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The Time Machine - Computer Earth and brain computer biological clock failure

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The TIME MACHINE -Computer Earth   By zinjan

H.G.Wells wrote the following clues:

» Year 1895 - The TIME MACHINE
» Year 1897 - The Invisible Man
» Year 1898 - The WAR of the Worlds


George Orwell wrote the TIME COMPUTER manual: 1984

Year 1984 + Base 16 Hexadecimal Years = Year 2000



Y2K also involved your brain biological computer. Did you upgrade your brain in YEAR 2000? Your Y2K failure components:

» Y-algebraic chromosome biological LIFESPAN clock
» 2K data stream pipeline needed by the new millenlium Central Nervous System 370 cortex data processor. Respect MOTHER NATURE social policy limits and MOTHER NATURE’s intellectual evolution will help you out-think the component of DEATH TIME? It is an intellectual chess game as outlined in the movie ” The Seventh Seal”.

Mother Nature’s biological double-helix clock TIME PARADOX:

» School teacher says: Twenty – four hours a day = 24 decimal
» The TIME MACHINE says: 20 minus 4 = 16 hours hexadecimal.






Thus we see the double-helix TIME equations  of the 20 standard  amino acids  .... with 2 time answers.

  • Biochemistry:Twenty Amino Acids

    There are twenty amino acids required for human life to exist. ... are the biggies to our species and defined as the standard amino acids. ... 20 Amino Acids.
  • The Amino Acids
    The standard amino acids are therefore classified on the basis of these R groups. Amino acids with ... strongly hydrophilic. The 20 Standard Amino Acids ...

    Bio-math Time equations  that influence the length of   lifetime  

Twenty amio acids   + 4 DNA nucleotides = 24 hours per day
Twenty amino acids  - 4 DNA nucleotides = 16 hours per day


 To LINK these 2 bio-math time zones within you need to know some nasic  BASE 2  exponents and Base 16 hex.

Thus 24 --> Base 2 exponent 4  --> LINK to Base 16 oxygen atomic computer in your body  


 Thus we see the elements of your BIO-TIME MACHINE.
 What are the details?


 Do you have an  amino acid   BIO-TIME MACHINE inside of your body?




The HEX/curse of computer programming CAD = Computer Aided Design of student CAD =Cadavers. Thus the Base 16 shooting on April 16 at Virginia TECH university. Modern computerized death accident/murder systems using person bio-computers. Do you understand COMPUTER EARTH social engineering systems?

Why the double-helix TIME PARADOX in college graduates?
Do you have a DNA TIME SPLIT brain-computer VOID?
Are you a TWO-TIME loser?
You are a –> Y TWO K –> two time loser?

Have you fixed your DUAL existence as an.....indivi.DUAL?
What is your DUAL binary existence?
Know thy-self says the thyroid gland!

The Sartre existential message was the play "NO EXIT" ...which is a concept familiar to COMPUTER Programmmers.. ..BAL bio-computer program Entry points and Exits.

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