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Project Plan Z news analysis phase - Tests are Translated

EM war news

Translations of newspaper codes

COMPUTER EARTH system 370 WAR news

Math war news analysis

The copper metal subset city expressions of electricity

The C.P.Snow social science WAR casualties

Nature's military methods and messages for human ERROR policies.


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Project Plan Z - news EVENT analysis

EARTH copper expression systems

Ferrous oxide IRON atom expression systems

Continuum message reports in the news

Nature's evolution of impedance signals that parallel electron circuit concepts

University spectrum content wars


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Herb Zinser's Project Plans Z

Nature's education system

Nature's social system mess message for the school system

Karl Marx and Modern Class Warfare

Science and Theology

Science and Philosophy

Science and Religion

Books and their SECRET subset messages

The atomic English translations of newspaper OPTICAL MILITARY codes and concepts

Physics social engineering signals and social science WAR messages

Math and Society

The secret social signals by Avogadro's number

Movie messages

Isaac Asimov and the Psychohistory WAR reports

The Milky Way war status reports

Nature's brain engineering SYMBOL MACHINE war reports

Atoms, math equations and the social economic and political systems

Modern chemistry --> social and political chemistry

Music, radio, and television THOUGHT CONTROL systems

The evolution of EVOLUTION.

The astrophysics galactic LOCAL test REGION (Earth LAB)

Optics and the Electromagnetic WARS

The continuum wars for control of EARTH populations and YOU

The Feedback Control Systems WAR

SYMBOL MACHINE languages and symmetry physics

The modern computer and human bio-computer WAR systems

Analysis of news reports




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