aided Manufacturing studies using organic chemistry objects with binary system BASE 2 legs, BASE 2 arms, and BASE 2 ears.


Base 16 Hex'E' = 14 = Egypt with VSAM data set CA (Control Area) of CA = Cairo.



BC --> Botany Computer --> Belgian Congo
BCDE base 16 spectrum of Belgian Congo Dutch Europe
HEX'B' = 11 --> SKU.11
Hex'C' = 12
Hex'D' = 13 --> Data
Hex'E' = 14 --> eu.ROPE of string theory physics

Portugal and its colonial empire
--> I/O Port of Computer Earth ..such as Angola


Libya --> Earth system 370 geography SYS1.Library

Rwanda civil war --> RWA = Random Work Area battlefield .. the battle DATA FIELD with Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and applications.




Thus we see an outline of Africa in the context of the SOLAR SYSTEM data processing structures.


Base 16 AFrica can also be considered a hexadecimal extension of the DECIMAL number system (the Schrodinger CAT has 9 lives --> Schrodinger system CATALOG). The Schrodinger cat and the box partitioned into 2 parts is related to the message of the Galileo book "Two Chief World Systems" ...and that relates ...in some manner to the 1946 message of the B.F. Skinner box about atomic social psychology and atomic brain development.

The decimal extension gives the Base 16 range from HEX'A' = 10 to Hex'F' = 15.

This is useful with supersymmetry physics .... with Margaret Mead atomic anthropology ...and the supersymmtery /parallel processing region of Northern Illinois and the study of primitive, primordial social science rities that may exist there.


Thus the number range
HEX'A' = 10 to Hex'F' = 15 --> AF.rica with parallel

Hex'A' = Argonne National Labs and
Hex'F' = FermiLAB, Batavia, Illinois.

Thus the atomic/astrophysics anthropology continuum becomes accessible thru mass communications media as television, radio, and print (cellulose newspapers, books, magazines). Mass communications ... is really atomic mass communications about atomic,biophysics humans and their atomic brain daily social science activities and expressions.

Thus is useful in understanding the B.F.Skinner box experiment evolution from 1946 ....
that has evolved to the year 2011 version
of oxygen 16 atomic computer LUNG biology boxes .... with Base 16
Hex'B' = 11 (Brain) --> Hex'F'= 15 (Forehead) studies
at B= Batavia ... F = FermiLAB humanoid bio-computer SKIN structures with symbolic NxN square matrix math thoughts giving modern B.F.SKINNER hybrid species (biology and symbolic brain evolutionary species). This occurs in the ST.Charles (Darwin) atomic brain evolution region of Nature in northern Illinois with the atomic English language of the 26 proton alphabet letters of FER = ferrous oxide atom in iron HEMEGLOBIN protein structures that think/in.FER at FER.miLAB.... one of EARTH LABS atomic brain research sites.

The thoughts of protons, neutrons, and electrons are published in books by atomic mass humanoid agents ..... mass communications messengers such as Leon Lederman and the book:
GOD Particle ..... word translation
GO + DP --> Data Processing .. .hence, Lederman is refering to his LU = Logical Unit LUNG and its oxygen 16 atomic computer Base 16 data processor and its symbolic processing abilities ..... via his oxygen/iron myogloblin proteins used by his arm in writing atomic messages on cellulse paper. Thus the GOD PARTICLE book gives us many CLUES to the multi-dimensional facets of Sartre existential expressions.


Of course, these empircal studies of Nature reflect all of us. Batavia is just one of many sample spaces in NORTH America. Thus the statistical research name of UNCLE SAM --> SAMPLE space.


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