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Virginia TECH and the organic chemistry molecule ENGLISH language war


The Madison organic communication continuum experiment equation: HUMAN shell(y) CH with Solomon's textbook.


Organic chemistry ---> university brain chemistry- symbolic machine WARS.


Charles Darwin, Selma, and the organic molecule evolutionary MARCH


Earth's organic molecular continuum assassination of
HC = Hydro-Carbon molecule agent HC = Hugo Chavez  



The organic molecule continuum Base Pair WAR



The organic social chemistry PCR --> Polymerase (ERASE) Chain reaction of rubber automobile tires


The FDR 1932 New Deal Coalition violations of the gravity/ organic molecule treaty trigger the year 2012 Newtown, Connecticut tragedy.


Goethe explains Nature's gravity organic molecule interface LEVEL of existence to President Jimmy Carbon Carter, Isaac Newton Gingrich, and Georgia TECH


The Galileo astrophysics hydrocarbon signal within " Two CHIEF World Systems".


Organic molecule evolution TEST site - Checkpoint Charlie 1963 - Europe


The carbon atom WAR at Sandy Hook elementary organic chemistry school


Darwinian chemistry molecule selection of James Earl Ray to assassinate carbon black agent KING



Organic molecule BATLE of June 6, 1944 in Europe


Organic chemistry, Jerry Lewis, the March of Dimes --> The March of Dimensions of String theory


Diethyl ether ---> Virginia TECH advanced English class secrets of DEATH words.


Carbon atomic computer addressibility of carbon electron space


The Computer Earth system 370 carbon black molecular computer address space WAR


Nature VS the Supreme Court ---> the organic chemistry molecule Supreme Court Justice L.G. Wade,JR ............... Roe Vs. Wade decision results in OC = Organic Chemistry Wade Page battle at OC = Oak Creek, Wisconsin


The carbon black--> organic social chemistry SCHOOL shootings



The D-galactose Spanish organic chemistry artist Salvador Dali


The organic chemistry monosaccharies WAR casualties of Virginia TECH


The University of Wisconsin organic chemistry textbook WAR ZONE



Deactivating Meta-Directing battle casualties



Organic molecule META-attack helps connect the reasons of the Sandy Hook tragedy in Connecticut.


Princess Diana death with Para-directing paparazzi in PARIS


The Herb Zinser Science reports




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