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Chicago Physics - The Missing Mind Problem

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Chicago Physics -The Missing Mind Problem
By zinjan

The Chicago area and Northern Illinois area are involved in several subtle brain experiments. College students and professors are particpants of a COMPUTER EARTH puzzle. What are the components of this cortex bio-computer science mystery puzzle?

» The CHI = Compare Halfword Instruction is used in Chicago human cortex bio-computers. It represents the starting point of brain evolution . Thousands of years ago, the HALFWORD instruction comprised the structure of advanced symbolic data processors used in social engineering. MOTHER NATURE then embarked upon a complex intellectual development project known as the ZINJAN skull project (Zinjanthropus archeology with Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology).



Notice, the CH instruction spells CHIN ---> eating memory inside the human  bio-computer brain ...the Alzheimer's process



» The Fullword brain processing experiments are at FULLWORD Computer Earth computer address Fullerton Avenue, Chicago. The biological DP experimental specimens are at DePaul University. Have their thought processing abilities evolved to full-word instruction mode ?

» Dobleword processing brain experiments were well-publicized with the book about DOUBLE-SPEAK. The cortex COBOL computer language full-word is 32. Double-word = 32 + 32 = 64 . The COMPUTER EARTH double-word road map test is Illinois State Highway 64 = North Aveune west from Chicago. Failure to handle double-word tasks is an intellectual double-cross.

» The Chicago area is an extension of the Dublin Irish experiment. Project DuBlin = Double-Blind statistical social science experiments of the central nervous system GROUP awareness computer.

» The next area of MIND research is at FermiLAB with university professors and the biological BATCH computer JOB (using the brain computer). Universities consider an indivi.DUAL –> as a DUAL/binary mental computer structure. The education process is to upgrade the –> Batch Electron Orbitals (inside your skull). Upon graduation the individual recives a       BACHELOR     degree acknowledging his particpation in the BATCH ELECTRON ORBITAL experiment. A more advanced test is at BAT research center in BATAVIA –> a professorial BATCH brain subconscious computer experiment is in progress. Specfically we have the MIND experiment; with 4 symbolic alphabetic components?



What does this tell us about M-theory physics at the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthropology family–> FermiLAB.
M-Theory physics MIND Mess/Messages about steps of atomic brain evolution:

1.1/4 of MIND = M –> M-theory starting point of MIND
2.2/4 of MIND = MI –> Fer M I _ _ LAB –> fill in the blanks
3.3/4 of MIND = MID –> as in blood plasMID intellectual awareness of societal structure and thought

4.4/4 of MIND = MIND –> a fully functioning personality with fullword Universal Mind concepts.

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