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Information WAR SITE 16

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Herb Zinser's Project Plan Z - Analysis Rpeorts

Nature's advanced information processing systems

The evolution formats of computer science

Nature and computer science

Math conflicts, accident, crimes, and war

Biology, math, and human math expressions and behavior

Math applications as predicted by Isaac Asimov's

Modern Botany social engineering expressions

Nature's advanced expression systems

Earth systems expressions

The EARTH iron core LANGUAGE interaction system with humans

The Earth's magnetic field CONTROLs over human societies

Gravity field interaction system with humans

Electromagnetic fields and society

Social science genetics

DNA social science expressions

Biochemistry molecules and their social expressions

Atomic expression systems

Molecular social expressions

The water molecule continuum and packages of water --> humans

Organic chemistry --> implies --> social chemistry

Chemistry expression systems

Physics expression systems

Advanced social science WAR reports

Language and symbol conflicts create EVENTS and their messages

Understanding the secrets of the English department

Understanding history using the knowledge of modern times

Miscellaneous reports that provide language CLUES about places and situations

Analysis of economic and business systems PROBLEMS

Modern philosophy and science explained

The religious and philosophy expressions of existential entities VIA human display devices

Television, Radio, Music and Book ERROR messages

The evolution of CONTRACT law

Astronomy and Astrophysics BATTLE to recapture EARTH

Periodic atomic table social policy messages

Nature's brain engineering and social engineering messages

Science conflicts and WAR

Various topics on the SCIENCE WARS

Pointers to other sites on the INTERNET that explain modern REALITY

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