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Home site --> Herb Zinser’s  SCIENCE WAR reports  


The astrophysics view of the living EARTH cell and its surface area problems


Atomic microbiology expressions VIA social sciences AND societal events


DNA speaks and writes English languages


Herb Zinser Science Part 2


Herb Zinser Science Part 3



Herb Zinser Science Part 4


Math and physics diseases


Math Hematologic Logic Disease


Advances in symbolic genetics and the identification of LAB oddities and university mutants


Nature's bio-math, bio-physics, and bio-computer wars of societies


Nature's Blog Engine explains the GM Engines used in Janesville, Wisconsin


Nature's Blog Engine explains Chrysler Engine, Kenosha, Wisconsin and the secrets of Italy


Organic chemistry transformations to social chemistry


Salvador Dali and the Geo-Political System WAR status


Social science puzzles


The atomic English language secrets of books, magazines, televsion,newpapers --> Official translations


The DNA and Biochemistry SCIENCE WAR reports


The Earth government and its Military Command Structure


The living Earth cell


The SOS global respose SIGNALS for Norway


 The Z-papers .... Part 1


 The Z-papers .... Part 2


 The Z-papers ...Part 3


The Z-papers ... Part 4


 ANOTHER   SITE  and its blog titles--->

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