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COMPUTER EARTH system 370 and Washington, DC brain computer SCIENCE WARS region

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The Darwinian evolution of computer science and computer control of  human bio-computers




The Solar System .......COMPUTER EARTH system 370 VIEW of the human VSAM data space CA = Control AREA has given us a good understanding of modern evolution.

3 major intellectual regions are under VSAM control:
CA = Cambridge, MASS universities
CA = Cambridge university, England

While ..from Nature's point of VIEW .....the majority of the student and faculty violators of the John Locke/David Hume ...SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature.......probably need to be controlled by the COMPUTER EARTH government; it was hoped that a few professors might transcend those boundaries....and think out of the BOX..so to speak. Nature has exceptions for those that are interested in the Margaret Mead atomic anthroplogy.... Gestalt VIEW of Grand Unified Theory of physics.

But university communications are lacking in their explanations of their SCIENCE WAR problems.




An example of how the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer ...works in the EARTH LAB enviroment is given by Washington,DC.

In IBM BAL = Basic Assembler Language terms.... the COMPUTER EARTH program is composed of assembly lines of code.

Example: the General Motors automotive assembly line in Janesville, Wisconsin was closed because it is a bad LINE of COMPUTER EARTH assembly line code.
The city of Janesville and the State of Wisconsin refuse to discuss
the FIX for the GM asssembly LINE fact (factory computer story code).

Thus Nature's super-symmetry view of the Janesville automotive assembly line  ..... the equivalent SYMBOL   MACHINE  assembly line




EXAMPLE: An assembler programs has  storage areas called DC = Define Constant. Thus from the big picture VIEW ...we have a line of EARTH computer code:

Washington DC 




Those familiar with IBM system 370 OS/JCL CICS on-line (see a college Textbook or computer manual for the words) ....remember that a 3270 CRT terminal (copper wire terminal) has data fields with attributes.

1 attribute/adjective is called the MDT = Modified Data TAG.

In year 2011 we have the parallel processing situation:
--> 3270 CRT terminal (or equivalent copper wire,etc)
--> 32 to age 70 human brain computer terminal


..thus we see the context/ subset relationship of the Pentagon to the EARTH government...
which the universities and the Pentagon deny has an existence. This obvious denial of REALITY is a problem.

The EARTH LAB has an experimental human bio-computer group with
...Modified Data TAG.....as in proper noun identifier: penTAGon

It helps the soldier in the battlefield....if the thinkers ...safe and sound in some office at a university or think tank .....ought THINK more clearly. Has their computer brain been modified? Probably some television program has sent instructions to their brain. A program like : NOVA .....provides symbolic Novacaine to anesthetize the professorial brain. Welcome to BRAVE NEW WORLD.

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