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« AFRICA --> the base 16 hexadecimal COMPUTER EARTH system 370 numeric war zone. African data helps understand the Northern Illinois atomic social anthropology research area and the Australian LUNG graphics war.China, the Earth government and Nature's molecule expression systems --> introduction »

Australia defeated by Africa and Bali, Indonesia in Computer Earth system 370 WAR. The Australian base 16 hexadecimal brain coma results in the LU = Logical Unit battle.

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Australian scientists and the Australian military fail to understand modern social science schemes and tricks. The graphic arts plot to destroy the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic optical computer




The Solar System has 9 planets...equivalent to 8 data bits and 1 parity error correction bit. Thus the original data processing structure of the Solar System and its subsequent evolution to Planet Earth......is now, viewed as Computer Earth System 370 with biological computer systems and their mirror....the copper wire computer systems.

The first major Solar System computer project manager on EARTH was Galileo in year 16 16.
Year 16 16......the Base 16 HEX space and Base 16 HEX time project. Today, Einstein's field theory is better described as Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory.

Let's look at the world ..... in in particular Angola, Africa and Darwin, Australia .... both geography regions below the horizonthal latitude line known as the Equator.

The Computer Earth geography assembler language has theEQUATOR instruction ....which in Einsteins data processing DATA FIELD theory of land ..... has a parallel in the copper wire computer.

Thus the parallel to the Computer Earth mainframe is the
IBM Mainframe with Assembler .....
For instance, the code below assumes that 0 through 15 have been equated to R0 through R15, whereas ...
The symbols can be set up by the EQU - equates instruction. ...

It focuses on fundamentals of IBM assembler-level programming and syntax. ... Basic Assembler-Level program logic and coding. • Register ... Use of EQUATEs ...

Assembler Call, Load and Link
The assembler programs are written in
IBM Mainframe Assembler, it will ...
Constants and EQUates
* DS 0F + Force alignment * SAVEAREA EQU * DC F(0) DC

The above is important for the military AIR FORCE ... to have
their Base 16 lung/brain oxygen thoughts in alignment for clear thinking.
Also, we have
the Base 16 ...1600 Pennsylvania Avenue computer earth identifier in Washington, DC. For course, denial of the DEEPER LEVELS of reality is common. It does take some time and intellectual effort to understand this philosophical VIEW of life on COMPUTER EARTH. It took me about ten years to figure out. You have here .. some suggested CLUES to a puzzle.


The Earth Lab geography surface coordinates are:

Angola Luanda is the ...
Latitude: 8° 50', South. Longitude: 13° 20', East ...

Luau, Angola, Africa. ...
Latitude. -10.7°, Longitude. 22.2333333°. Where is Luau? ...

Lobito, Angola is located at -12.3481 [latitude in decimal degrees], 13.5456 [ longitude in decimal degrees] at an elevation/altitude of meters. ...


Thus we see the information sequence convergence -->

Luanda, Latitude: 8° 50', South. Longitude: 13° 20'
Luau...Latitude. -10.7°, Longitude. 22.2333333°
Lobito, Latitude -12.3481
Luena, Angola about the same


The latitude convergence signifies the evolution of Latitude Bandwidth to the appropriate living EARTH cell SRP (Signal Recognition Particle/city) of Darwin, Australia.

Geography ... Latitude/Longitude (Absolute Locations) ...

Darwin: 12º 38' S, 130º 88' E ...


Base 16 Hex'A' = 10 = Africa continent country of Angola

Base 16 Hex'A' = 10 = Angola country with the Earth computer I/O PORT because it was a PORT.ugal colony.

Looking at Lobito = Lo + bit + o suggests
Computer Earth ..... Load Library bit 0 thru ....

This is because LAND at .... such and such location -->
Land at = Lan data = Local Area Network Data .

Thus Computer Earth I/O Port LU = Logical Unit with
Lu = Luanda ... PORT city on the Atlantic Ocean
Lu = Luremo
Lu = Lubango
Lu = Luau --> Logical Unit au = australian continent
Lu = Lungue --> LU = LUNG australian .. mouth gases war
Lu = Luena --> Logical unit ena = enable


IBM Angola - Country/region
IBM Boosts Africa Expansion With New Angola Office
Sep 19, 2011 – IBM Press Room - IBM has announced the opening of a new branch office in Luanda, as part of the company's continued geographic ...

Africa: Angola is IBM's Latest Expansion Target
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Then we look at the
Australian bio-computer science LU = Logical Unit = LUNG problems
of atomic bio-physics humans that have elaborate commnucations blabber systems and Hollywood style explanations of reality. Hence, from year 1984 thru year 2011 we have the BRAVE NEW WORLD social psychology INTELLECTUAL WARS .... as forwarned by George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.

Australian universities and their secret Carl Jung collective unconsciousness societies have been defeated in the nicotine / acetycholine .... long-range brain neurotransmitter war. Universities ought learn how to communicate at the diplomatic, civilized intellectual conscious level of thought .... about the SCIENCE WARS.

Thus we see big MOUTH and the attached LUNG blaming cigarettes for LUNG cancer .... when perhaps, its the symbolic English language disease of arrogant MOUTH/EAR Australian citizens who fail to do their homework .... instead relying on distorted and biased explanations ........ to see which bragging group can manipulate society with BS = Bull-Stories. The study of atomic English language of the 26 proton English alphabet of the Ferrous oxide atom used by iron Hemoglobin proteins .... is the 1st step to clear thinking about social engineering problems that cause LUNG cancer and other illness.

Political in.FLU.ence is a major factor in creating colds/ FLU / fever / and other nasal illness ..... caused by the human BS LUNG gases that talk inaccurate words and sentences about base 16 oxygen social engineering policies. Atomic humans are to represent the atomic government and its political science projects ... but do not. The Earth government and Nature's intellect are not interested in the Australian LEG --> bedroom LEGislative LEG rackets and the
university concept of brains --> BRA Ins --> Bra Insurance.

Now this process is well-known ... with Natheniel Hawthorne, Lewis Carroll, and others.
The details of this will be covered in another blog title.

Returning to the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 WAR for control of the
Australian LAND = Local Area Network Data geography ... we'll look at a few clues about the REAL geography war.


What are the computer features of Australia?

We have oxygen 16 atomic computer Base 16 LU = Logical Unit = LUNG .... which in Australian humans has zero logic; thereby, from Nature's atomic bio-math VIEW ... is a defective human LU = LUNG. Australian LUNG output dribble and nonsense data talk ... just makes matters worse.
The BIG EAR of EARTH does have quality control standards for English language conceptual explanations of events. policies, etc.

Locations and their gestalt:

Exmouth --> Hex Mouth; thus Lungue, Africa source code
Lungue = Lung + gue = Lung + Tongue + Exmouth, Australia
Thus we have an unusual communications pathway on Earth

Indian Ocean = I/O = Input Output

Darwin --> CHarles Darwin evolution of CH = organic chemistry symbols used by the LUNG cigarette project of the Solomon Islands ...that is college textbook Organic Chemistry
by T.W.Graham Solomons ..... which the Australian legislature and their graphic arts people on cigarette packaging ought study ...but apparently they can't be bothered to understand the deeper levels of existence on EARTH. Instead, we get some SONG and DANCE and Smoke Screens ..under the pretense that Australians and the Australian military really understand what's happening.

Tasmania --> T + asm --> Think assembler language

Port Macquarie --> I/O computer port Mac --> Macro subroutines



In addition we have Computer Earth with Bali, Indonesia.


Thus we have Bali --> Basic(k) Assemblur Language interface .... such as the secrets of biology canni.BAL.ism subroutines ...that are used by citizen computer programmers to attack the LU= Logical Unit = Lung systems of base 16 oxygen.

Thus cancer is a canni.BAL process with
BAL = Basick Assemblur Land Language ..... and universities will not cooperate in fixing the symbolic engine errors of the bio-computer symbolic processing device LU = Logical Unit = LUNG.

The LU = Logical Unit Norwegian Government (LUNG code) and Europe were sent a tragic message by Nature ... to speak and clearly explain .... UTOEYA --> Unified Theory of Everything.

The University of Oslo and the Norwegian govermment will not research this hypothesis ... based on the empircal event data printed in newspapers.




Near Indonesia is NEW Guinea .... setting the stage for the Austalian new guinea pig experiments ... that is EARTH LAB with human guinea pigs and their experimental Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer. But the British have known about this since year 1865.

Who Stole the Tarts?
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Alice's
Who Stole the Tarts?
... In the very middle of the court was a table, with a large dish of tarts upon it: they .... Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the ...

Thus the modern Alice ...with Alice Springs, Australia.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Lewis Carroll:
... of a story that after all remains frightening in its upside-down, inside-out logic. .... Please Ma'm, is this New Zealand? Or Australia? ... but she could not even get her head through the doorway; "and even if my head would go ...

As Lewis Carroll's Alice (Alice Springs) falls down, down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, she wonders ... heads downwards—perhaps New Zealand or Australia (Carroll 28). ...an upside-down world of opposites that follows none of the rules that define the ...

It is surprising that the Australian military and think tanks have no interest in these intellectual questions and issues. Obviously, citizens, universites, and legislatures could care less ..... the restaurant menu provides their FOOD for THOUGHT. However, I always thought that the military mind was concerned with more serious matters ..... and did not have the general public song and dance mentality. But ...its easy to be hynotized by modern television and radio ... and fall into the belief that one is told everything by newspapers or social science professors.

Perhaps, military men around the world will take a second look .... and look at the SCIENCE WAR event data .... and ask themselves.... how come no one has told us about this. The university, corporation, and citizen CODE OF SILENCE.

The modern HONOR CODE also is to HONOR the brain computer system and at least try to give accurate descriptions of REALITY. Then given that accurate model of CAUSE and EFFECT ..... it becomes a option... a practical matter as to how much to deviate from the model .... or whether to just wait and do nothing .... until more explanatory data develops on the situation. Regardless .... of the situation ... in theory one must have .... as much as possible ... a reasonably accurate model. So, why does't the Australian military try to comphrend the Base 16 hexadecimal LAND war.Even Robert Gates needs to look at his brain logic gates and ask about his relationship to Base 16 address 1600 Pennsylvannia Avenue.

Then we have Texas A&M ????? Access Method .... to what dimension on EARTH LAB. Physics asks that question. Perhaps, the good gentleman Robert (atomic brain electron logic gatesagent) Gates can provide some empirical data for theorists. But then, we are all test specimens in the context of EARTH LAB. Theorists with self-awareness can study their atomic-self and their relationship to Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthropology.



But Mr.Gates ...comparatively speaking is dwarfed by Nature's vast human brain awareness experiments in Australia with project parameter list:
Tasmania, New Guinea, Bali, Solomon Islands ..... with the key SIGNAL Darwin, Australia.

In the past , Darwinian evolution was concerned with physical evolution, etc. .... as seen by Tasmania unusual physical species.

Tasmania has many species which have become, or are on the verge of extinction on mainland Australia. The lack of introduced predators, such as the fox, and the relatively large amount of intact habitat on the island, make Tasmania a final refuge - a last chance - for many species.
•Tasmanian devil
•Eastern Quoll (native cat)
•Spotted-Tailed Quoll
•Short-beaked Echidna
•Forester kangaroo
•Bennetts wallaby
•Tasmanian pademelon
•Tasmanian Bettong
•Ringtail possum
•Sugar Glider
•Brustail possum
•Little Pygmy possum
•Tasmanian Tiger

On the other hand, in Austalia, Darwinian evolution has proceeded inside people's brain .......with their thoughts or perhaps abstact, symbolic thoughts.
Thus we have different brain species ....

Music people .. music heads
Food people with cooking flavors, etc.
Textile/fashion colors and pattern people
Math equation people
Automotive mechanics
Wave mechanics thinkers
Quantum mechanics students


Tasmanian devil --> transformation to the brain symbolic species ...
T + asm --> the subconcious mind of computer progammers is thinking in Tasmania devil mode


Ringtail possum --> evolution to the brain species of
possum --> possibility sum --> 1 = college math students in probability theory and statistics


The strangeness of Tasmiania physical formats has re-expressed itself in the strangness of Australian thought species and Australian usage of English language  symbols.



Thus ...the question becomes. ..how to all these brain formats and other things ... affect or influence the needed accurate descriptions of world affairs ... that are needed by military analysts.

Around year 1600 William Shakespeare stated
"The WORLD is a stage and we are the players" .... so what is the script and what group comprise the directors.



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