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China, the Earth government and Nature's molecule expression systems --> introduction

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China and its role in the EARTH message processing system  Wars

China and its TRUE identity as a social engineering subset institution within the larger context of the EARTH government and Nature's vast intellect




The Earth government and the human subset governments are constantly engaged in various experiments. These experiments of NATURE are interesting puzzles.

The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) VIEW helps us understand the SCIENCE WAR conflicts VIA economic and political science expressions. The VIEW of a hypothetical distant virtual observer....viewing EVENTS on EARTH.......gives us an understanding of EARTH social science events,political science, economics , crimes, tragedies, etc.

To understand this...we consider the continuum....a range of existences.

Example: Atomic --> continuum <-- astrophysics
................................. | 
Then we think of:........middle = human zone with humanoid symbolic spokeperson/agents.


Thus given such continuum we look at China.


At the atomic end of the continuum we have Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology
....atomic human EARTH LAB experimental specimens. The periodic atomic table government has many FORMATS of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic bio-physics humanoids ..... that are representatives of the atomic elements.

For example:
N = Nitrogen and O =Oxygen --> NO --> Norway LUNG humanoids who have yet to diplomatically acknowledge the atomic government and its Sartre existence.

The element C = Carbon atom of the organic chemistry government of Nature decided to test the concept of humanoid self-awareness and human awareness of symbolism around 1950. Thus we have 1950 to 2010 .... 60 years to think and ponder over EARTH LAB empirical data using social experiments .... such as CHINA and their communist collectives, etc.

CH --> carbon and hydrogen symbol in college chemistry text books.
Are the Chinese composed of organic hydrocarbon molecules.
Good question!


CH implies
CH = CH.ina symbolizes this organic chemistry --> social chemistry relationship.




Carbon black - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Carbon black (also known as acetylene black, channel black, furnace black, lamp black or thermal black) is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of ...


Specialty Carbon Blacks - Cabot Corporation

Cabot is the world's largest producer of carbon blacks that deliver performance in plastics, adhesives, coatings, inks, toners,

and other specialty applications.


Images for carbon black

Images for carbon black



Organic chemsitry molecular expressions VIA humanoid structures and their dress codes. 

People's Liberation Army soldier and woman, late 1950s. Powerhouse Museum collection. 






Other messages  of Nature ftom China, Asia.




Red Blood Cells - The Franklin Institute

Red blood cells perform the most important blood duty. A single drop of blood contains millions of red blood cells which are constantly traveling through your ...





Chapter IV.: The Correspondence Between Life and Its Circumstances.

Herbert Spencer, The Principles of Psychology [1855] ... Author: Herbert Spencer ....
form links in the correspondence between internal and external changes.



Above picture/words  ... INTERNAL  biology government or red blood  cells  

Below .....  Nature's corresponding  EXTERNAL display of red blood cell  system structure and thoughts ..... using  humanoid messenger vehicles on the geography surface of  EARTH  in Asia.  


Don't write off the communists - China's ruling party is eminently ...

Jun 1, 2010 – The basic organisational map of the Chinese Communist Party is ... commissars" out of the Red Army, while China's People's Liberation Army has reinserted a parallel hierarchy of party control, including 90,000 party cells.




Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible





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840-CHINA refuses diplomatic recognition of Computer Earth government
841-Richard Milhouse Nixon... 37th President and Computer Earth system 370 and China


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