Atomic and molecular expressions become visible VIA external information display devices named - humanoids
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The European atomic anthropology WAR

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Information WAR site maps for access to several hundred  POSTS that help explain the Unified Theory of Everything (UTOE) .... which includes you, your friends, the region that you live within,  etc.   The Grand Unified Theory (GUT)  500 year project of Nature's systems from year 1453 / year 1500 makes this possible.



Standard Model Physics-Intellectual War - Cause and effect

Elementary Particle Physics Battle report - EUROPE

Super-symmetry physics  /  parallel processing events in astrophysics galactic LOCAL test REGION: EARTH LAB with atomic brain expressions. Messages for the few that care to think and understand atomic parallel social science message FORMATS.




DESY - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Particle physics research to explore the fundamental characteristics of matter and ... It is closely involved in major international projects such as the European ...

The site is bounded by the ring of the PETRA particle accelerator and part of the ...

The PETRA III ring accelerator encompasses the DESY premises.


Facts and figures
  • Ring accelerator for electrons and positrons
  • Length: 2304 metres
  • Commissioning: 1978
  • 1978-1986: particle physics
  • 1987-2007: pre-accelerator for HERA and X-ray radiation source
  • Since 2009: most brilliant storage-ring-based X-ray source in the world
  • Start of user operation: 2009
  • 14 experimental stations with up to 30 instruments







CAUSE/Origin of Supposed Theoretical Error --> PETRA (Positron Electron Tandem Ring Accelerator) at DESY, Hamburg, Europe. At the EUROPEAN site --> electron-positron collisions in which hadrons emerge in the final state are an important class of reaction studied in the MARGARET MEAD nuclear family...atomic social anthropology class. The physics anthropology errors ( CAUSE ) --> EFFECT.

EFFECT(Einstein's theory of special relatives and special effects in the Theater of Intellectual WAR --> atomic human brain proton,neutron,electron social expressions).
The special effect of DESY PETRA -->DP = General D.PETRA (U.S.ARMY IRAQ)



Nature's  super-symmetry atomic bio-physics  PETRA particle 

Particle physics research to explore the fundamental characteristics of matter

Particle physics research to explore the fundamental characteristics of matter

Particle physics research to explore the fundamental   characteristics of matter 

David Petraeus
Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
David Howell Petraeus AO is a retired American military officer and public official.
He served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from September 6, 2011

Thus parallel General D. Petraeus of the Margaret Mead   atomic   nuclear  family  MILITARY    is fighting the modern atomic brain anthropology WAR in the geographic region of the ancient BABYLON civilization.


Babylon Gates super-symmetry   & Robert (Logic)    Gates
Robert Gates, official DoD photo portrait, 2006.jpg
22nd United States Secretary of Defense
In office
December 18, 2006 – July 1, 2011

The PLATO and TASSO detection of electron-positron annihilation events in Hamburg, Europe provide the empirical data foundation for analysis of the parallel MARGARET MEAD anthropology war of the particle physics nuclear family. This is observable with GENERAL PETRA representatives which are U.S.ARMY soldiers fighting the mathematical physics war --> the Baghdad, Iraq war colliders (electron-positron social force collisions).



The positron -annihilation event in physics maps to
the positron-annihilation event parallel in the
Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family conflict zone --> U.S.ARMY in IRAQ --> the CRADLE of CIVILIZATION and symbolic THOUGHT.



Is Supersymmetry Dead?: Scientific American

Apr 25, 2012 – The grand scheme, a stepping-stone to string theory, is still high on physicists' wish lists. But if no solid evidence surfaces soon, it could begin ...

Supersymmetry Dead?

  a stepping-stone  

- a stepping-stone

The Supersymmetry Dead

But if no solid evidence surfaces soon,

But if no solid evidence surfaces soon,

But if  no solid evidence surfaces soon  ....


Node (networking) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In data communication, a physical network node may either be a data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) such as a modem, hub, bridge or switch; or a data ...


secret   Scientific American  

The Supersymmetry Dead





Physicists Debate Future of Supersymmetry | Simons Foundation
Nov 20, 2012 – As the elegant theory of supersymmetry continues to fail experimental tests, ...
particles, some physicists are saying

the theory is dead

Where Supersymmetry Belongs: In a Coffin | RealClearScience
May 16, 2013 –

Where Supersymmetry Belongs:

In a Coffin.

Where are the intellectual warriors needed for the Alan Dokal / New York Times /  Duke University.... . SCIENCE WARS.

Science Wars: What Scientists Know and How They Know It

Revisiting the Science Wars | Psychology Today

Science Wars: Andrew Ross: 9780822318712:

On the Social Science Wars | Jennifer L. Hochschild

Thomas Kuhn and the Science Wars by Ziauddin Sardar - Reviews ...

Science Wars

US reports 3 killed soldiers in Iraq
Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:5AM


Three American soldiers have been killed in southern Iraq.


The US military says three American soldiers have been killed in southern Iraq as June marks the deadliest month in combat related fatalities for US forces in Iraq since 2009. 

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